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Geological magazine : Vol. 121 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1984

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1984 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Wright, J.V. Late quaternary explosive silicic volcanism on St Lucia, West Indies In: Whittington, H.B. Definition of the Tremadoc Series and the series of the Ordovician System in Britain In: Mitchel, A.H.G. The British Caledonides: interpretations from Cenozoic analogues In: Christiansen, C. Re-interpreting ‘segmented’ grain-size curves In: Moore, Alan C. Orbicular rhythmic layering in the palabora carbonatite, South Africa In: Beese, A.P. Stratigraphy of the Upper Devonian argillite successions in north Cornwall In: Mykura, H. On the mechanism of formation of reduction spots in the carboniferous/permian red beds of Warwickshire In: Surface Water In: Earth Science In: Geological Survey and State Geological Agencies In: Pye, K. Rapid estimation of porosity and mineral abundance in backscattered electron images using a simple SEM image analyser In: Cameron, T.D.J. Lower pleistocene dinoflagellate cyst, foraminiferal and pollen assemblages in four boreholes in the Southern North Sea In: Price, David. The Pusgillian Stage in Wales In: Elorza, J.J. Late cretaceous quartz geodes after anhydrite from Burgos, Spain In: Stait, B.A. Ordovician nautiloid faunas of Central and Southern Thailand In: Cleal, C.J. The recognition of the base of the Westphalian D Stage in Britain In: Howarth, M.k. Interpretation of the Middle Jurassic ammonite genus Spiroceras In: The Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption In: Geology of the Bhutan Himalaya In: Cotton, G. The Rugose Coral Species In: Cowie, J.W. Introduction to papers on the Precambrian–Cambrian boundary In: Glaessner, M.F. Stratigraphic classification and nomenclature of the Precambrian–Cambrian transition In: Xing, Yusheng. Precambrian–Cambrian boundary candidate, Meishucun, Jinning, Yunnan, China In: Xing, Yusheng. The Sinian–Cambrian boundary of China and its related problems In: Xue, Xiaofeng. Research on the isotopic age of the Sinian–Cambrian boundary at the Meishucun section in Jinning County, Yunnan Province, China In: Zhang, Zichao. The chronometric age of the Sinian–Cambrian boundary in the Yangtze Platform, China In: Song, xueliang. Obruchevella from the early Cambrian Meishucun Stage of the Meishucun section, Jinning, Yunnan, China In: Jiang, Zhiwen. Global distribution of the earliest shelly metazoans In: Kirschvink, Joseph L. Magnetostratigraphy of lower Cambrian strata from the Siberian Platform: a palaeomagnetic pole and a preliminary polarity time-scale In: Riding, Robert. Assemblages of calcareous algae near the Precambrian/Cambrian boundary in Siberia and Mongolia In: Kumar, G. The Precambrian–Cambrian boundary problem and its prospects, Northwest Himalaya, India In: Linan, E Precambrian—Cambrian boundary and correlation from southwestern and central part of Spain In: Brasier, M.D. Microfossils and small shelly fossils from the Lower Cambrian Hyolithes Limestone at Nuneaton, English Midlands In: The Volcanic Rocks of the Lake District In: The Dynamic Earth In: Watson, J. Geology and Man In: The Mineral Resources Potential of the Earth In: Bullock, P. Soil Micromorphology In: Hallam, A. Great Geological Controversies In: Goudie, A.S. Chemical Sediments and Geomorphology In: Collision, D.W. Methods in Rock Magnetism and Palaeomagnetism In: Lehmann, U. Fossil Invertebrates In: A Geologic Time Scale In: Price. R.J. Scotland's Environment during the Last 30,000 Years In: Kinghorn, R.R.F. An Introduction to the Physics and Chemistry of Petroleum In: Prest, V.K. Canada's Heritage of Glacial Features In: Evenson, E.B. Tills and Related Deposits In: Quaternary of south America and Antarctic Peninsula In: Minerals of the World. Wallchart In: Grathwohl, M. World Energy Supply In: Stewart, Wilson N. Paleobotany and the Evolution of Plants In: Hurford, A.J. Resolution of the age structure of the detrital zircon populations of two Lower Cretaceous sandstones from the Weald of England by fission track dating In: Turner, P. A palaeomagnetic analysis of Miocene fluvial sediments at Pertusa, near Huesca, Ebro Basin, Spain In: Debrenne, F. Upper Cambrian Archaeocyatha from Antarctica In: Mahmood, A. S-type characteristics of the Hercynian granitoids of the Central Palaeozoic Massif, Morocco In: Samanta, Bimal K. The genus Biplanispira Umbgrove (Foraminiferida) and its occurrence in India In: Jaitly, A.K. On the Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ammonites Micromphalites Buckman and Gracilisphinctes Buckman from Kachchh, Western India In: Ashworth, J.R. Garnet and associated minerals in the southern margin of the Menderes Massif, southwest Turkey In: Mclellan, Eileen. Deformational behaviour of migmatites and problems of structural analysis in migmatite terrains In: Aldridge, R.J. Thermal metamorphism of the Silurian strata of the Oslo region, assessed by conodont colour In: Upfold, R.L. Tufted microbial (cyanobacterial) mats from the Proterozoic Stoer Group, Scotland In: Finney, S.C. Two new Ordovician graptolites from Bolivia In: Williams, G.E. Comment on late Precambrian palaeoclimates In: Hambrey, M.J. Comment on late Precambrian palaeoclimates: Response In: Masters, P.M. Quaternary Coastlines and Marine Archaeology In: Remote Sensing Applications in Marine Science and Technology In: Hutchison, R. An Enquiry, Based on Meteorite Research, into the Origin of Our Planet and of Life In: maynard, J.B. Geochemistry of Sedimentary Ore Deposits In: The Lake District. Field Guide Series. Rocks and Fossils In: Ziegler, P.A. Geological Atlas of Western and Central Europe In: Coastal Oceanography In: Koobi Fora Research Project In: Role of the Unsaturated Zone in Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Disposal In: Mcphee, J. In Suspect Terrain In: Kratzsch, H. Mining Subsidence Engineering In: Grainger, E. The Life and Times of the Father of Australian Geology In: Tomkeieff, S.I. Dictionary of Petrology In: British Rivers In: Time and Space: The Emergence of the Biosphere In: Bender, F. Geology of Burma In: Das, B.M. Advanced soil mechanics In: Beloussov, V.V. Continental Endogenous Regimes In: Czaya , E. Rivers of the World In: Venturini, W.S. Boundary Element Method in Geomechanics In: Mountain Building Processes In: Dingle, R.V. Mesozoic and Tertiary Geology of Southern Africa In: Tarling , D.H. Palaeomagnetism In: Glacial-Marine Sedimentation In: Mash, W.M. Landscape Planning: Environmental Applications In: Coated Grains In: Atmospheric Chemistry In: Switzerland and her Glaciers from the Ice Age to the Present In: Arndt, N.T. Komatiites In: Ozima, M. Noble Gas Geochemistry In: Oliver, R.L. Antarctic Earth Sciences In: Vine, F.J. Extensional Tectonics Associated with Convergent Plate Boundaries In: Sixteenth Oil Shale Symposium Proceedings In: Rupke, N.A. The Great Chain of History In: Elkington, J. The Renewable Energy Forecast In: Earth's Earliest Biosphere In: Davis, R.S. A Genetic Approach to Sedimentary Geology In: Blong, R.J. Local Legends and Volcanic Reality in Papua New Guinea In: E, Taylor. Volcanic New Zealand In: R, Smoluchowski. The Solar System In: Amadei, B. Rock Anisotropy and the Theory of Stress Measurements In: A.R, Ritsema. Seismicity and Seismic Risk in the Offshore North Sea Area In: Peybernes, Bernard. Basement blocks and tecto-sedimentary evolution in the Pyrenees during Mesozoic times In: Boillot, G Some remarks on the continental margins in the Aquitaine and French Pyrenees In: Guimera, Joan. Palaeogene evolution of deformation in the northeastern Iberian Peninsula In: Brunet, Marie - Francoise. Subsidence history of the Aquitaine basin determined from subsidence curves In: passchier, C.W. Mylonite-dominated footwall geometry in a shear zone, central Pyrenees In: Wellman, H.W. The Alpine Fault, New Zealand, near Milford Sound and to the southwest In: Haszeldine, R.S. Carboniferous North Atlantic palaeogeography: stratigraphic evidence for rifting, not megashear or subduction In: Bhattacharyya, P.K. Petrochemistry of metamorphosed pillows, and the geochemical status of the amphibolites (Proterozoic) from the Sirohi district, Rajasthan, India In: Ruitang, WU. A new Carboniferous trilobite from Spitsbergen In: Ostwald, J. Ferruginous vernadite in an Indian Ocean ferromanganese nodule In: Dypvik,H. Geochemical compositions and depositional conditions of Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Yorkshire clays, England In: Ffrench, G.D. The sedimentology of the South Connemara Group, western Ireland – a possible Ordovician trench-fill sequence In: The Northern Light. From Mythology to Space Research In: Regional Trends in the Geology of the Appalachian–Caledonian–Hercynian–Mauritanide Orogen In: Hawksley, C. Pascal Programming: a Beginner's Guide to Computers and Programming In: Harnly, C.A. Mount St. Helens. An Annotated Bibliography In: Faniran, A. Humid Tropical Geomorphology In: Day, R.W. Queensland Geology In: New Monograph Series Palaeontographica Canadiana In: Anderson, J.G.C. Field Geology in the British Isles In: Coastal Upwelling: its Sediment Record, Part A In: Caine, N. The Mountains of Northeastern Tasmania In: Case, G.R. A Pictorial Guide to Fossils In: Collinson, M.E. Fossil Plants of the London Clay In: Archer, J.B. Geological Guide to the Caledonides of western Ireland In: Arc Volcanism: Physics and Tectonics In: The Cambrian–Ordovician Boundary In: Nilsson, T. The Pleistocene. Geology and Life in the Quaternary Ice Age In: General Hydrogeology In: Biotic Interactions in Recent and Fossil Benthic Communities In: Smith, A. Echinoid Palaeobiology In: Jones, B.W. The Solar System In: Glacial Geology In: Miknis, F.P. Geochemistry and Chemistry of Oil Shales In: Galloway, W.E. Terrigenous Clastic Depositional Systems. Applications to Petroleum, Coal, and Uranium Exploration In: Herries davies, G.L. Sheets of Many Colours In: Fry, N. The Field Description of Metamorphic Rocks In: Background to Palaeohydrology In: Trilobites and Other Early Arthropods In: Ziolkowski, A. Deconvolution In: Glacial Deposits in North-West Europe In: Martin, H. Intracontinental Fold Belts In: Tiratsoo, E.N. Oilfields of the World, third edition In: Ridge, J.D. Annotated Bibliographies of Mineral Deposits in Europe. Part I In: Antarctica: Glaciological and Geophysical Folio In: Scanvic, J.Y. Utilisation de la Télédétection dans les Sciences de la Terre. Manuals et Méthodes Series In: Late- and Postglacial Oscillations of Glaciers: Glacial and Periglacial Forms In: Civetta, L. Geology, geochronology and chemical evolution of the island of Pantelleria In: Wolff, John A. Zoning in highly alkaline magma bodies In: Lovelock, P.E.R. A review of the tectonics of the northern Middle East region In: Reid, R.E.H. Primary bone and dinosaurian physiology In: Wang Hongzhen Proterozoic stratigraphy and tectonic framework of China In: Donaldson, Colin H. Kinetics of pyrope megacryst reactions in ascending basaltic magma – relevance to high-pressure magmatic crystallization at Elie Ness, East Fife In: Whittaker, A. The large-scale structure of the Earth's crust beneath southern Britain In: Bland, B.H. Arumberia Glaessner & Walter, a review of its potential for correlation in the region of the Precambrian–Cambrian boundary In: Jenkins, R.J.F. Ediacaran events: boundary relationships and correlation of key sections, especially in ‘Armorica In: Palmer, C.P. Dorset A note on the Birchi Beds, Lower Jurassic, at Lyme Regis, Dorset In: Cowie, J.W. Chronostratigraphic definition of the Precambrian–Cambrian boundary In: Donaldson, C.H. Pyroxene accumulation in spinifex-textured rocks In: Worssam, B.C. Comments on the paper ‘The Portland–Purbeck junction (Portlandian–Berriasian) in the Weald, and the correlation of latest Jurassic–early Cretaceous rocks in southern England’ by W. A. Wimbledon & C. O. Hunt In: Hallam, A. The unlikelihood of an expanding Earth - L. C In: Stern, J.P. Gas's Contribution to U.K In: Goudie, A. Environmental Change In: Robinson, E.A. Seismic Velocity Analysis and the Convolutional Model In: New Interpretations of Ape and Human Ancestry In: Anderson, J.M. Palaeoflora of Southern Africa In: Sawkins, F.J. Metal Deposits in Relation to Plate Tectonics In: Coptton, G. The Revised Rugose Coral Genera In: Hydrothermal Processes at Seafloor Spreading Centers In: Cameron, E.M. Uranium exploration in Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada In: Nir, D. Man, a Geomorphological Agent. An Introduction to Anthropic Geomorphology In: Taxonomy, Ecology and Identity of Conodonts In: Max, D. Detailed Compilation Magnetic Map of Ireland and a Summary of its Deep Geology In: Bowen, R. Geology in Engineering In: Kinetics and Equilibrium in Mineral Reactions
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