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Geological magazine : Vol. 72 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1935

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Dulau & Co, Ltd ; 1935 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 22cm x 14cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Turner, F.J. Stilpnomelane and related minerals as constituents of Schists from Western Otago, New Zealand In: Hume, W.F. Notes on some analyses of Egyptian Igneous and metamorphic rocks In: Reed, F.R. Cowper Some triassic lamellibranchs from Brazil and Paraguay In: Cobbold, E.S. A middle cambrian hyolithellus from Comley In: [Cambridge University Press] The geology of the country between Springs and Bethal In: [Cambridge University Press] Crystals and the polarizing microscope In: [Cambridge University Press] Transactions of the Leeds Geological Association In: [Cambridge University Press] Useful aspects of geology In: [Cambridge University Press] Introduction aux Études Minières Coloniales In: [Cambridge University Press] Guide to the geological model of Ardnamurchan In: Hollingworth, S.E. Coastal plateaux In: Walker, Frederick Marginal and contact phenomena of the dorback granite In: Lewis, R.G. The influence of earth movements on climate In: Anderson, J.G.C. The dalradian succession in the pass of brander district, Argyll In: Elder, Samuel Comparison of three Scottish magmas In: Shand, S.J. An olivine-trachyte from Mont Dore, Auvergne In: Burchell, J.P.T. Evidence of a Further glacial episode within the valley of the lower thames In: Jones, Francis The occurrence of markfieldite at Nuneaton In: [Cambridge University Press] The geology of South-Western Uganda In: [Cambridge University Press] Chromite deposits of Newfoundland In: Jessop, Philip A glacial track in the peak district of Derbyshire In: Joplin, Germaine A. Diorite-Limestone reaction at Ben Bullen, New South Wales : A study in contamination In: Butler, A.J. On the silurian coral cyathaxonia siluriensis M’Coy In: Rastall, R.H. The petrography of the blea wyke series In: Dunn, E.J. Australites In: Blake, G.S. On the occurrence of marine miocene in Palestine In: [Cambridge University Press] Handbuch der Regionalen Geologie In: [Cambridge University Press] Geologic structures In: Berry, Edward W. Note on some fossil fruits of tertiary age from Colombia, South America In: Turner, J. Selwyn Gotlandian vulcanicity in Western Europe In: Bailey, E.B. The glencoul nappe and the assynt culmination In: Simpson, Henry H. Note on a marine band in the Denbighshire coalfield In: Trechmann, C.T. Fossils from the northern range of Trinidad In: Thomas, H. Dighton On some sponges and a coral of upper cretaceous age from Toco Bay, Trinidad In: Hanson-Lowe, J. The clinographic curve In: Spath, L.F. On the age of certain species of trigonia from the jurassic rocks of Kachh (Cutch) In: [Cambridge University Press] Studi paleontologici e litologici sulla Cirenaica e sulla Tripolitania orientale In: [Cambridge University Press] On the dermal bones of the head in labyrinthodont stegocephalians and primitive reptilia In: Haughton, Sidney H. Geological maps of South Africa In: Wright, James New crinoids from coplow knoll, clitheroe, with lists of carboniferous limestone crinoid species In: Moy-Thomas, J.A. The coelacanth fishes from Madagascar In: Joplin, Germaine A. A note on the origin of basic xenoliths in plutonic rocks, with special reference to their grain-size In: [Cambridge University Press] The geology of Burma In: [Cambridge University Press] The mineral resources of Burma In: Smith, Grafton Elliot The end of the paleolithic In: Smith, Grafton Elliot Prehistoric Survey of Egypt and Western Asia In: Smith, Grafton Elliot Prehistoric survey of Great Britain and Ireland In: Bonacina, L.C.W. Influence of earth movements on climate In: Wood, Alan The origin of the structure known as guilielmites In: Arkell, W.J. On the lower kimeridgian ammonite genera pictonia, rasenia, aulacostephanus and ataxioceras In: Harrison, Kenneth The march-nar sea In: Anderson, J.G.C. The arrochar intrusive complex In: [Cambridge University Press] Die Lagerstätten der Edelsteine und Schmucksteine In: [Cambridge University Press] The changing world of the ice age In: [ Cambridge University Press] Geologie Afrikas In: [Cambridge University Press] Life-history of the sudbury nickel irruptive In: [Cambridge University Press] The glacial geology of holderness and the vale of York In: Suess, Franz Ed. Australites In: Nockolds, S.R. Contributions to the Petrology of Barnavave, Carlingford, I.F.S.—1. The junction hybrids In: St. Joseph, J.K.S. A description of eospirifer radiatus (J. de C. Sowerby) In: Burchell, J.P.T. Some pleistocene deposits at Kirmington and Crayford In: [Cambridge University Press] Spezielle Petrographie der Eruptivgesteine : Ein Nomenklatur-Kompendium In: [Cambridge University Press] Earthquakes and mountains In: Simmons, William C. Geology of Uganda In: Fowler, J. Kellaways clay fossils In: Barrett, W.H. The mechanical composition of the London tertiaries in the neighbourhood of Harrow-on-the-Hill In: Stark, J.T. The correlation of pre-cambrian granites by means of heavy mineral analyses2 In: Stark, J.T. The correlation of pre-cambrian granites by means of heavy mineral analyses2 In: Zeuner, Friedrich E. The pleistocene chronology of Central Europe In: Thompson, P.R. Thermal contraction, land bridges, and geosynclines In: [Cambridge University Press] The geology of the Orkneys In: Fenner, C.N. Life-history of the sudbury nickel irruptive In: Shand, S.J. Eruptive rock names In: Joplin, Germaine A. The exogenous contact-zone at Ben bullen, New South Wales In: St. Joseph, J.K.S. A critical examination of stricklandia (= Stricklandinia) lirata (J. de C. Sowerby) 1839 forma typica In: Thomas, H. Dighton On tricycloseris, anabacia, and some new genera of hexacoralla In: [Cambridge University Press] Roman mines in Europe In: Lewis, R.G. Pleistocene chronology of Central Europe In: [Cambridge University Press] The centenary of the Geological Survey of Great Britain In: Semichatov, S.V. The middle carboniferous of Russia In: Wright, C.W. The chalk rock fauna in East Yorkshire In: Steers, J.A. A note on the rate of sedimentation on a salt marsh on Scolt Head Island, Norfolk In: Moy-Thomas, J.A. On the permian Coelacanth, Coelacanthus granulatus, Ag In: Turner, J. Selwyn A review of Dinantian and Namurian Vulcanicity in North-Western and Central Europe In: Holmes, S.C.A. The periproctal plates of Discoidea In: [Cambridge University Press] Problems of petroleum geology (A Symposium) In: [Cambridge University Press] Les ressources minerales de la France d’outre-Mer. III : le zinc, le plomb, l’argent, le cuivre, l’or, les minerais radio-actifs, le mica, les pierres precieuses. IV : le phosphate In: Hill, Dorothy British terminology for rugose corals In: Kindle, E.M. A note on lime-separating algae from subarctic Canada1 In: Caldwell, F.E.S. A simple method of taking serial sections In: [Cambridge University Press] British regional geology In: [Cambridge University Press] The grampian highlands In: [Cambridge University Press] The South of Scotland In: [Cambridge University Press] Scotland : The tertiary volcanic districts In: [Cambridge University Press] Northern England In: [Cambridge University Press] Petrology for students In: [Cambridge University Press] The dorset coast : A geological guide In: Westoll, T. Stanley Coelacanthus granulatus In: Trechmann, C.T. The geology and fossils of Carriacou, West Indies In: Dix, Emily Note on the flora of the highest “Coal Measures” of Warwickshire In: [Cambridge University Press] Einführung in die Palaeontologie In: Harris, T.M. Swedish Liasso-Rhaetic Floras In: [Cambridge University Press] Structural geology In: [Cambridge University Press] The brunner focal depth-time-distance chart
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