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Geological magazine : Vol. 143 Iss. 1-6 Year. 2006

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 2006 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Guo, Feng Geochemistry of late Mesozoic adakites from the Sulu belt, Eastern China : Magma genesis and implications for crustal recycling beneath continental collisional orogens In: Calner, Mikael Evidence for rapid environmental changes in low latitudes during the late Silurian Lau event : The Burgen-1 drillcore, Gotland, Sweden In: McDougall, Ian Geochronology of the Nabwal hills : A record of earliest magmatism in the Northern Kenyan Rift Valley In: Anders, B. The oldest rocks of Greece : First evidence for a precambrian terrane within the Pelagonian zone In: Saalmann, K. Structural evolution and tectonic setting of the Porongos belt, Southern Brazil In: Aubril, Rudy Lerosey Ontogeny of Drevermannia and the origin of blindness in late devonian proetoid trilobites In: Lowemark, Ludvig Temporal variations of the trace fossil Zoophycos in a 425 ka long sediment record from the South China sea : Implications for the ethology of the Zoophycos producer In: Dawoud, M. Geochemistry, mineral chemistry and petrogenesis of a neoproterozoic dyke swarm in the North Eastern Desert, Egypt In: Winterwerp, J.C. Introduction to the physics of cohesive sediment in the marine environment In: Flugel, E. Microfacies of carbonate rocks In: Livio, M. Astrophysics of life In: Hallam, T. Catastrophes and lesser calamaties In: Ramon-Lluch, R. Introduction to geological mapping In: Wall, F. Phoscorites and carbonatites from Mantle to mine In: Ax, P. Multicellular animals, Vollume II In: Ax, P. Multicellular animals, Volume III In: Taylor, P.D. Extinctions in the history of life In: Acquafredda, Pasquale Petrological evidence for crustal thickening and extension in the serre granulite terrane (Calabria, Southern Italy) In: Jhonson, D. Geology of Australia In: Dill, H.G. Lithofacies and fluvial–lacustrine environments of the palaeogene sevkhuul and ergil members (Ergiliin zoo Formation, South Gobi, Mongolia) In: Aparicio, A. Metasedimentary xenoliths in the lavas of the Timanfaya eruption (1730–1736, Lanzarote, Canary Islands) : Metamorphism and contamination processes In: Leelanandam, C. Proterozoic mountain building in Peninsular India : An analysis based primarily on alkaline rock distribution In: Celik, Omer Faruk Precise 40Ar–39Ar ages from the metamorphic sole rocks of the Tauride Belt Ophiolites, Southern Turkey : Implications for the rapid cooling history In: Gurer, Omer Feyzi Neotectonics of the SW Marmara region, NW Anatolia, Turkey In: Shah, Jyoti Strain estimation from flattened parallel folds : Application of the wellman method and mohr circle In: Peters, K.E. The biomarker guide - Volume 1 : Biomarkers and isotopes in the environment and human history In: Killops, S. Introduction to organic geochemistry In: Dasch, P. Icy worlds of the solar system In: Taylor, P.D. Fossil invertebrates In: Benton, M.J. Vertebrate palaeontology In: Cavazza, W. The transmed atlas In: Breitkreuz, C. Physical geology of high-level magmatic systems In: Condie, K.C. Earth as an evolving planetary system In: Mayor, A. Fossil legends of the first Americans In: Prothero, D.R. The evolution of North American Rhinoceroses In: Munn, Sebastian Gravitational spreading controls rift zones and flank instability on El Hierro, Canary Islands In: Wendt, Jobst Sedimentary evolution of a palaeozoic basin and ridge system : The middle and upper devonian of the Ahnet and Mouydir (Algerian Sahara) In: Zhong - Qiang Chen. Survival brachiopod faunas of the end-Permian mass extinction from the southern Alps (Italy) and South China In: Faupl, P. On the provenance of mid-Cretaceous turbidites of the Pindos zone (Greece): implications from heavy mineral distribution, detrital zircon ages and chrome spinel chemistry In: Quiquerez, A. Environmental control on granular clinoforms of ancient carbonate shelves In: Kolodner, K. Provenance of north Gondwana Cambrian–Ordovician sandstone: U–Pb SHRIMP dating of detrital zircons from Israel and Jordan In: Cheng Shao - Ping Differentiating Pleistocene tectonically driven and climate-related fluvial incision: the Sanggan River, Datong Basin, North China In: Armstrong, H.A. Microfossils In: Walker, M. Quaternary Dating Methods In: Cubitt, J.M. Understanding Petroleum Reservoirs: Towards an Integrated Reservoir Engineering and Geochemical Approach In: Bruhn, D. High-Strain Zones. Structure and Physical Properties In: Lucas, S.G. Dinosaurs The Textbook, 5th ed In: Blum, M.D. Fluvial Sedimentology VII In: Pe-piper, Georgia. Geochemical characteristics of the Cretaceous ophiolitic rocks of Ikaria island, Greece In: Sartini-rideout, C. Geology and timing of dextral strike-slip shear zones in Danmarkshavn, North-East Greenland Caledonides In: Axheimer, Niklas. The middle Cambrian cosmopolitan key species Lejopyge laevigata and its biozone: new data from Sweden In: Yao-hui jiang Petrogenesis of Late Jurassic Qianlishan granites and mafic dykes, Southeast China: implications for a back-arc extension setting In: Gheerbrant, Emmanuel. Early African hyaenodontid mammals and their bearing on the origin of the Creodonta In: Slobodnik, M. Variscan veins: record of fluid circulation and Variscan tectonothermal events in Upper Palaeozoic limestones of the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic In: Grahn, Yngve. Ordovician and Silurian chitinozoan biozones of western Gondwana In: Ghosh, Gautam. Grain-scale deformation in the Palaeoproterozoic Dongargarh Supergroup, central India: implications for shallow crustal deformation mechanisms from microstructural analysis In: Hampe, Oliver. Dicentrodus (Chondrichthyes: Xenacanthida) from the Early Carboniferous (Visean: upper St Louis Formation) of Iowa, USA In: Mcgrowran, B. Biostratigraphy In: Legros, J-p. Mapping of the Soil In: Pollard, D.D. Fundamentals of Structural Geology In: Hodgson, D.M. Submarine Slope Systems. Processes and Products In: Purnell, M.A. Conodont Biology and Phylogeny: Interpreting the Fossil Record In: Frankel, C. Worlds on Fire. Volcanoes on the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus and Io In: Hammer, O. Paleontological Data Analysis In: David, R.J. 3D Seismic Technology In: De boer,J.Z. Volcanoes in Human History In: Morawiec, A. Orientations and Rotations In: Deer, W.A. Rock-Forming Minerals In: Martin-Hernandez, F. Magnetic Fabric. Methods and Applications In: Jarvis, Ian. Secular variation in Late Cretaceous carbon isotopes: a new δ13C carbonate reference curve for the Cenomanian–Campanian (99.6–70.6 Ma) In: Brocker, M. Dating metamorphism and tectonic juxtaposition on Andros Island (Cyclades, Greece): results of a Rb–Sr study In: Maidment, Susannah C.R. A review of the Late Jurassic stegosaurs (Dinosauria, Stegosauria) from the People's Republic of China In: Bjerager, Morten. Ammonoid stratigraphy and sedimentary evolution across the Permian–Triassic boundary in East Greenland In: Bergstrom, Stig M. First record of the Hirnantian (Upper Ordovician) δ13C excursion in the North American Midcontinent and its regional implications In: Anderson, Ulf B. Multistage growth and reworking of the Palaeoproterozoic crust in the Bergslagen area, southern Sweden: evidence from U–Pb geochronology In: Venturi, Federico. Comparison between western Tethys and eastern Pacific ammonites: further evidence for a possible late Sinemurian–early Pliensbachian trans-Pangaean marine connection In: Lindh, Anders. Crystallization of orbicular rocks exemplified by the Slättemossa occurrence, southeastern Sweden In: Tetlie, O.Erik. Eurypterida (Chelicerata) from the Welsh Borderlands, England In: Appel, Petter W.U. Unusual features caused by lightning impact in West Greenland In: Xi-Guang Zhang. Early Cambrian priapulid worms buried with their lined burrows In: Herbert, S. Charles Darwin, Geologist In: Sungawa, I. Crystals. Growth, Morphology and Perfection In: Sunagawa, I. Crystals. Growth, Morphology and Perfection In: Gapais, D. Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology and Tectonics, from Minerals to the Lithosphere In: Takashima, Reishi. Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous intra-arc sedimentation and volcanism linked to plate motion change in northern Japan In: Rushton, A.W.A. Revision of the middle Cambrian trilobite Paradoxides jemtlandicus In: Hunter, M.A. A new stratigraphy for the Latady Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: Part 1, Ellsworth Land Volcanic Group In: Hunter, M.A. A new stratigraphy for the Latady Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: Part 2, Latady Group and basin evolution In: Gonzalez, Felipe. The massive sulphide event in the Iberian Pyrite Belt: confirmatory evidence from the Sotiel-Coronada Mine In: Poty, Edouard. Upper Devonian and Mississippian foraminiferal and rugose coral zonations of Belgium and northern France: a tool for Eurasian correlations In: Chatzaras, V. Exhumation of high-pressure rocks under continuous compression: a working hypothesis for the southern Hellenides (central Crete, Greece) In: Warren, A.A. The South African stereospondyl Lydekkerina huxleyi (Tetrapoda, Temnospondyli) from the Lower Triassic of Australia In: Roberts, R.J. Short-lived mafic magmatism at 560–570 Ma in the northern Norwegian Caledonides: U–Pb zircon ages from the Seiland Igneous Province In: Galton, P.M. A saurischian dinosaur braincase from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) near Oxford, England: from the theropod Megalosaurus or the sauropod Cetiosaurus? In: Sajeev, K. An unusual high-Mg garnet–spinel orthopyroxenite from southern India: evidence for ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism at high-pressure conditions In: Barber, A. J. Sumatra. Geology, Resources and Tectonic Evolution In: Nemcok, M. Thrustbelts. Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes, and Petroleum In: Hubbard, B. Field Techniques in Glaciology and Glacial Geomorphology In: Paterson, M.S. . Experimental Rock Deformation – The Brittle Field In: Vaughan, A.P.M. Terrane Processes at the Margins of Gondwana In: Cloudsley - Thompson, J.L. Ecology and Behaviour of Mesozoic Reptiles In: Gaft, M. Luminescence Spectroscopy of Minerals and Materials In: White, J.D.L. Explosive Subaqueous Volcanism In: Koeberl, C. Impact Tectonics In: Edwards, R.A. Geology of the Sidmouth district – a brief explanation of the geological map In: Freiwald, A. Cold-Water Corals and Ecosystems
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