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Geological magazine : Vol. 134 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1997

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1997 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Strauss, Harald Carbon isotope geochemistry and palaeontology of neoproterozoic to early cambrian siliciclastic successions in the East European platform, Poland In: McCutcheon, S.R. Stratigraphy and eruptive history of the late devonian mount pleasant caldera complex, Canadian appalachians In: Dean, W.T. Precambrian? and cambrian stratigraphy of the penbegˇli-Tut inlier, Southeastern Turkey In: Pe-Piper, Georgia The pliocene volcanic rocks of crommyonia, Western Greece and their implications for the early evolution of the South Aegean arc In: Arnason, John G. Petrology and geochemistry of the kruuse fjord gabbro complex, East Greenland In: Bozkurt, Erdin Implications of jurassic chert identified in the tokat complex, Northern Turkey In: Rezaee, M. R. Tectonic fingerprints in siderite cement, tirrawarra sandstone, Southern Cooper basin, Australia In: Murphy, J. Brendan Regional significance of new U-Pb age data for neoproterozoic igneous units in avalonian rocks of Northern mainland Nova Scotia, Canada In: Selley, R.C. Petroleum basins of South America : AAPG memoir no 62 In: Piper, J.D.A. Palaeomagnetic applications in hydrocarbon exploration and production In: Scout, Andrew C. Upgrading coal : The essential step for sustaining future markets In: Scout, Andrew C. Utility coal procurement : Perspective series no IEAPER/20 In: Scout, Andrew C. Coal blending for power stations : IEACR/81 In: Scott, Andrew C. Indonesian coal prospects to 2010 : Perspectives series no. IEAPER/14 In: Scott, Andrew C. Asian coal prospects to 2010 : Perspectives series no. IEAPER/18 In: Smart, P. L. Karst in China : Its geomorphology and environment : Springer series in physical environment volume 15 In: Morris, S. Conway Biotic recovery from mass extinction events In: Smith, David G. Craters, Cosmos and Chronicles : A new theory of earth In: Wilson, Paul Unconformities and porosity in carbonate strata In: Scott, Andrew C. Historical perspective of early twentieth century carboniferous paleobotany in North America In: Gilbert, Jennie Volcanoes of the world In: Palmer, Douglas Earth heritage conservation In: Palmer, Douglas Geological and landscape conservation : Proceedings of the Malvern International Conference 1993 In: Palmer, Douglas An introduction to the geological conservation review In: Lord, A.R. Pacific neogene environment, evolution and events In: Lord, A.R. Applied micropaleontology In: James, David Ancient sedimentary environments and their sub-surface diagnosis In: Woodcock, Nigel Geological structures and maps In: Norman, David The evolution and extinction of the dinosaurs In: Wright, Paul Regolith, soils and landforms In: Morris, Simon Conway Body cavities : Function and phylogeny In: Morris, Simon Conway The nervous systems of invertebrates : An evolutionary and comparative approach, with a coda In: Holness, Marian Metamorphic crystallization In: Strauss, Harald Pre - Permian geology of Central and Eastern Europe In: Hambrey, M. J. The geology of Switzerland : An introduction to tectonic facies In: McManus, John Sedimentology and geochemistry of modern and ancient saline lakes In: Chinner, G.A. The lona marble quarry In: Chinner, G.A. The ross of mull granite quarries In: Petford, Nick Fractography : Fracture topography as a tool in fracture mechanics and stress analysis In: Petford, Nick Tectonics of the Southern Central Andes : Structure and evolution of an active continental margin In: Manighetti, B. Origin and mineralogy of clays : Clays and the environment In: Woodcock, Nigel The geology of the Irish sea In: Cattermole, Peter Planetary landscapes In: Pyle, David Petrology In: Woodcock, Nigel Geology on your doorstep : The role of urban geology in earth heritage conservation In: Hambrey, Michael The ross orogen of the transantarctic mountains In: Pring, Allan The GIA diamond dictionary CD-ROM for Windows 3.1 or higher Windows 95 In: White, R.S. The destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah and Jericho : Geological, Climatological and Archeological background In: Elliott, T. Sequence stratigraphy in offshore South African divergent basins In: Drury, S.A. The new penguin dictionary of geology In: Zhang, Zhongying A new palaeoproterozoic clastic - facies microbiota from the changzhougou formation, Changcheng Group, Jixian, North China In: Carrasco-Núñez, Gerardo Lava flow growth inferred from morphometric parameters : A case study of citlaltépetl volcano, Mexico In: Seyitoğlu, Gürol Late cenozoic tectono - Sedimentary development of the Selendi and Uşak - Güre basins : A contribution to the discussion on the development of East - West and North trending basins in Western Turkey In: Edwards, R. A. The exeter group, South Devon, England : A contribution to the early post - Variscan stratigraphy of Northwest Europe In: Johnston, J.D. Localization of mid - Crustal thrust ramps by metadolerite sheets in the dalradian of Northwest Ireland In: McConnell, Brian Initiation of Iapetus subduction under Irish avalonia In: Roser, B.P. An evaluation of elemental mobility during metamorphism of a turbidite sequence (Greenland Group, New Zealand) In: Rey, J. A liassic isolated platform controlled by tectonics : South Iberian Margin, Southeast Spain In: Haggerty, R. The genesis of the llanrwst and llanfair veinfields, North Wales : Evidence from fluid inclusions and stable isotopes In: Neige, P. Ammonoid morphological signal versus sea-level changes In: Goldring, R. Naming trace fossils In: Pyle, D.M. Volcano industry on the earth and other planets In: Oppenheimer, Clive Observation of the earth and its environment In: Nichols, Gary Sedimentary geology : An introduction to sedimentary rocks and stratigraphy In: James, D.M.D. Tectonics of sedimentary basins In: Kennedy, W.J. Field geology of the British Jurassic In: Cattermole, Peter Impact cratering : A geologic process In: Jenkins, Ian The hot springs mammoth site : A decade of field and laboratory research in paleontology, geology, and paleoecology In: Selley, R.C. The petroleum geology of Ireland's offshore basins In: Barrett, Paul M. The devonian tetrapod ichthyostega : Fossils & strata no. 40 In: Deller, Margaret A field manual for the amateur geologist : Tools and activities for exploring our planet In: Selley, R.C. Paleogeography, paleoclimate, and source rocks In: Jenkins, Ian Functional morphology in vertebrate paleontology In: Andel, T.H. Van Global continental palaeohydrology In: Morris, Simon Conway Multicellular animals In: Woodcock, Nigel Urban geoscience In: Pring, Allan Minerals of South Africa In: Harper, Liz Understanding fossils : An introduction to invertebrate palaeontology In: Whaler, Kathy Foundations of geomagnetism In: Woodcock, Nigel Geoscience education and training : In schools and universities, for industry and public awareness In: Andel, T.H. Van Climatic variations and forcing mechanisms of the last 2000 years In: James, David Permian and triassic rifting in Northwest Europe In: Morris, S. Conway Global events and event stratigraphy in the phanerozoic In: Pring, Allan Electron microprobe analysis and scanning electron microscopy in geology In: Woodcock, Nigel The science of climate change In: Klemens, Werner P. Emplacement and deformation of granite pegmatite dykes in a mid-crustal regime of late-orogenic extension, Southwest grenville province, Ontario, Canada In: Searle, Mike Structure of the North Indian continental margin in the Ladakh - Zanskar Himalayas : Implications for the timing of obduction of the spontang ophiolite, India - Asia collision and deformation events in the Himalaya In: Field, Michael H. The first record of larix from the british pleistocene In: Garcia-Lopez, Susana Simultaneous use of thermal indicators to analyse the transition from diagenesis to metamorphism : An example from the variscan belt of Northwest Spain In: Mcloughlin, Stephen Revised stratigraphy of the permian bainmedart coal measures, Northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica In: Thistlewood, L. Basement geology and palaeozoic - Mesozoic mafic dykes from the Cape Meredith Complex, Falkland Islands : A record of repeated intracontinental extension In: Dunlop, Jason A. Phalangiotarbid arachnids from the coal measures of Lancashire, UK In: Trouw, R.A.J. Mesozoic tectonic evolution of the South Orkney Microcontinent, Scotia arc, Antarctica In: Harper, E.M. Evolutionary response by bivalves to changing phanerozoic sea - water chemistry In: Nichols, Gary Tertiary basins of Spain : The stratigraphic record of crustal kinematics In: Johnson, Catherine Rheology of the earth In: Gibson, S.A. Alkaline rocks : Petrology and mineralogy In: Strauss, Harald Basement tectonics 11 : Europe and other regions In: Pring, Allan Atlas of the textural patterns of ore minerals and metallogenic processes In: Scott, Andrew C. Coalbed methane and coal geology In: Friend, Peter F. The geology of fluvial deposits : Sedimentary facies, Basin analysis, and Petroleum geology In: Scott, Andrew C. Recent advances in lower carboniferous geology In: Nichols, Gary Sequence stratigraphy of foreland basin deposits In: Barrett, Paul M. Before the backbone : Views on the origin of the Vertebrates In: Jensen, Soren Trace fossils : Biology, taphonomy and applications In: Friend, Peter F. Terrigenous clastic depositional systems : Applications to fossil fuel and groundwater resources In: Pyle, David Volcanoes of the solar system In: Pyle, David On The Rocks : Earth science for everyone In: Drury, S.A. Chemical fundamentals of geology In: Jackson, James Geologic evolution of the red sea In: Morris, S. Conway Evolution of hydrothermal ecosystems on earth (and Mars?) In: Jackson, James Latur earthquake In: Jackson, James Uttarkashi earthquake (20th October 1991) In: Drury, S.A. Global tectonics In: Palmer, Douglas North from the hook : 150 years of the Geological Survey of Ireland In: Morris, Simon Conway Amber, resinite, and fossil resins In: Elliot, T. Applications of 3-D seismic data to exploration and production In: Keppie, J.D. Palaeozoic within - Plate volcanic rocks in Nova Scotia (Canada) reinterpreted : Isotopic constraints on magmatic source and palaeocontinental reconstructions In: Urreta, Maria B. Aguirre The ammonite sequence in the agrio formation (Lower cretaceous), Neuquén basin, Argentina In: Friend, P.F. Late silurian and early devonian stratigraphy and probable strike - Slip tectonics in Northwestern Spitsbergen In: Piper, J.D.A. Palaeomagnetism of the borrowdale and eycott volcanic groups, English Lake district : Primary and secondary magnetization during a single late ordovician polarity chron In: Mccarron, Joe J. The age and stratigraphy of fore-arc magmatism on Alexander Island, Antarctica In: Day, S.J. Age and geometry of an aborted rift flank collapse : The San andres fault system, El Hierro, Canary Islands In: Crowley, Q. New perspectives on the order and style of granite emplacement in the Galway Batholith, Western Ireland In: D'lemos, R.S. Complex quartz growth histories in granite revealed by scanning cathodoluminescence techniques In: Buffetaut, Eric A terminal cretaceous giant pterosaur from the French Pyrenees In: Nakayama, Katsuhiro Unidirectional to bidirectional subtidal sandwaves influenced by gradually decreasing steady flow velocity In: Bluck, B.J. The highland border controversy : a discussion of new evidence that the lower cambrian leny limestone at callander, perthshire, belongs to the dalradian supergroup, and a reassessment of the exotic status of the highland border complex In: Turnbull, M.J.M. Discussion on Sm - Nd isotopic age of Precambrian - Cambrian boundary in China In: Jackson, James The geology of earthquakes In: James, David Petroleum and basin evolution : Insights from petroleum geochemistry, geology and basin modeling In: Wood, Rachel Life and death of coral reefs In: Hambrey, M.J. Past glacial environments In: Palmer, David C. Crystallography In: England, Richard Third hutton symposium : The origin of granites and related rocks In: Stewart, Simon Salt tectonics In: Morris, Simon Conway Evolutionary paleobiology : In Honor of James W. Valentine In: Copus, Jonathan M.J. Discovery walks in the Yorkshire Dales: The Southern Dales In: Copus, Jonathan M.J. Geology in South - West Scotland : An Excursion Guide, In memory of Byron Charles Lintern 1948-1993 In: Copus, Jonathan M.J. Geology of fortrose and eastern Inverness district In: Copus, Jonathan M.J. Sequence stratigraphy In: Pharaoh, T.C. Introduction : Geological and geophysical studies in the Trans - European Suture Zone In: Kind, Rainer Seismological evidence for a very sharp Sorgenfrei - Tornquist zone in Southern Sweden In: Thybo, Hans Geophysical characteristics of the Tornquist fan area, Northwest Trans - European Suture Zone : Indication of late carboniferous to early permian dextral transtension In: Grootel, G. Van Timing of magmatism, foreland basin development, metamorphism and inversion in th Anglo - Brabant fold belt In: Servais, Thomas Recognition of the Trans - European Suture Zone (TESZ) by the palaeobiogeographical distribution pattern of early to middle Ordovician acritarchs In: Cocks, L.R.M. The margins of avalonia In: Giese, U. The caledonian deformation of the brabant massif and the early palaeozoic in northeast Germany : Compared In: Dadlez, Ryszard Seismic profile LT-7 (Northwest Poland) : Geological implications In: Królikowski, C. Crustal structure at the trans - European suture zone in northwest Poland based on gravity data In: Buła, Zbigniew Principal characteristics of the Upper Silesian block and Małopolska Block border zone (Southern Poland) In: Moczydłowska, M. Proterozoic and cambrian successions in upper Silesia : An avalonian terrane in Southern Poland In: Żelaźniewicz, A. The sudetes as a palaeozoic orogen in Central Europe In: Maluski, Henri Geochemistry and 40Ar–39Ar geochronology of the mafic metavolcanic rocks from the rýchory mountains complex (West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif) : Palaeotectonic significance In: Cymerman, Z. Terranes and terrane boundaries in the Sudetes, Northeast Bohemian massif In: Aleksandrowski, P. Kinematic data on major variscan strike - Slip faults and shear zones in the Polish Sudetes, Northeast Bohemian massif In: Scott, Andrew C. Le Bitume à Suse : Collection du Musée du Louvre In: Oeppen, Bridget Essentials of geology In: Woodcock, Nigel Tectonic map of Britain, Ireland and adjacent areas, sheet 1, scale 1:1 500 000 In: Morris, Simon Conway Paleoclimate and evolution, with emphasis on human origins In: Pirrie, D. Miocene glaciomarine sedimentation in the northern Antarctic Peninsula region : The stratigraphy and sedimentology of the hobbs glacier formation, James Ross Island In: Zhong Hua Carbon isotope stratigraphy of dolomites in the early Proterozoic succession, North China In: Shaw, Cliff S.J. Post - Entrainment mineral - Melt reactions in spinel peridotite xenoliths from Inver, Donegal, Ireland In: Mcloughlin, Stephen Fluvial sedimentology and revised stratigraphy of the triassic flagstone bench formation, Northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica In: Kotlia, B.S. Quaternary fluvio - lacustrine deposits of the Lamayuru basin, Ladakh Himalaya : Preliminary multidisciplinary investigations In: Johanson, Zerina New remigolepis (Placodermi; Antiarchi) from Canowindra, New South Wales, Australia In: Berthaud, B. Meyer First record of a large callixylon trunk from the late devonian of Gondwana In: Rippon, J.H. Variscan structures in the Kent Coalfield, Southeast England, and their regional significance In: Danelian, T. Palaeoceanographic significance of new and revised palaeontological datings for the onset of vigla limestone sedimentation in the Ionian zone of Greece In: Discussion of glacial or non-glacial origin for the Bigganjargga tillite, Finnmark, Northern Norway In: Wilkinson, Mark Diagenetic models and their implementation : Modelling transport and reactions in aquatic sediments In: Morris, Simon Conway T. rex and the crater of doom In: Pyle, David Petrogenesis and experimental petrology of granitic rocks In: Elderfield, H. Geochemical transformations of sedimentary sulfur In: Gibbard, L. The pleistocene boundary and the beginning of the quaternary In: Pyle, David The mount pinatubo eruption : Effects on the atmosphere and climate In: Oppenheimer, Clive Introduction to remote sensing In: Wood, Rachel Evolution and environment in tropical America In: Chinner, G.A. The metamorphic belts of ecuador In: Oppenheimer, Clive The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) In: Morris, S. Conway Biomimetic materials chemistry In: Champness, P.E. The principles and practice of electron microscopy In: Pyle, David Volcanoes : Crucibles of change
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