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Geological magazine : Vol. 139 Iss. 1-6 Year. 2002

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 2002 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Bin Chen Geochemical and isotopic studies of the sedimentary and granitic rocks of the Altai orogen of northwest China and their tectonic implications In: Gurol Seyitoglu The role of the flexural rotation/rolling hinge model in the tectonic evolution of the Alaşehir graben, western Turkey In: Cook, C.A. The emplacement of peridotites and associated oceanic rocks from the Lizard complex, southwest England In: Saalmann, K. Thrust tectonics on brøggerhalvøya and their relationship to the tertiary west Spitsbergen fold-and-thrust belt In: Evins, P.M. Early proterozoic nappe formation : An example from Sodankylä, Finland, Northern Baltic shield In: Mullins, G.L. Integrated lower silurian chitinozoan and graptolite biostratigraphy of Buttington brick pit, Wales In: McCarthy, Paul J. Soils of the past In: Harper, Liz Palaeobiology II In: England, R.W. Looking into the earth In: Per Erik Ahlberg Fossil fishes of Great Britain In: Pedley, Martyn Subsurface geology of a prograding carbonate platform margin, Great Bahama bank : Results of the Bahamas drilling project In: Mountney, Nigel Sedimentary petrology In: Wright, Paul Carbonate platform systems : Components and interactions In: Harper, Liz Understanding earth In: Rothery, D.A. Earth systems In: Morris, Simon Conway Rock of ages In: Barrett, Paul M. The age of dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia In: Wolff, George Marine geochemistry In: Cleal, Christopher J. A new and diverse plant fossil assemblage from the upper westphalian benxi formation, Shanxi, China, and its palaeofloristic significance In: Cawood, Peter A. Permian fragmentation, accretion and subsequent translation of a low-latitude Tethyan seamount to the high-latitude east gondwana margin : Evidence from detrital zircon age data In: Hauser, Marc The break-up of east gondwana along the northeast coast of Oman : evidence from the Batain basin In: Felitsyn, Sergei B. Nd isotope composition of early cambrian discrete basins In: Momme, Peter The Kraemer island macrodyke, East Greenland : Solidification of a flood basalt conduit In: Ö. F. Gurer Origin of the upper cretaceous - Tertiary sedimentary basins within the tauride - anatolide platform in Turkey In: Dickin, A.P. The Blackstones bank igneous complex : Geochemistry and crustal context of a submerged Tertiary igneous centre in the Scottish Hebrides In: Willan, Robert C.R. Successive geothermal, volcanic-hydrothermal and contact-metasomatic events in cenozoic volcanic-arc basalts, South Shetland islands, Antarctica In: Gibson, Sally A. Igneous petrology In: Day, Julia J. Major events in early vertebrate evolution. palaeontology, phylogeny, genetics and development In: Davies, J. Huw Mantle convection in the earth and planets In: Tyson, Richard The monterey formation In: Jean-Claude Vannay Tectonics of the Nanga parbat syntaxis and the Western Himalaya In: Alan Vaughan Microtectonics In: Bevan, Alex Tektites in the geological record : Showers of glass from the sky In: Searle, Mike Ophiolites and oceanic crust : New insights from field studies and the ocean drilling program In: Palmer, Douglas Beneath our feet In: H. J. Falcon-Lang Angiosperm woods from British lower cretaceous and palaeogene deposits In: Searle, Michael P. Subduction zone metamorphism during formation and emplacement of the semail ophiolite in the Oman mountains In: Dini, A. The magmatic evolution of the late miocene laccolith–pluton–dyke granitic complex of Elba island, Italy In: Rushton, A.W.A. Upper cambrian trilobites and brachiopods from Severnaya Zemlya, Arctic Russia, and their implications for correlation and biogeography In: Briand, Bernard Felsic (A-type)–basic (plume-induced) early palaeozoic bimodal magmatism in the Maures Massif (southeastern France) In: Nichols, Gary J. Tectonic and climatic controls on a mesozoic forearc basin succession, Alexander island, Antarctica In: Alfaro, P. Quaternary deformation of the Bajo Segura blind fault (eastern Betic Cordillera, Spain) revealed by high-resolution reflection profiling In: Sunal, Gursel Palaeostress analysis of tertiary post-collisional structures in the western pontides, northern Turkey In: Discussion of the origin of ‘arrested’ charnockitization in the Chilka lake area, Eastern Ghats Belt, India In: Wessel, Paul Isostasy and flexure of the lithosphere In: Taylor, Paul D. Evolutionary paleoecology In: Cunningham, Dickson The origin of mountains In: Alve, Elisabeth Monitoring in coastal environments using foraminifera and thecamoebian indicators In: Gibson, Sally A. Rocks and carbonatites of the world. Part 3 : Africa In: Hampson, Gary River basin sediment systems : Archives of environmental change In: Rob Upstill-Goddard Marine chemistry In: Palmer, Douglas Deep time : Paleobiology's perspective In: Wright, Paul Middle east models of jurassic/ cretaceous carbonate systems In: Cattermole, Peter Solar system evolution In: Hall, Robert A. Tectonic Studies of Asia and the Pacific rim In: Hambrey, M.J. Ice sheets and late quaternary environmental change In: Melezhik, V.A. Isotopic stratigraphy suggests neoproterozoic ages and laurentian ancestry for high-grade marbles from the North-Central Norwegian caledonides In: Khalil Al-Riyami Mesozoic sedimentary and magmatic evolution of the Arabian continental margin, northern Syria : Evidence from the Baer–Bassit melange In: Koo-Geun Hwang New pterosaur tracks (Pteraichnidae) from the late cretaceous uhangri formation, southwestern Korea In: Upton, B.G.J. Picritic magmas and the Rum ultramafic complex, Scotland In: Mizusaki, Ana M. P. Vila maria formation (Silurian, Paraná Basin, Brazil) : Integrated radiometric and palynological age determinations In: Vaughan, Alan P. M. Mid-Cretaceous ductile deformation on the Eastern palmer land shear zone, Antarctica, and implications for timing of mesozoic terrane collision In: Ocakoglu, F. Palaeoenvironmental analysis of a miocene basin in the high Taurus mountains (southern Turkey) and its palaeogeographical and structural significance In: Champness, P.E. Rock forming minerals In: Woodcock, Nigel Climate change 2001 : Synthesis report In: Woodcock, Nigel The geology of Ireland In: Pring, Allan Introduction to mineralogy In: Pring, Allan Dictionary of gems and gemology In: Taylor, Rod A manual of practical laboratory and field techniques in palaeobiology In: Carosi, Rodolfo Orogen-parallel tectonic transport in the variscan belt of northeastern Sardinia (Italy) : Implications for the exhumation of medium-pressure metamorphic rocks In: Faupl, P. Provenance of the peloponnese (Greece) flysch based on heavy minerals In: Luttinen, A.V. 159 Ma kjakebeinet lamproites (Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica) and their implications for Gondwana breakup processes In: Koniger, Stephan Geochemistry, tectonomagmatic origin and chemical correlation of altered carboniferous-permian fallout ash tuffs in southwestern Germany In: Gautier, Pierre Dating the exhumation of a metamorphic dome : Geological evidence for pre-eocene unroofing of the Niğde Massif (Central Anatolia, Turkey) In: Jonkers, H.A. Age and environment of miocene - Pliocene glaciomarine deposits, James ross island, Antarctica In: Friend, Peter A field guide to the neogene sedimentary basins of the Almería province, South-East Spain In: Glennie, K.W. Permian and triassic red beds and the penarth group of Great Britain In: Rankin, A.H. Environmental applications of geochemical modelling In: Rankin, A.H. Environmental applications of geochemical modelling In: Simon Conway Morris Atlas of plants and animals in baltic amber In: Moody, R.T.J. Geology of northwest Africa In: Bottrell, Simon Isotopic and chemical techniques in geothermal exploration, development and use In: Furnes, Harald Bio-signatures in metabasaltic glass of a caledonian ophiolite, West Norway In: Imber, J. The initiation and early tectonic significance of the outer hebrides fault zone, Scotland In: Abdel-Fattah M. Abdel-Rahman Mesozoic volcanism in the Middle East : Geochemical, isotopic and petrogenetic evolution of extension-related alkali basalts from central Lebanon In: Cingolani, Carlos A. Middle devonian lycopsids from high southern palaeolatitudes of Gondwana (Argentina) In: Holness, M.B. Spherulitic textures formed during crystallization of partially melted arkose, Rum, Scotland In: Roser, B.P. Whole-rock geochemical variations and evolution of the arc-derived Murihiku terrane, New Zealand In: Tong, Haiyan Middle jurassic turtles from southern Thailand In: Caggianelli, A. Modelling the thermal perturbation of the continental crust after intraplating of thick granitoid sheets: a comparison with the crustal sections in Calabria (Italy) In: Holdsworth, R.E. The nature and regional significance of structures in the Gala Group of the Southern Uplands terrane, Berwickshire coast, southeastern Scotland In: Turner, Jonathan Geodynamics In: Simon Conway Morris Bones of contention In: Jackson, James Earthshaking science In: Palmer, Douglas The practice of British geology 1750-1850 In: Palmer, Douglas The culture of English geology 1815–1851 In: Simon Conway Morris Rise of the dragon: Readings from nature on the Chinese fossil record In: Allan Pring Physics meets mineralogy
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