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Geological magazine : Vol. 123 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1986

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1986 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Butler, Robert W. H. Structural evolution in the moine of Northwest Scotland : A caledonian linked thrust system? In: Bishop, D.G. Rift and thrust tectonics associated with a translational block slide, Abbotsford, New Zealand In: Gibbard, P.L. A hoxnian interglacial doline infilling at Slade Oak Lane, Denham, Buckinghamshire, England In: Simón, J.L. Diapiric deformations in the quaternary deposits of the Central Ebro Basin, Spain In: Bromley, R.G. Composite ichnofabrics and tiering of burrows In: Sanders, I.S. Gas filter-pressing origin for segregation vesicles in dykes In: Christiansen, F.G. Formation of olivine pseudo - Crescumulates by syntectonic axial planar growth during mantle deformation In: A.P. Mineralogy for metallurgists : An Illustrated guide In: J.W.M. Die fossilen foraminiferen des tertiären beckens von wein In: A.W. Problems and methods for lithospheric exploration In: D.A.R. Remote sensing in civil engineering In: A.P. The principles and practice of electron microscopy In: J.L.K. Engineering geology In: J.L.K. A manual of geology for civil engineers In: A.S.M. Petroleum refining In: A.H. Geology in the nineteenth century : Changing views of a changing world In: H.E. Mapping strategies in chemical oceanography In: H.E. Chemistry of atmospheres : An introduction to the chemistry of the atmospheres of earth, the planets, and their satellites In: H.E. Practical estuarine chemistry : A handbook In: D.A.R. Methods of satellite oceanography In: D.A.R. Remote sensing for the control of marine pollution In: R.F.C. Pattern recognition problems in geology and paleontology In: C.P.B. Advances in soil science, Volume 1 In: T.J.B.H. Magmas and magmatic rocks : An introduction to igneous petrology In: P.D.C. Quaternary of South America and Antarctic Peninsula, Volume 2 In: P.B. Petrology of Igneous and metamorphic rocks In: G.L.B. Archaeological geology In: A.C.D. Indigenous raw materials for industry In: A.C.D. Geology of the nonmetallics In: Dempster, T. J. Polymetamorphism in the Dalradian of the central Scottish Highlands In: Francis, P. E. A tholeiitic andesite flow unit among the Causeway Basalts of North Antrim in Northern Ireland In: Drury, S.A. Remote sensing of geological structure in temperate agricultural terrains In: Furnes, Harald Lower palaeozoic convergent plate margin volcanism on bømlo, southwest Norwegian caledonides : Geochemistry and petrogenesis In: Andrews-Speed, C. P. The role of silica and iron oxide mobility in the formation of gold-bearing fluvial sediments in the Proterozoic Mporokoso Basin, northern Zambia In: Ludden, John The tectonic evolution of the abitibi greenstone belt of Canada In: Van der Meulen, S. Sedimentary stratigraphy of eocene sheetflood deposits, Southern Pyrenees, Spain In: M.L.W. Quaternary extinctions : A prehistoric revolution In: R.G.M. Dictionnaire de Géologie In: R.G.M. To the ends of the earth : The great travel and trade routes of human history In: C.P.H. Multivariate morphometrics In: M.A.A. It began with a stone : A history of geology from the stone age to the age of plate tectonics In: E.N. Precambrian tectonics illustrated In: D.A.R. The surveillant science : Remote sensing of the environment In: Pye, K. Microfabric, mineralogy and early diagenetic history of the whitby mudstone formation (Toarcian), Cleveland Basin, U.K In: Morse, Stearns A. Thermal structure of crystallizing magma with two-phase convection In: Dean, W. T. Lower palaeozoic stratigraphy in the southern and central Amanos mountains, south central Turkey In: Soper, N. J. The newer granite problem : A geotectonic view In: Brasier, Martin D. The succession of small shelly fossils (especially conoidal microfossils) from english precambrian – Cambrian boundary beds In: McPhie, J. Evolution of a non-resurgent cauldron : The late permian coombadjha volcanic complex, northeastern New South Wales, Australia In: Weijermars, Ruud Growth rate observation from the moss-built checa travertine terrace, central Spain In: Le Bas, M.J. The early magmatic chronology of fuerteventura, Canary Islands In: Dimberline, Andrew J. Electron microscope and microprobe analysis of chlorite–mica stacks in the wenlock turbidites, mid Wales, U.K In: El-Hussaini, A. An application of the second derivative as a tool in tectonic analysis in the qattara depression area, Egypt In: J.M.M. Syngenesis and Epigenesis in the formation of mineral deposits In: R.S.J.S. Magmatism at a plate edge In: P.L.G. Correlation of quaternary chronologies In: R.M. British regional geology : The midland valley of Scotland In: C.P.H. Journal of Changchun college of geology In: R.H.M. Kimberlite occurrence and origin : A basis for conceptual models in exploration In: S.C.M. Elsevier's invertebrate fossils chart In: J.H.B. Alkaline ring complexes In: R.J.B. Geophysics : The earth's interior In: R.S.T. Geological excursions in the harlech dome : Classical areas of British geology In: D.A.R. Introduction to satellite oceanography In: B.W.D.Y. Migmatites In: G.W. Karst Geomorphology In: N.H.W. Geological strain analysis : A manual for the Rf/φ technique In: C.D.W. Fossils of ontario In: J.H.B. The geology of the Atlantic ocean In: C.P.B. Soils of the world In: J.A.D.D. Carbonate depositional environments – Modern and ancient In: R.S.W. Geodynamic map of the circum-pacific region : Pacific basin sheet, 1:17 000 000 In: M.J.H. Late - Quaternary environments of the United States In: C.H. Field and theory : Lectures in geocryology In: D.A.R. Remote sensing of ice and snow In: A.S.G. Coastal geomorphology in Australia In: Khomentovsky, V.V. The Vendian system of Siberia and a standard stratigraphic scale In: Makhnach, A.S. Vendian rocks of the western part of the east European platform : Stratotypic range, boundaries and principles of their establishment In: Mens, K. Stratigraphical characteristics and development of Vendian–Cambrian boundary beds on the east European platform In: Lendzion, K. Sedimentation of the Vendian–Cambrian marine sequence, Poland In: Aceñolaza, Florencio Gilberto Upper precambrian - Lower cambrian biota from the northwest of Argentina In: Zhuravlev, Andrey Yu Evolution of archaeocyaths and palaeobiogeography of the early cambrian In: Spizharski, T.N. The stage scale of the cambrian system In: Berhe, S.M. Interactive processing of satellite images for structural and lithological mapping in northeast Africa In: Pudsey, Carol J. The northern Suture, Pakistan : Margin of a cretaceous island arc In: Hallam, A. Facies analysis of the lo valdés formation (Tithonian–Hauterivian) of the high cordillera of central Chile, and the palaeogeographic evolution of the Andean basin In: Cocks, L.R.M. New evidence on the South African lower palaeozoic : Age and fossils reviewed In: Gray, J. Age of the cedarberg formation, South Africa and early land plant evolution In: Butler, Robert W.H. Structural evolution in the moine of northwest Scotland : A caledonian linked thrust system? In: T.J.B.H. Geochemical thermodynamics In: C.H.H. The great devonian controversy : The shaping of scientific knowledge among gentlemanly specialists In: D.R. Advances in Uranium ore processing and recovery from non-conventional resources In: A.H. The tethys : Her paleogeography and paleobiofacies from paleozoic to mesozoic In: C.H.C. An introduction to seismic interpretation In: R.J.G.S. The great American biotic interchange In: R.S.J.S. Mount Etna : The anatomy of a Volcano In: D.H.F. Palaeontology - An introduction In: J.L.K. Soil and rock hydraulics In: H.P. The geomorphology of north-west England In: D.R. Uranium deposits in volcanic rocks In: D.H.F. The cambridge field guide to prehistoric life In: S.M.W. High heat production (HHP) granites, hydrothermal circulation and ore genesis In: N.F.H. Geological factors and the evolution of plants In: D.A.R. Remote sensing yearbook 1986 In: J.N. Eocene ostracods from the dorog basin. (Northern Transdanubia, Hungary) In: R.S.J.S. Volcanic ash In: P.W. The permafrost environment In: R.S.W. An introduction to the theory of seismology In: T.V.A. South Atlantic paleoceanography In: B.S. Thermoluminescence of solids In: R.H.W. Stratigraphische grundlagen des stefan C und rotliegenden im thüringer wald In: De Rosa, R. Petrography of trench sands from the Nankai trough, southwest Japan : Implications for long-distance turbidite transportation In: Jell, P.A. An early late cambrian trilobite faunule from Kashmir In: Green, Paul F. On the thermo-tectonic evolution of Northern England : Evidence from fission track analysis In: Kennedy, W.J. Observations on astiericeras astierianum (d'Orbigny, 1842) (Cretaceous Ammonoidea) In: Barnes, Sarah-Jane Variations in platinum group element concentrations in the alexo mine komatiite, abitibi greenstone belt, northern Ontario In: Flint, S. Conglomerate-hosted copper mineralization in cretaceous Andean molasse : The coloso formation of northern Chile In: Mohr, P. Possible Late pleistocene faulting in iar (West) connacht, Ireland In: Cleal, C.J. Fossil plants of the severn coalfield and their biostratigraphical significance In: Sotiriou, R. Kanaris Wall-rock silicification associated with fluorite veins in carboniferous limestone at butts quarry, Derbyshire, England In: Suárez, M. K–Ar dates on granitoids from archipiélago cabo de hornos, southernmost Chile In: James, D.M.D. The rhiwnant inlier, powys, Mid-Wales In: Branney, M.J. Isolated pods of subaqueous welded ash-flow tuff : A distal facies of the capel curig volcanic formation (Ordovician), North Wales In: M.J.B. Phanerozoic diversity patterns : Profiles in macroevolution In: H.E. Principles and applications of hydrochemistry In: S.J.H. Plankton stratigraphy In: I.M.W. Salt, evaporites and brines : An annotated bibliography In: M.D.B. Marine micropaleontology of China In: D.R. Mineral resources and their management In: C.H.H. Down to earth - One hundred and fifty years of the British Geological Survey In: D.L.D. Devonian palaeoniscid fishes : New specimens of mimia and moythomasia from the upper devonian of western Australia In: P.L.G. Dating methods of pleistocene deposits and their problems In: I.M.W. Paleozoic salt bearing formations of the world In: Vearncombe, J.R. Structure of veins in a gold–pyrite deposit in banded iron formation, Amalia greenstone belt, South Africa In: Crame, J.A. Late mesozoic bipolar bivalve faunas In: Wyborn, D. The petrogenetic significance of chemically related plutonic and volcanic rock units In: Leat, P.T. Ordovician volcanism in the welsh borderland In: Crimes, T.P. Trace fossils from the precambrian - cambrian boundary candidate at meishucun, jinning, Yunnan, China In: Manby, G.M. Mid - Palaeozoic metamorphism and polyphase deformation of the forland complex, Svalbard In: Borradaile, Graham J. The internal tectonic fabric of minor intrusions and their potential as regional palaeostress indicators In: Raven, J.G.M. Metamorphic fluids and transtension in the cantabrian mountains of northern Spain : An application of the conodont colour alteration index In: Clarke, M.G.C. Carbonated melilitites and calcitized alkalicarbonatites from homa mountain, western Kenya : A reinterpretation In: Kille, I.C. Field evidence for turbulence during flow of basalt magma through conduits from southwest Mull In: Naranjo, J.A. A note on lower jurassic magmatism in the coastal cordillera of atacama, Chile In: Allen, P. Geology and wealth : The future? In: P.B. Igneous petrology In: E.N.K.C. Evolutionary case histories from the fossil record In: D.R.B. Encyclopedia of well logging In: P.M.K. Climate and history : Studies in past climates and their impact on man In: J.S. Geologic well log analysis In: B.C. Fundamentals of historical geology and stratigraphy of India In: S.J.B.R. Advanced scanning electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis In: A.S.G. Earth's changing surface : An introduction to geomorphology In: D.A.R. The joint NASA/ Geosat test case project final report In: K.G.C. The lithostratigraphy of the karoo supergroup in Botswana In: D.M. Fossils of the burgess shale In: D.M. The burgess shale In: E.G.N. Evolution of archean supracrustal sequences In: T.A. Carbonate petroleum reservoirs In: N.F.H. Paleoalgology : Contemporary research and applications In: J.A.D.D. Carbonate depositional environments In: H.C.J. Jurassic sedimentary evolution and nappe emplacement in the argolis peninsula (Peloponnesus, Greece) In: M.P.J. Mineral processing technology In: D.L.D. New sites for old : A student's guide to the geology of the east Mendips In: D.B. Hillslope stability and land use In: The carswell structure uranium deposits In: N.F.H. Jurassic - Cretaceous biochronology and biogeography of North America In: G.D.P. Natural zeolites In: S.L.F. Soils and quaternary landscape evolution
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