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Geological magazine : Vol. 99 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1962

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: Herts : Stephen Austin & Sons ; 1962 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 21cm x 14cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Ewart, A. Hydrothermal Alteration in the Carrock Fell Area, Cumberland, England In: Angus, N.S. Ocellar Hybrids from the Tyrone Igneous Series, Ireland In: Dearnley, R. Diopside-Orthoclase-Hornblende Rocks from the Lewisian Paragneisses of South Harris, Outer Hebrides In: Shearman, D.J. A Conglomeratic Grit at Knowle Wood, near Woolley, South Devon In: Middlemiss, F.A. Vermiform Burrows and Rate of Sedimentation in the Lower Greensand In: Taylor, G.H. Sclerotinite in Coal—its Petrology and Classification In: Bowes, D.R. Washout Structures in the Dalradian near Kentallen, Argyll In: Houtz, R.E. Turbidity Current at Kadavu Passage, Fiji In: Hutchins, Philips F Authigenic Minerals in Carboniferous Sediments from Central Vestspitsbergen In: Johnson, M.R.W. A Study of Quartz Orientation and its Relation to Movement in Shear Folds In: Hawkes, Donald D. The Structure of the Scotia Arc In: Bose, Mihir K. Precambrian Perthosites in Nyasaland In: Jones, K.A. Origin of Albite Porphyroblasts In: Jones, K.A. Origin of Albite Porphyroblasts In: Myers,John. New Record of Anthraconauta Tenuis In: Crystallometry In: Norris, G. Some Glacial Deposits and their Relation to the Hippopotamus-bearing Beds at Barrington, cambridgeshire In: Bowes, D.R. Kentallenite-Lamprophyre-Granite Age Relations at Kentallen, Argyll In: Black, Maurice. Fossil Coccospheres from a Tertiary Outcrop on the Continental Slope In: Tank, R.W. Clay Mineralogy of Selected Clays from the English Wealden In: Klen, george devries. Sedimentary Structures in the Keuper Marl (Upper Triassic) In: Francis, E.H. Skipsey's Marine Band and Red Coal Measures in Fife In: Bristow, C.M. The Geology of the Katmaian Volcanics of the Upper Oramutia Valley, Kenya In: Cannon, R.T. The Gneisses of the Bartica Assemblage, British Guiana In: Butler, B.C.M. Biotite- and Sphene-rich rocks in the Moine Series of Ardnamurchan, Argyllshire In: Turner, J Selwyn. The Type-Species of Aganides, Clymenia, and Cyrthoceratites In: Ager, D.V The Occurrence of Pedunculate Brachiopods in Soft Sediments In: The Earth Today In: Methods and Techniques in Geophysics In: Descriptive Palaeoclimatology In: Geology of the Arctic In: Grundlagen der Angewandten Geophysik für Geologen In: A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea In: Lindstrom, Maurits. A Structural Study of the Southern End of the French Jura In: Fyson, W.K. Tectonic Structures in the Devonian Rocks near Plymouth, Devon In: Cheeney, R.F. Early Tertiary Fold Movements in Mull In: Fuller, M.D. A Magnetic Fabric in Till In: Dewey, John Frederick. The Provenance and Emplacement of Upper Arenigian Turbidites in Co. Mayo, Eire In: Carmichael, Ian. A Note on the Composition of some Natural Acid Glasses In: Mohr, P.A. A Suspected Spilitic Rock from the Lower Cambrian Manganese Shale Group of the Harlech Dome, North Wales In: Red, R.E.H. Sponges and the Chalk Rock In: Chubb, L.J. Islands Pattern of Islands In: Collee, A.L.G. Tie-Lines of Co-Existing Pyroxenes In: Simpson, S. Structures of Devon and Cornwall In: Sutton, J. Festoon Bedding In: International Symposium on Mining Research In: Minerals, Rocks, and Gemstones In: Adams, C.G. The Madai-Baturong Limestone Member of the Chert-Spilite Formation, North Borneo In: Kennedy, W.Q. Some Theoretical Factors in Geomorphological Analysis In: Miller, T.G On Hemitrypa hibernica M'Coy In: Fletcher, Brian N. Some Holothurian Spicules from the Ampthill Clay of Melton, near Hull (Yorkshire) In: Philip, G.M. The Evolution of Gryphaea In: Philip, G.M. A Note on the Morphology of Holectypus In: Wellman, H.W. A Graphical Method for Analysing Fossil Distortion caused by Tectonic Deformation In: Wall, D. Evidence from Recent Plankton Regarding the Biological Affinities of Tasmanites Newton 1875 and Leiosphaeridia Eisenack 1958 In: Sugden, W. The Composition of Marls and Limestones in the Great Oolite Series of Oxfordshire In: Hawkins, A.B. The Buried Channel of the Bristol Avon In: Whitworth, T. Malvern Structures In: Sutton, J Torridonian Microfossils In: Fundamentals of Mid-Tertiary Stratigraphical Correlation In: Manual of Field Geology In: Some Aspects of the Variscan Fold Belt In: Phipps, C.B. The Revised Ludlovian Stratigraphy of the Type Area—A Discussion In: Holland, C.H. Ludlovian Classification—A Reply In: Stewart, A.D. Greywacke Sedimentation in the Torridonian of Colonsay and Oronsay In: Ray, P.S. A Note on Some Acid Breccias in the Kilchrist Vent, Skye In: Frost, M.J. Metamorphic Grade and Iron-Magnesium Distribution between Co-Existing Garnet-Biotite and Garnet-Hornblende In: Neale, J.W. Microplankton from the Speeton Clay of Yorkshire In: Bulman, O.M.G. On the Genus Amplexograptus Lapworth, Elles & Wood In: Rice, R.J. A Drift-filled Valley at Thistleton on the Rutland–Lincolnshire Border In: McCall, G.J.H. Volcanic Rocks of the Oramutia Section, Central Kenya In: Dearman, W.R. The Structure of Mid-Devon and North Cornwall In: Bailey, E.B. ? Early Tertiary Fold Movements in Mull In: Casey, R. Validation of the Name Nothodiscus for a Genus of Cretaceous Ammonites In: On the External Characters of Minerals In: Nevill, W.E. Stratigraphy and Origin of the Cork Red Marble In: Hudson, J.D. Pseudo-pleochroic Calcite in Recrystallized Shell-Limestones In: Stevens, N.C The Petrology of the Mt. Alford Ring-Complex, S.E. Queensland N. C. Stevens In: Ramsay, John G. The Geometry of Conjugate Fold Systems In: Sutton, John An Interpretation of Moine-Lewisian Relations in Central Ross-shire In: Price , Neville J. The Tectonics of the Aberystwyth Grits In: Wyllie, Peter J. The Petrogenetic Model, an Extension of Bowen's Petrogenetic Grid In: Williams, Emyr Origin of Fracture and Slaty Cleavage In: Hallam, A. The Evolution of Gryphaea In: Morel, S.W. Pre-Cambrian Perthosites in Nyasaland In: Geologie von Paraguay In: Applied Geophysics U.S.S.R In: Study of the Earth
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