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Geological magazine : Vol. 138 Iss. 1-6 Year. 2001

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 2001 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: McDougall, Ian K–Ar geochronology of Marion Island, Southern Ocean In: Mccann, T. The trans-european fault : A critical reassessment In: Dodson, M. H. The mushandike granite : Further evidence for 3.4 Ga magmatism in the Zimbabwe craton In: Falcon-Lang, H. J. Leaf phenology of some mid-cretaceous polar forests, Alexander Island, Antarctica In: Suarez, M. Jurassic to miocene K–Ar dates from eastern central patagonian cordillera plutons, Chile (45°–48° S) In: Abdel-Fattah M. Anorogenic magmatism : Chemical evolution of the Mount El-Sibai A-type complex (Egypt), and implications for the origin of within-plate felsic magmas In: Zhao, Guochun Palaeoproterozoic assembly of the North China Craton In: Nichols, Gary Principles of sedimentary basin analysis In: Goudie, A. S. Palaeoweathering, palaeosurfaces and related continental deposits In: Glennie, K. W. Epicontinental triassic; Volume 1, 1999; Volumes 2, 3, 2000 In: England, Richard Quantitative geophysics and geology In: Woodcock, Nigel The dynamic earth In: Zalasiewicz, Jan A revised correlation of quaternary deposits in the British Isles In: Day, Julia J. The eternal trail In: Yongfeng Zhu Permian volcanism in the Mongolian orogenic zone, northeast China : Geochemistry, magma sources and petrogenesis In: Okay, Aral I. Obduction, subduction and collision as reflected in the upper cretaceous–lower eocene sedimentary record of western Turkey In: Higgins, A. K. Neoproterozoic–lower palaeozoic stratigraphical relationships in the marginal thin-skinned thrust belt of the East Greenland Caledonides : Comparisons with the foreland in Scotland In: Williams, George E. Neoproterozoic (Torridonian) alluvial fan succession, northwest Scotland, and its tectonic setting and provenance In: Bunbury, J. M. The determination of fault movement history from the interaction of local drainage with volcanic episodes In: Alsop, G. I. Tectonic and kinematic evolution within mid-crustal orogenic root zones : A case study from the Caledonides of northwestern Ireland In: Gehling, James G. Burrowing below the basal cambrian GSSP, fortune head, Newfoundland In: White, Robert S. The dating game In: Nisbet, Euan The carbon cycle In: Hambrey, Michael J. Glacier ice In: Carn, Simon A. Introductory remote sensing In: Carn, Simon A. Introductory remote sensing In: Burchfiel, B. C. The mediterranean basins : Tertiary extension within the alpine orogen In: Norman, David Evolution of herbivory in terrestrial vertebrates In: Pring, Allan Handbook of mineralogy, Volume IV In: Johnson, Howard D. Isolated shallow marine sand bodies : Sequence stratigraphic analysis and sedimentologic interpretation In: Bevan, Alex Catalogue of meteorites In: Skipper, Jackie British tertiary stratigraphy In: Searle. Mike Dynamic himalaya In: Jenkins, Ian Late paleocene-early eocene climatic and biotic events in the marine and terrestrial records In: Burgess, Peter Numerical experiments in stratigraphy : Recent advances in stratigraphic and sedimentologic computer simulations In: Nichols, Gary Erosion and sedimentation In: Wilkinson, Jamie Potassic igneous rocks and associated gold–copper mineralization In: Priestley, Keith Principles of seismology In: Paul, C.R.C. Fossil crinoids In: Blanc, Eric J.-P. Comprehensive dictionary of earth sciences In: Palmer, Douglas The first fossil hunters In: Barrett, Paul M. Marsh's dinosaurs In: Hampson, Gary Sedimentary responses to forced regressions In: Palmer, David C. Structure of crystals In: Miller, C. The early palaeozoic magmatic event in the Northwest Himalaya, India : Source, tectonic setting and age of emplacement In: Jean-Claude Vannay Himalayan inverted metamorphism and syn-convergence extension as a consequence of a general shear extrusion In: Luciani, Valeria Biotic and geochemical response to anoxic events : The aptian pelagic succession of the gargano promontory (southern Italy) In: Mapeo, R.B.M. SHRIMP U–Pb zircon geochronology of gneisses from the Gweta borehole, northeast Botswana : Implications for the Palaeoproterozoic Magondi Belt in southern Africa In: Jarrar, G. The youngest neoproterozoic mafic dyke suite in the Arabian shield : Mildly alkaline dolerites from South Jordan – their geochemistry and petrogenesis In: Osinski, G. R. Extensional tectonics of the outer hebrides fault zone, South Uist, northwest Scotland In: Danelian, Taniel Neotethyan evolution of eastern Greece (Pagondas Mélange, Evia island) inferred from radiolarian biostratigraphy and the geochemistry of associated extrusive rocks In: Palmer, Douglas The oxford companion to the earth In: James, David Petroleum geology and resources of Malaysia In: Norman, David Shaking the tree In: Palmer, Douglas Geology and warfare In: Cope, John C. W. Geological history of Britain and Ireland In: James, David The formation of hydrocarbon deposits in the North African basins In: Lindh, Anders Evidence of crustal contamination of mafic rocks associated with rapakivi rocks : An example from the Nordingrå complex, Central Sweden In: Kouchinsky, Artem Carbon isotope stratigraphy and the problem of a pre-tommotian stage in Siberia In: Welcomme, Jean-Loup Himalayan Forelands : Palaeontological evidence for oligocene detrital deposits in the Bugti hills (Balochistan, Pakistan) In: Piepjohn, K. Polyphase deformation at the harder fjord fault zone (North Greenland) In: Moczydiowska, M. Biochronology of the autochthonous lower cambrian in the Laisvall–Storuman area, Swedish Caledonides In: Sharma, Shikha Facies characteristics and cyclicity of lower siwalik sediments, Jammu area : A new perspective In: Williams, George E. Neoproterozoic (Torridonian) alluvial fan succession, northwest Scotland, and its tectonic setting and provenance In: Okudaira, T. Sm–Nd and Rb–Sr dating of amphibolite from the Nellore–Khammam schist belt, SE India : Constraints on the collision of the Eastern Ghats terrane and Dharwar–Bastar craton In: White, N. The BIRPS Atlas II In: James, David Exploring for oil and gas traps In: Kearsley, Anton Backscattered scanning electron microscopy and image analysis of sediments and sedimentary rocks In: Rickards, R. B. British silurian stratigraphy In: Palmer, Douglas Paleoclimatology In: Milliman, John D. Uplift, erosion and stability : Perspectives on long-term landscape development In: Harding, Ian Travels with the fossil hunters In: Jackson, James Continental tectonics In: Morgan, J. Impact stratigraphy In: Macdonald, David Antarctic marine geology In: Harper, Liz Exploring geology on the Isle of Arran In: Palmer, Douglas The geology of Somerset In: Scott, Andrew C. Analysis of sedimentary successions In: Wright, Paul Advances in carbonate sequence stratigraphy : Application to reservoirs, outcrops, and models In: Rickards, R. B. An Australian phanerozoic timescale In: Taylor, Rod Paleobase In: Howard J. Falcon-Lang Fossil woods and other geological specimens In: Harris, N.B.W. Geological studies in the Eastern Himalayas In: Morgans-Bell, Helen S. Integrated stratigraphy of the kimmeridge clay formation (Upper Jurassic) based on exposures and boreholes in south Dorset, UK In: Gorokhov, I. M. Rb–Sr dating of diagenetic illite in neoproterozoic shales, varanger peninsula, northern Norway In: H. J. Falcon-Lang Fire-prone plant communities and palaeoclimate of a Late Cretaceous fluvial to estuarine environment, Pecínov quarry, Czech Republic In: Ryan, Paul D. Modelling anatexis in intra-cratonic rift basins : An example from the Neoproterozoic rocks of the Scottish Highlands In: Williams, Mark Upper ordovician ostracods from the Cautley district, northern England : Baltic and laurentian affinities In: Bhattacharya, S. Early archaean continental crust in the Eastern Ghats granulite belt, India : Isotopic evidence from a charnockite suite In: Johnson, Howard D. Siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy – Concepts and applications In: Lockley, Martin Icons of evolution In: Rickards, R. B. Atlas of graptolite type specimens, Folio 1 In: Scott, Andrew C. Climates : Past and present In: Pankhurst, R. J. Origin of igneous rocks In: Taylor, Rod S. The ecology of the cambrian radiation In: Leeder, Mike Tectonic geomorphology In: Rickards, R.B. A revised correlation of ordovician rocks in the British Isles In: Norman, David Cretaceous environments of Asia In: Tindle, Andy PetroGlyph 1.0 In: Palmer, Douglas Guimarota In: Cocks, Robin Cambrian–early ordovician brachiopods from Malyi Karatau, the western Balkhash region, and Tien Shan, Central Asia In: Prothero, Donald R. Biotic response to global change In: Cosgrove, John Faulting in brittle rocks In: Kerr, Andrew C. A compendium of geochemistry In: Oppenheimer, Clive The archaeology of geological catastrophes In: Nichols, Gary Applied sedimentology In: C. P. Chang Structural evolution and significance of a mélange in a collision belt : The Lichi Mélange and the Taiwan arc–continent collision In: Pe-Piper, Georgia Late cenozoic, post-collisional Aegean igneous rocks : Nd, Pb and Sr isotopic constraints on petrogenetic and tectonic models In: Busby, J. P. The nature of the Variscan basement in southeast England : Evidence from integrated potential field modelling In: Rasmussen, Jan Audun Conodont geothermometry and tectonic overburden in the northernmost East Greenland Caledonides In: Viira, Viive An early to middle ordovician succession of conodont faunas at Mäekalda, northern Estonia In: D'lemos, R. S. Precise U–Pb zircon ages from Alderney, Channel Islands : Growing evidence for discrete neoproterozoic magmatic episodes in northern Cadomia In: Retallack, Gregory J. Regolith geology and geomorphology In: Hurst, Andrew Applied sandstone diagensis–Practical petrographic solutions for a variety of common exploration, development, and production problems In: Woodcock, Nigel Fine-Grained turbidite systems In: McIlroy, D. Precambrian rocks of England and Wales In: Nichols, Gary Sedimentary basins In: de Wit, Maarten J. Geoscience of rift systems – Evolution of East Africa In: Norman, David Dinosaurs of the Isle of wight In: Rothery, David A. Foundations of earth science
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