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Geological magazine : Vol. 137 Iss. 1-6 Year. 2000

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: Herts : Mimram Books Ltd. ; 1966 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Immenhauser, Adrian Late palaeozoic to neogene geodynamic evolution of the northeastern Oman margin In: Martill, David M. Reinterpretation of a chilean pterosaur and the occurrence of Dsungaripteridae in South America In: Dobmeier, Christoph On the origin of ‘arrested’ charnockitization in the Chilka lake area, eastern Ghats belt, India : A reappraisal In: Collins, Alan S. Neoproterozoic extensional detachment in central Madagascar : Implications for the collapse of the East African Orogen In: Lofgren, A. Conodont biozonation in the upper Arenig of Sweden In: Ormo, Jens When a cosmic impact strikes the sea bed In: Xypolias, P. Kinematics of rock flow in a crustal-scale shear zone : Implication for the orogenic evolution of the southwestern Hellenides In: van Andel, Tjeerd H. Interpreting pre-quaternary climate from the geologic record In: Hubbard, Bryn Glaciers In: White, Robert S. Noah's flood : The new scientific discoveries about the event that changed history In: Palmer, Douglas Earthquakes In: Jackson, James Earthquakes In: Morris, S. Conway Functional morphology of the invertebrate skeleton In: Scrutton, Colin Reef evolution In: Palmer, Douglas Savage Earth In: Palmer, Douglas Earth story : The shaping of our world In: Weston, Eleanor The history of the origin, evolution and dispersal of the late pleistocene mammuthus - Coelodonta faunal complex in eurasia (Large mammals) In: Oliver, Grahame Low-Grade metamorphism In: Oppenheimer, Clive Natural disasters In: Scott, Andrew C. Palaeoecology : Ecosystems, environments and evolution In: Friend, Peter Geology of the Airdrie district In: Friend, Peter Geology of the Glen Roy district In: Friend, Peter Geology of the invermoriston district In: Friend, Peter Geology of the Glasgow district In: Friend, Peter Geology of the Hamilton district In: Hindmarsh, Richard C. A. Numerical simulations in the environmental and earth sciences In: Palmer, Douglas Molecular information and prehistory In: Palmer, Douglas Molecular information and prehistory In: Pyle, David The volcano registry. Names, locations, descriptions and histories for over 1500 sites In: Morris, Simon Conway Evolutionary catastrophes : The science of mass extinction In: Morris, Simon Conway The end of the dinosaurs : Chicxulub crater and mass extinctions In: Bernstein, Stefan Formation of wehrlites through dehydration of metabasalt xenoliths in layered gabbros of the noe-nygaard intrusion, Southeast Greenland In: Sansom, Ivan J. Late triassic (Rhaetian) conodonts and ichthyoliths from Chile In: Keppie, J.D. Superposed neoproterozoic and silurian magmatic arcs in central Cape Breton Island, Canada : Geochemical and geochronological constraints In: Beddoe-Stephens, Brett Very densely welded, rheomorphic ignimbrites of homogeneous intermediate calc-alkaline composition from the English Lake district In: Coskun, B. The dead sea fault and related subsurface structures, Gaziantep basin, southeast Turkey In: Radley, Jonathan D. Palaeoenvironmental significance of storm coquinas in a lower Cretaceous coastal lagoonal succession (Vectis Formation, Isle of Wight, southern England) In: Rickards, R.B. The age of the earliest club mosses : The silurian baragwanathia flora in Victoria, Australia In: Palmer, Douglas Paleocommunities - A case study from the silurian and lower devonian In: Pring, Allan The diamond makers In: Minshull, T.A. Mid ocean ridges In: Oeppen, Bridget The earth system In: Jackson, James Exhumation processes : Normal faulting, ductile flow and erosion In: Morris, Simon Conway Controversy - Catastrophism and evolution : The ongoing debate In: Drury, S.A. The deep hot biosphere In: James, David In sight of the suture : The palaeozoic geology of the Isle of man in its lapetus ocean context In: Palmer, Douglas Life in the balance In: Oeppen, Bridget Exercises in physical geology In: Kelly, N.M. Thrusting in the lower crust : Evidence from the Oygarden islands, Kemp land, East Antarctica In: Krabbendam, M. Pre-Caledonian granulite and gabbro enclaves in the Western Gneiss region, Norway : Indications of incomplete transition at high pressure In: Berry, Christopher M. Devonian plants from Colombia, with discussion of their geological and palaeogeographical context In: Bardet, N. The marine vertebrate faunas from the late cretaceous phosphates of Syria In: Rajesh, H.M. Characterization and origin of a compositionally zoned aluminous A-type granite from South India In: Hadley, M.J. Gamma-ray spectroscopy in structural correlations: an example from the neoproterozoic dalradian succession of Donegal (NW Ireland) In: Lazcano, Antonio The molecular origins of life In: Oppenheimer, Clive Santorini volcano In: Jackson, James Coastal tectonics In: Valsami-Jones, E. Regional geochemistry of parts of North-West England and North Wales In: Harper, Liz Field palaeontology In: Morris, Simon Conway Structure and contingency In: Richards, Andrew E. Holocene land-ocean interaction and environmental change around the North Sea In: Chapman, J. L. Plant fossils In: Oppenheimer, Clive Remote sensing digital image analysis In: Stonehouse, Bernard Keyguide to information sources on the polar and cold regions In: Fortey, Richard Stepping stones In: Lane, Abigail Biodiversity dynamics In: Palmer, Douglas From Hiroshima to the Iceman In: Oeppen, Bridget Geoscience In: Palmer, Douglas Life of the past In: Suarez, M. Timing and origin of deformation along the patagonian fold and thrust belt In: Rice, A.H.N. Evidence for a glacial origin of neoproterozoic III striations at Oaibaččannjar'ga, Finnmark, northern Norway In: Shaked, Yonathan Alpine high-pressure metamorphism at the almyropotamos window (southern Evia, Greece) In: Louwye, S. Shallow marine lower and middle miocene deposits at the southern margin of the North Sea Basin (northern Belgium) In: Sowerbutts, Alison Sedimentation and volcanism linked to multiphase rifting in an Oligo-Miocene intra-arc basin, Anglona, Sardinia In: Flowerden, M.J. Isotopic dating of overthrusting, collapse and related granitoid intrusion in the Grampian orogenic belt, northwestern Ireland In: Svenningsen, Olaf M. Thermal history of thrust sheets in an orogenic wedge In: Parnell, J. Dolomitic breccia veins as evidence for extension and fluid flow in the Dalradian of Argyll In: Tj. H. van Andel Principles of paleoclimatology In: Harding, Ian Fossil plants and spores In: Rothery, David A. The new solar system In: Rothery, David A. Our worlds In: Collier, Jenny The oceanic crust, from accretion to mantle recycling In: Rushton, Adrian James Hutton – Present and future In: Selley, R.C. Petroleum geology of Northwest Europe In: Lockley, Martin Gideon mantell and the discovery of dinosaurs In: Morris, Simon Conway The cambridge planetary handbook In: Inger, Simon Determination of structural successions in migmatites and gneisses In: Harper, Liz Taphonomy In: Bell, C.M. The proto-andean margin of Gondwana In: Glennie, K.W. Aeolian environments, sediments and landforms In: Roberts, Jon Numerical palaeobiology In: Morris, Simon Conway Sociology and bioeconomics In: Palmer, Douglas Atlas of palaeogeography and lithofacies In: Minelli, Alessandro Describing species In: Tjeerd H. van Andel Warm climates in earth history In: Atherton, M.P. Understanding granite : Integrating new and classical techniques In: Pentecost, Allan Microbial sediments In: Harper, Liz Shells In: Jackson, James Vrancea earthquakes : Tectonics, hazard and risk mitigation In: Juan José Pueyo Evaporites In: Kerr, Andrew C. Geochemistry of the earth's surface In: Harding, Ian The diatoms : Applications for the environmental and earth sciences In: Leeder, Mike Active tectonics and alluvial rivers In: Barrett, Paul M. At the water's edge In: Landing, E. Cambrian - Ordovician boundary age and duration of the lowest ordovician tremadoc series based on U–Pb zircon dates from Avalonian Wales In: Okay, Aral I. Coeval plutonism and metamorphism in a latest oligocene metamorphic core complex in northwest Turkey In: Doyle, Peter The shorebird ichnofacies : An example from the miocene of southern Spain In: Robert J. Thomas Geochemistry and isotopic evolution of the mesoproterozoic Cape Meredith Complex, West Falkland In: Dean, W.T. Lower palaeozoic stratigraphy and palaeontology, Karadere-Zirze area, Pontus mountains, northern Turkey In: Cavin, Lionel A new palaeocene albulid (Teleostei : Elopomorpha) from the Ouled abdoun phosphatic basin, Morocco In: Sparks, R.S.J. Fire in the sea. The Santorini volcano : Natural history and the legend of Atlantis In: Woodcock, Nigel Sedimentology and sedimentary basins In: Ganguly, Jibamitra Kinetic theory in the earth sciences In: Jackson, James Geomorphology and global tectonics In: James, David The oil and gas habitats of the South Atlantic In: Elderfield, Harry Chemical elements in the environment In: Woodcock, Nigel Holiday geology guides and maps In: Hampson, Gary J. Fluvial sedimentology VI In: Norman, David Dinosaur tracks and other fossil footprints of Europe In: Hesselbo, Stephen P. A potential global stratotype for the Sinemurian - Pliensbachian boundary (Lower Jurassic), Robin Hood's bay, UK : Ammonite faunas and isotope stratigraphy In: Seliekk, R.S. Generation of anorthositic magma by H2O-fluxed anatexis of silica-undersaturated gabbro: an example from the north Norwegian Caledonides In: Chen Xu Late ordovician to earliest silurian graptolite and brachiopod biozonation from the Yangtze region, South China, with a global correlation In: Pirrie, D. Platinum-group mineralization in the Tertiary Igneous province : New data from Mull and Skye, Scottish Inner Hebrides, UK In: Damiani, Ross First trematosaurid temnospondyl from the Lystrosaurus assemblage zone of South Africa and its biostratigraphic implications In: Avramidis, Pavlos Thrust dissection control of deep-water clastic dispersal patterns in the Klematia - Paramythia foreland basin, western Greece In: Voigt, Silke Stable oxygen and carbon isotopes from brachiopods of southern England and northwestern Germany : Estimation of upper turonian palaeotemperatures In: Bruton, David L. The atlas of the prehistoric world In: Bruton, David L. Trilobite! Eyewitness to evolution In: Cope, John C. W. British cambrian to ordovician stratigraphy In: Cunningham, Dickson Geological atlas of China. An application of the tectonic facies concept to the geology of China In: Tjeerd H. van Andel Quaternary climates, environments and magnetism In: Palmer, David C. Crystal structure determination In: Holness, Marian Dating and duration of fluid flow and fluid-rock interaction In: Marshall, J.D. Carbonate ramps In: Priestley, Keith Introduction to seismology In: Gibson, Sally A. Caledonian igneous rocks of Great Britain
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