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41. Geological magazine : Vol. 144 Iss. 1-6 Year. 2007

Source: The Mamonia Complex (SW Cyprus) revisited: remnant of Late Triassic intra-oceanic volcanism along the Tethyan southwestern passive marginSource: 496 ± 3 Ma zircon ion microprobe age for pre-Hercynian granite, Central Iberian Zone, NE Portugal (earlier claimed 618 ± 9 Ma)Source: The Upper Miocene of the southern North Sea Basin (northern Belgium): a palaeoenvironmental and stratigraphical reconstruction using dinoflagellate cystsSource: Amethyst-bearing lava flows in the Paraná Basin (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil): cooling, vesiculation and formation of the geodic cavitiesSource: Metamorphism of Precambrian–Palaeozoic schists of the Menderes core series and contact relationships with Proterozoic orthogneisses of the western Çine Massif, Anatolide belt, western Turkey Metamorphism of Precambrian–Palaeozoic schists of the Menderes core series and contact relationships with Proterozoic orthogneisses of the western Çine Massif, Anatolide belt, western TurkeySource: New geochronological data on Palaeozoic igneous activity and deformation in the Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago, Russia, and implications for the development of the Eurasian Arctic marginSource: Tectonic subsidence v. erosional lowering in a controversial intramontane depression: the Jiloca basin (Iberian Chain, Spain)Source: The messaoudensis–trifidum acritarch assemblage and correlation of the base of Ordovician Stage 2 (Floian)Source: Ion microprobe U–Pb zircon geochronology of a late tectonic granitic–gabbroic rock complex within the Hercynian Iberian beltSource: Silicic magmas of Protector Shoal, South Sandwich arc: indicators of generation of primitive continental crust in an island arc Silicic magmas of Protector Shoal, South Sandwich arc: indicators of generation of primitive continental crust in an island arcSource: Extensional v. contractional origin for the southern Menderes shear zone, SW Turkey: tectonic and metamorphic implicationsSource: Strain estimation from distorted vertebrate fossils: application of the Wellman methodSource: biologySource: The lower Williamson Shale (Silurian) of New York: a biostratigraphical enigmaSource: Precise U–Pb ages of syn-extensional Miocene intrusions in the central Menderes Massif, western TurkeySource: A re-evaluation of Chinshakiangosaurus chunghoensis Ye vide Dong 1992 (Dinosauria, Sauropodomorpha): implications for cranial evolution in basal sauropod dinosaursSource: Evidence for perturbation of the carbon cycle in the Middle Frasnian punctata Zone (Late Devonian)Source: Microstructures in a banded iron formation (Gua mine, India)Source: Biostratigraphic precision of the Cruziana rugosa group: a study from the Ordovician succession of southern and central BoliviaSource: Geochemical constraints on the petrogenesis of the Proterozoic granitoid gneisses from the eastern segment of the Central Tianshan Tectonic Zone, northwestern ChinaSource: Fan-delta sedimentation in the Silurian Coralliferous Formation of SW Wales: implications for the structure of the southern margin of the Welsh BasinSource: Phylogeny and origin of Jurassic irregular echinoids (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)Source: Geochemistry, zircon ages and whole-rock Nd isotopic systematics for Palaeoproterozoic A-type granitoids in the northern part of the Delhi belt, Rajasthan, NW India: implications for late Palaeoproterozoic crustal evolution of the Aravalli cratonSource: Late Miocene transcurrent tectonics in NW Turkey: evidence from palaeomagnetism and 40Ar–39Ar dating of alkaline volcanic rocksSource: Record of a Palaeogene syn-collisional extension in the north Aegean region: evidence from the Kemer micaschists (NW Turkey)Source: A new Middle–Late Jurassic flora and hot spring chert deposit from the Deseado Massif, Santa Cruz province, Argentina A new Middle–Late Jurassic flora and hot spring chert deposit from the Deseado Massif, Santa Cruz province, ArgentinaSource: ELDERFIELD H. (ed.) 2006. The Oceans and Marine Geochemistry. Treatise on Geochemistry Series, Volume 6. xvii + 646 pp. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Price Euros 80.00, £60.00, US $80.00 (paperback). ISBN 0 08 045101 2 George WolffSource: A comparative analysis of some Late Carboniferous basins of Variscan EuropeSource: The stratigraphical potential of blattodean insects from the late Carboniferous of southern BritainSource: Phytogeography of Asturian (Westphalian D) lycophytes throughout the Euramerican belt of coalfieldsSource: The Westphalian–Stephanian macrofloral record from the South Wales Coalfield, UKSource: Sedimentary history of a Mississippian to Pennsylvanian coal-bearing succession: an example from the Upper Silesia Coal Basin, PolandSource: LATE Westphalian and early Stephanian sediments of the Dobrudzha Coalfield, NE Bulgaria LATE Westphalian and early Stephanian sediments of the Dobrudzha Coalfield, NE BulgariaSource: Palynological evidence for late Westphalian–early Stephanian vegetation change in the Dobrudzha Coalfield, NE BulgariaSource: Mesoproterozoic dyke swarms in foreland and nappes of the central Scandinavian Caledonides: structure, magnetic fabric, and geochemistrySource: U–Pb zircon age dating of a rapakivi granite batholith in Rangnim massif, North KoreaSource: Petrogenesis of the Middle Devonian Gushan diorite pluton on the northern margin of the North China block and its tectonic implicationsSource: Water column euxinia and wildfire evidence during deposition of the Upper Famennian Hangenberg event horizon from the Holy Cross Mountains (central Poland)Source: The role of the Highland Border Ophiolite in the ∼ 470 Ma Grampian Event, ScotlandSource: book reviewSource: Lithotectonic elements and geological events in the Hengshan–Wutai–Fuping belt: a synthesis and implications for the evolution of the Trans-North China OrogenSource: Biodiversity, distribution and patterns of extinction of the last odontopleuroid trilobites during the Devonian (Givetian, Frasnian)Source: Timing of subduction zone metamorphism during the formation and emplacement of Troodos and Baer–Bassit ophiolites: insights from 40Ar–39Ar geochronologySource: Palaeomagnetic study of the Cairnsmoor of Fleet Granite and Criffel-Dalbeattie granodiorite contact aureoles: Caledonian tectonics of the Southern Uplands of Scotland and Devonian palaeogeographySource: Tectonic significance of Late Triassic post-collisional lamprophyre dykes from the Qinling Mountains (China) Tectonic significance of Late Triassic post-collisional lamprophyre dykes from the Qinling Mountains (China)Source: Metamorphic sole rocks and their mafic dykes in the eastern Tauride belt ophiolites (southern Turkey): implications for OIB-type magma generation following slab break-off Metamorphic sole rocks and their mafic dykes in the eastern Tauride belt ophiolites (southern Turkey): implications for OIB-type magma generation following slab break-offSource: Early to Middle Miocene intra-continental basaltic volcanism in the northern part of the Arabian plate, SE Anatolia, Turkey: geochemistry and petrogenesisSource: Marble dykes emanating from marble layers in an amphibolite-facies, multiply-deformed carbonate succession, Troms, northern NorwaySource: book reviewSource: The Centre 3 layered gabbro intrusion, Ardnamurchan, NW ScotlandSource: Terminal Cambrian and lowest Ordovician succession of Mexican West Gondwana: biotas and sequence stratigraphy of the Tiñu Formation Terminal Cambrian and lowest Ordovician succession of Mexican West Gondwana: biotas and sequence stratigraphy of the Tiñu FormationSource: Elemental and Sr–Nd–Pb isotopic geochemistry of Mesozoic mafic intrusions in southern Fujian Province, SE China: implications for lithospheric mantle evolutionSource: A new lower Cambrian eodiscoid trilobite fauna from Swedish Lapland and its implications for intercontinental correlationSource: Life in the Universe: Expectations and Constraints.Source: Trace Fossils in Evolutionary Palaeoecology. Source: The Palynology and Micropalaeontology of Boundaries.Source: TravertineSource: Lithotectonic elements and geological events in the Hengshan–Wutai–Fuping belt: a synthesis and implications for the evolution of the Trans-North China OrogenSource: Biodiversity, distribution and patterns of extinction of the last odontopleuroid trilobites during the Devonian (Givetian, Frasnian) Source: Timing of subduction zone metamorphism during the formation and emplacement of Troodos and Baer–Bassit ophiolites: insights from 40Ar–39Ar geochronologySource: Palaeomagnetic study of the Cairnsmoor of Fleet Granite and Criffel-Dalbeattie granodiorite contact aureoles: Caledonian tectonics of the Southern Uplands of Scotland and Devonian palaeogeography Source: Tectonic significance of Late Triassic post-collisional lamprophyre dykes from the Qinling Mountains (China)Source: Metamorphic sole rocks and their mafic dykes in the eastern Tauride belt ophiolites (southern Turkey)Source: Early to Middle Miocene intra-continental basaltic volcanism in the northern part of the Arabian plate, SE Anatolia, TurkeySource: Marble dykes emanating from marble layers in an amphibolite-facies, multiply-deformed carbonate succession, Troms, northern NorwaySource: Quantitative Textural Measurements in Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology.Source: Mesozoic to Cenozoic Alkaline Magmatism in the Brazilian PlatformSource: Stratigraphic Units of Vietnam. Source: History of Palaeobotany.Source: Essentials of Medical Geology. Source: A Seismic Atlas of Southern Britain – Images of Subsurface Structure.Source: The Origin of Chondrules and Chondrites. Cambridge Planetary Science Series.Source: Phytoliths. A Comprehensive Guide for Archaeologists and Paleoecologists.Source: Cultural Responses to the Volcanic LandscapeSource: Studies in Palaeozoic Palaeontology.Source: The Centre 3 layered gabbro intrusion, Ardnamurchan, NW ScotlandSource: Terminal Cambrian and lowest Ordovician succession of Mexican West Gondwana: biotas and sequence stratigraphy of the Tiñu FormationSource: Elemental and Sr–Nd–Pb isotopic geochemistry of Mesozoic mafic intrusions in southern Fujian Province, SE China: implications for lithospheric mantle evolutionSource: A new lower Cambrian eodiscoid trilobite fauna from Swedish Lapland and its implications for intercontinental correlationSource: Zircon ages of the metavolcanic rocks and metagranites of the Ollo de Sapo Domain in central Spain: implications for the Neoproterozoic to Early Palaeozoic evolution of IberiaSource: Large euenantiornithine birds from the Cretaceous of southern France, North America and ArgentinaSource: Last Interglacial (Eemian) hydrographic conditions in the southwestern Baltic Sea based on dinoflagellate cysts from Ristinge Klint, DenmarkSource: Carbon isotope stratigraphy of the upper Telychian and lower Sheinwoodian (Llandovery–Wenlock, Silurian) of the Banwy River section, WalesSource: The spinosaurid dinosaur Baryonyx (Saurischia, Theropoda) in the Early Cretaceous of PortugalSource: Measure of an Earthquake, Measure of a Man.Source: The Earth's Magnetism. An Introduction for Geologists.Source: The Earth's Magnetism. An Introduction for GeologistsSource: Fossil PlantsSource: The Deliberate Search for the Stratigraphic Trap.Source: Early Silurian (Llandovery) orthide brachiopods from Anticosti Island, eastern CanadaSource: Amniote Paleobiology. Source: Comets and the Origin and Evolution of Life, 2nd ed.Source: Principles of Sequence StratigraphySource: Silurian and Lower Devonian thelodonts and putative chondrichthyans from the Canadian Artic Archipelago.Source: Glacier Science and Environmental Change. Source: Cretaceous–Tertiary High-Latitude Palaeoenvironments.Source: Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics.Source: Marine and Non-Marine Jurassic:Source: Braided Rivers. Process, Deposits, Ecology and Management.Source: Evolution of the Insects.Source: Applied PalaeontologySource: Introduction to GeomicrobiologySource: Agates .Treasures of the Earth.Source: Inventing the EarthSource: Cool-Water Carbonates. Depositional Systems and Palaeoenvironmental ControlsMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 2007 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

42. Geological magazine : Vol. 143 Iss. 1-6 Year. 2006

Source: Geochemistry of late Mesozoic adakites from the Sulu belt, Eastern China : Magma genesis and implications for crustal recycling beneath continental collisional orogensSource: Evidence for rapid environmental changes in low latitudes during the late Silurian Lau event : The Burgen-1 drillcore, Gotland, SwedenSource: Geochronology of the Nabwal hills : A record of earliest magmatism in the Northern Kenyan Rift ValleySource: The oldest rocks of Greece : First evidence for a precambrian terrane within the Pelagonian zoneSource: Structural evolution and tectonic setting of the Porongos belt, Southern BrazilSource: Ontogeny of Drevermannia and the origin of blindness in late devonian proetoid trilobitesSource: Temporal variations of the trace fossil Zoophycos in a 425 ka long sediment record from the South China sea : Implications for the ethology of the Zoophycos producerSource: Geochemistry, mineral chemistry and petrogenesis of a neoproterozoic dyke swarm in the North Eastern Desert, EgyptSource: Introduction to the physics of cohesive sediment in the marine environmentSource: Microfacies of carbonate rocks Source: Astrophysics of lifeSource: Catastrophes and lesser calamaties Source: Introduction to geological mapping Source: Phoscorites and carbonatites from Mantle to mine Source: Multicellular animals, Vollume IISource: Multicellular animals, Volume III Source: Extinctions in the history of life Source: Petrological evidence for crustal thickening and extension in the serre granulite terrane (Calabria, Southern Italy)Source: Geology of AustraliaSource: Lithofacies and fluvial–lacustrine environments of the palaeogene sevkhuul and ergil members (Ergiliin zoo Formation, South Gobi, Mongolia)Source: Metasedimentary xenoliths in the lavas of the Timanfaya eruption (1730–1736, Lanzarote, Canary Islands) : Metamorphism and contamination processesSource: Proterozoic mountain building in Peninsular India : An analysis based primarily on alkaline rock distributionSource: Precise 40Ar–39Ar ages from the metamorphic sole rocks of the Tauride Belt Ophiolites, Southern Turkey : Implications for the rapid cooling historySource: Neotectonics of the SW Marmara region, NW Anatolia, TurkeySource: Strain estimation from flattened parallel folds : Application of the wellman method and mohr circleSource: The biomarker guide - Volume 1 : Biomarkers and isotopes in the environment and human history Source: Introduction to organic geochemistry Source: Icy worlds of the solar system Source: Fossil invertebratesSource: Vertebrate palaeontologySource: The transmed atlas Source: Physical geology of high-level magmatic systems Source: Earth as an evolving planetary system Source: Fossil legends of the first Americans Source: The evolution of North American Rhinoceroses Source: Gravitational spreading controls rift zones and flank instability on El Hierro, Canary IslandsSource: Sedimentary evolution of a palaeozoic basin and ridge system : The middle and upper devonian of the Ahnet and Mouydir (Algerian Sahara)Source: Survival brachiopod faunas of the end-Permian mass extinction from the southern Alps (Italy) and South ChinaSource: On the provenance of mid-Cretaceous turbidites of the Pindos zone (Greece): implications from heavy mineral distribution, detrital zircon ages and chrome spinel chemistrySource: Environmental control on granular clinoforms of ancient carbonate shelvesSource: Provenance of north Gondwana Cambrian–Ordovician sandstone: U–Pb SHRIMP dating of detrital zircons from Israel and JordanSource: Differentiating Pleistocene tectonically driven and climate-related fluvial incision: the Sanggan River, Datong Basin, North ChinaSource: MicrofossilsSource: Quaternary Dating MethodsSource: Understanding Petroleum Reservoirs: Towards an Integrated Reservoir Engineering and Geochemical ApproachSource: High-Strain Zones. Structure and Physical Properties.Source: Dinosaurs The Textbook, 5th ed.Source: Fluvial Sedimentology VIISource: Geochemical characteristics of the Cretaceous ophiolitic rocks of Ikaria island, GreeceSource: Geology and timing of dextral strike-slip shear zones in Danmarkshavn, North-East Greenland CaledonidesSource: The middle Cambrian cosmopolitan key species Lejopyge laevigata and its biozone: new data from SwedenSource: Petrogenesis of Late Jurassic Qianlishan granites and mafic dykes, Southeast China: implications for a back-arc extension settingSource: Early African hyaenodontid mammals and their bearing on the origin of the CreodontaSource: Variscan veins: record of fluid circulation and Variscan tectonothermal events in Upper Palaeozoic limestones of the Moravian Karst, Czech RepublicSource: Ordovician and Silurian chitinozoan biozones of western GondwanaSource: Grain-scale deformation in the Palaeoproterozoic Dongargarh Supergroup, central India: implications for shallow crustal deformation mechanisms from microstructural analysisSource: Dicentrodus (Chondrichthyes: Xenacanthida) from the Early Carboniferous (Visean: upper St Louis Formation) of Iowa, USASource: Biostratigraphy.Source: Mapping of the Soil.Source: Fundamentals of Structural GeologySource: Submarine Slope Systems. Processes and Products.Source: Conodont Biology and Phylogeny: Interpreting the Fossil Record.Source: Worlds on Fire. Volcanoes on the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus and Io.Source: Paleontological Data Analysis.Source: 3D Seismic Technology. Source: Volcanoes in Human History. Source: Orientations and Rotations. Source: Rock-Forming Minerals.Source: Magnetic Fabric. Methods and Applications.Source: Secular variation in Late Cretaceous carbon isotopes: a new δ13C carbonate reference curve for the Cenomanian–Campanian (99.6–70.6 Ma)Source: Dating metamorphism and tectonic juxtaposition on Andros Island (Cyclades, Greece): results of a Rb–Sr studySource: A review of the Late Jurassic stegosaurs (Dinosauria, Stegosauria) from the People's Republic of ChinaSource: Ammonoid stratigraphy and sedimentary evolution across the Permian–Triassic boundary in East GreenlandSource: First record of the Hirnantian (Upper Ordovician) δ13C excursion in the North American Midcontinent and its regional implicationsSource: Multistage growth and reworking of the Palaeoproterozoic crust in the Bergslagen area, southern Sweden: evidence from U–Pb geochronologySource: Comparison between western Tethys and eastern Pacific ammonites: further evidence for a possible late Sinemurian–early Pliensbachian trans-Pangaean marine connectionSource: Crystallization of orbicular rocks exemplified by the Slättemossa occurrence, southeastern SwedenSource: Eurypterida (Chelicerata) from the Welsh Borderlands, EnglandSource: Unusual features caused by lightning impact in West GreenlandSource: Early Cambrian priapulid worms buried with their lined burrowsSource: Charles Darwin, Geologist.Source: Crystals. Growth, Morphology and PerfectionSource: Crystals. Growth, Morphology and Perfection.Source: Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology and Tectonics, from Minerals to the LithosphereSource: Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous intra-arc sedimentation and volcanism linked to plate motion change in northern JapanSource: Revision of the middle Cambrian trilobite Paradoxides jemtlandicusSource: A new stratigraphy for the Latady Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: Part 1, Ellsworth Land Volcanic GroupSource: A new stratigraphy for the Latady Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: Part 2, Latady Group and basin evolutionSource: The massive sulphide event in the Iberian Pyrite Belt: confirmatory evidence from the Sotiel-Coronada MineSource: Upper Devonian and Mississippian foraminiferal and rugose coral zonations of Belgium and northern France: a tool for Eurasian correlationsSource: Exhumation of high-pressure rocks under continuous compression: a working hypothesis for the southern Hellenides (central Crete, Greece)Source: The South African stereospondyl Lydekkerina huxleyi (Tetrapoda, Temnospondyli) from the Lower Triassic of AustraliaSource: Short-lived mafic magmatism at 560–570 Ma in the northern Norwegian Caledonides: U–Pb zircon ages from the Seiland Igneous ProvinceSource: A saurischian dinosaur braincase from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) near Oxford, England: from the theropod Megalosaurus or the sauropod Cetiosaurus?Source: An unusual high-Mg garnet–spinel orthopyroxenite from southern India: evidence for ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism at high-pressure conditionsSource: Sumatra. Geology, Resources and Tectonic Evolution.Source: Thrustbelts. Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes, and PetroleumSource: Field Techniques in Glaciology and Glacial Geomorphology.Source: . Experimental Rock Deformation – The Brittle FieldSource: Terrane Processes at the Margins of GondwanaSource: Ecology and Behaviour of Mesozoic ReptilesSource: Luminescence Spectroscopy of Minerals and MaterialsSource: Explosive Subaqueous VolcanismSource: Impact Tectonics.Source: Geology of the Sidmouth district – a brief explanation of the geological map.Source: Cold-Water Corals and Ecosystems.Material type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 2006 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

43. Geological magazine : Vol. 122 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1985

Source: Randomness in the pattern of ‘mass extinctions’ and ‘waves of origination’Source: Crustal growth of the antarctic peninsula by accretion, magmatism and extensionSource: A new interpretation of ordovician stratigraphy in the Bahçe area, northern Amanos mountains, south central TurkeySource: The origin and microstructures of metamorphic felsic dykes emplaced during brittle-ductile extension (southeast Sinai)Source: The cenomanian hiatus in the southern Benue trough, NigeriaSource: Gravity modelling of the lherzolite body at lers (French Pyrenees); some regional implicationsSource: Interactive processing of satellite images for geological interpretation – A case studySource: The formation of the trace fossil CruzianaSource: In defence of the external detector method of fission track datingSource: The ediacaran biota and early metazoan evolutionSource: The conceptual framework of precambrian stratigraphy : A personal opinionSource: The phanerozoic geology of the world, II. The mesozoic, BSource: Phosphate mineralsSource: Equilibria, nonequilibria and natural waters. Volumes I & IISource: Ancient Australia Source: Photogeologie. Eine Einführung in die Grundlagen Und Methoden der geologischen Auswertung von LuftbildernSource: Atlas of sedimentary rocks under the microscopeSource: The science and technology of coal and coal utilizationSource: Legal aspects of geologySource: Micromorphology of soilsSource: Introduction to the petroleum geology of the North SeaSource: Strain patterns in rocksSource: Two microweight loss techniques for use in hillslope solute studiesSource: An economical data logging system for field experimentsSource: Groundwater as a geomorphic agentSource: Marine geology of Korean seasSource: Indirect Imaging : Measurement and processing for indirect imagingSource: Precambrian and paleozoic algal carbonates, West Texas – Southern New MexicoSource: The evolution of mammalian charactersSource: Two-dimensional study of a layered intrusion - The hyllingen series, NorwaySource: Graptolite ultrastructure : Evolution of descriptive and conceptual terminologySource: Facies variations in peralkaline ash-flow tuffs from the Kenya rift valleySource: The significance of the proximal end of cryptograptus tricornis (Carruthers) (Graptolithina)Source: A geometrical approach to percolation through random fractured rocksSource: Geochemical evolution of the Jarawa younger granite complex and its related mineralization, northern NigeriaSource: Isolated pods of subaqueous welded ash-flow tuff : A distal facies of the capel curig volcanic formation (Ordovician), North WalesSource: Late pleistocene deposits and mollusca from Portland, DorsetSource: Palynology and British purbeck faciesSource: Comments on the letter ‘In defence of the external detector method of fission track dating’ by P. F. GreenSource: Bias in the application of the external detector techniqueSource: The type material of didymograptus hirundo salterSource: Seismic reflection profiling comes of ageSource: Pattern recognition and pattern analysisSource: Earthquake forecasting and warningSource: The morphostructure of the Atlantic ocean floor. Its development in the meso-cenozoicSource: The trias and its ammonoids : The evolution of a time scaleSource: Geomorphological hazards in Los Angeles : A study of slope and sediment problems in a metropolitan countySource: Principes de tectoniqueSource: Accretion tectonics in the circum-pacific regionsSource: Pédogenèse et ClassificationSource: Geological History of the territory of the Czech Socialist RepublicSource: Fluvial hydrologySource: Quaternary science reviews, Volume 1Source: Geochemical aspects of radioactive waste disposalSource: Tidal friction and the earth's rotation IISource: Shorter technical methodsSource: Gold '82 : The Geology, geochemistry and genesis of gold depositsSource: The physicochemical properties of molten slags and glassesSource: Contributions to the history of geological mappingSource: Reversals of the earth's magnetic fieldSource: Pyroclastic rocksSource: Principles of sedimentary basin analysisSource: A facsimile reproduction in one volume of two classics of dales history : A memorial by the trustees of cowgill chapel (1868) and supplement to the memorial (1870)Source: Ocean tides : Mathematical models and numerical experimentsSource: Isotope hydrology 1983Source: Geological structuresSource: An introduction to numerical methods with pascalSource: Thrust tectonics : A personal viewSource: Depositional history of southern Tunisia and northwestern Libya in mid and late jurassic timeSource: The facing of faultsSource: Morne patates volcano, southern Dominica, Lesser AntillesSource: The ordovician - Silurian boundary at Keisley, northern EnglandSource: Silurian trench sedimentation in the southern uplands, Scotland : Implications of new age dataSource: Electron microscope analysis of zoned dolomite rhombs in the jet rock formation (Lower Toarcian) of the Whitby area, U.K.Source: Lithostratigraphy of the red and norwich crags of the aldeburgh-orford area, south-east SuffolkSource: The origin of granite erratics in the pleistocene patella beach, Gower, South WalesSource: Geology todaySource: Landforms of New ZealandSource: Precambrian of South IndiaSource: The geology and hydrocarbon resources of negara brunei darussalamSource: Process mineralogy of ceramic materialsSource: Antarctic circumpolar oceanSource: Quaternary geology of lake Zürich : An interdisciplinary investigation by deep-lake drillingSource: Palaeoclimate research and modelsSource: Shorelines and isostasySource: Soils and geomorphologySource: Energy facts and figuresSource: The earth's magnetic field : Its history, origin and planetary perspectiveSource: A bibliography of george poulett scrope : Geologist, economist and Local historianSource: The evolving continentsSource: The geochronology and evolution of AfricaSource: Multivariate analysis : Methods and applicationsSource: The glaciers of equatorial East AfricaSource: Petroleum geology for geophysicists and engineersSource: Sulphide deposits in mafic and ultramafic rocksSource: The Island of South GeorgiaSource: Quaternary stratigraphy of Canada - A Canadian contribution to IGCP project 24Source: The aristarchus impact event and the effects of target materialSource: A lancefieldian graptolite from the Lake districtSource: Microstructure, geochemistry and differentiation of a primary layered teschenite sillSource: Protremaster, a new lower jurassic genus of asteroid from AntarcticaSource: Hybridization and the petrogenesis of composite intrusions : The dyke at an cumhann, Isle of Arran, ScotlandSource: Fossil mediterranean molluscs as sea-level indicatorsSource: Palaeomagnetism of the lower carboniferous billefjorden group, SpitsbergenSource: Geochemical evidence for the emplacement of the Whin sill complex of northern EnglandSource: A seismic refraction line across norfolkSource: Shallow refraction seismicsSource: Aspects of the ordovician systemSource: The chemical evolution of the atmosphere and oceansSource: Memoirs of an unrepentant field geologistSource: Neuvième Congrès International de Stratigraphie et de Géologie du Carbonifère. Compte Rendu. Volume 2 : BiostratigraphySource: The polarization method of seismic explorationSource: Polarization method of seismic explorationSource: Can regulation work? 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44. Geological magazine : Vol. 81 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1944

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58. Geological magazine : Vol. 98 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1961

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DonegalSource: Some Namurian Conodonts from North StaffordshireSource: Lepidostrobophyllum fimbriatum (Kidston 1883) from the Drybrook Sandstone (Lower Carboniferous)Source: On the species Orbignyella fibrosa (Lonsdale)Source: Pre-Cambrian Perthosites in NyasalandSource: On Deformation at Thrust Planes in Shetland and the Jotunheim area of NorwaySource: The Occurrence of Hypersthene in Hawaiian BasaltsSource: Inhalant and Exhalant Feeding Current Systems in Recent BrachiopodsSource: Origin of Albite PorphyroblastsSource: The Torridonian Succession of the Isle of RhumSource: The Mid-Zambezi-Luangwa Rift and Related Carbonatite ActivitySource: The Age and Relationships of the Cornbrook SandstoneSource: A Llandovery Shoreline from the Southern MalvernsSource: Rock Magnetism Applied to Some Geological ProblemsSource: The Relation Between the Quartz Fabric and Fold Movements in a Folded Calc-Silicate Rock from the Moines of ScotlandSource: The Deformation of Confined, Incompetent Layers in FoldingSource: A Note on Cleavages in Crenulated RocksSource: Co-existing Pyroxenes in Igneous Assemblages: a Re-evaluation of the Existing Data on Tie-line OrientationsSource: Co-Existing PyroxenesSource: Co-Existing Pyroxenes in Igneous and Metamorphic RocksSource: Tertiary of Barbados, W. I.Source: Morphology, Classification, and Life Habits of the Productoidea (Brachiopoda)Source: Geological NomenclatureSource: The Rotation of the EarthSource: A Note on the Origin of Ophitic Texture in the Chilled Olivine Gabbro of the Skaergaard IntrusionSource: The Ordovician and Associated Pre-Cambrian Rocks of the Pontesford District, ShropshireSource: The Antipodal Location of Continents and OceansSource: The Central and Eastern Parts of the Lammermuir-Stranraer MoraineSource: Erosion of a Rock Floor by Tidal Sand StreamsSource: A Note Concerning the Age of the Metamorphism of the Dalradian Rocks of Western IrelandSource: Buried Valleys of the Upper Rheidol (Cardiganshire)Source: On Garnet Coronites from Koraput, OrissaSource: An Unusual Gabbroic Intrusion from Northern RhodesiaSource: The Non-marine Mollusca of the Cainscross Terrace near Stroud, GloucestershireSource: A Note on Greisening in the Bodmin Moor GraniteSource: Origin of Albite PorphyroblastsSource: An Olivine-Bearing Hornfels from South-Eastern Queensland—A CorrectionSource: An Early Reference to IsostasySource: The Maam Faults, Co. 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DonegalSource: Preferred Orientation of Nepheline in Deformed Nepheline Syenite Gneisses from Sørøy, Northern NorwaySource: Modal Variation and the Form of the Beinn an Dubhaich Granite, SkyeSource: On an Occurrence of Fayalite Quartz-Monzonite in the Basement Complex around Bauchi, Northern NigeriaSource: The Distribution of Alpha Radioactivity in a Specimen of Shap GraniteSource: Intrusions of Gabbro and Granophyre in the Snaefellsnaes, Western IcelandSource: New Irish Tournaisian FenestellidsSource: Coal Measures and Volcanism off the Fife CoastSource: The Preparation of Thin Sections of ClaysSource: Stratigraphy of the Skiddaw Group between Buttermere and Mungrisdale, CumberlandSource: Devonian and Carboniferous Stratigraphy of CornwallSource: Field Relations of Rocks Containing Co-Existing PyroxenesSource: Co-Existing PyroxenesSource: Paleogeologic MapsSource: Late Paleozoic Sponge Faunas of the Texas RegionSource: Studies in PaleobotanySource: PhotogrammetryMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: [Hertz] : [Stephen Austin & Sons] ; [1961] Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

59. Geological magazine : Vol. 78 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1941

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60. Geological magazine : Vol. 10 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1893

Source: Eminent living geologists. No. 7Source: Some examples of folds and faults in the devonian rocks at and near Ilfracombe, North DevonSource: Eskdale drift and its bearing on glacial geologySource: The true horizon of the mammothSource: Note on a new British species of Cyclus from the coalSource: On the occurrence of a trilobite in the skiddaw slates of the Isle of manSource: The glacial successionSource: Glacial geology : Old and newSource: A catalogue of British jurassic gasteropodaSource: The jurassic rocks of the Neighbourhood of CambridgeSource: Extinct monsters : A popular account of some of the larger forms of ancient animal lifeSource: SelenologySource: Sir Richard OwenSource: On a new palæniscid fish, Myriolepis Hibernicus, sp. nov. from the coal-measures, co. Kilkenny, IrelandSource: On Palæosaccus Dawsoni, hinde, a new genus and species of hexactinellid sponge from the quebec group (Okdovician) at Little Métis, Quebec, CanadaSource: On the so-called spilites of JerseySource: Woodwardian museum notesSource: On the occurrence of ursus ferox in the pleistocene of MaltaSource: The fossil fishes of the British Coal MeasuresSource: Catalogue Illustré des Coquilles Fossiles de l'Éocène des Environs de ParisSource: A monograph of the carboniferous and permo-carboniferous invertebrata of New South WalesSource: The St. bees sandstoneSource: On the supposed conflict between geology and physicsSource: The mommoth and the glacial driftSource: The mammoth and the glacial driftSource: GraniteSource: 3000 feet of quaternary and ? Tertiary deposits in Texas, U.S.A.Source: “The Malvern Crystallines”Source: Glacial geologySource: Measurement of geological timeSource: On Oolitic and other limestones with sheared structure from IlfracombeSource: The submergence of the British Isles during the glacial periodSource: The true horizon of the mammothSource: Additions to the type fossils in the woodwardian museumSource: On a meteoric stone found at Makariwa, near Invercargill, New Zealand Source: An introduction to the study of the genera of Palæozoic BrachiopodaSource: Annals of British geology, 1891Source: The rocks of South DevonSource: Scandinavian rocks in the english boulder-claysSource: The mammoth and the glacial driftSource: A boring at willoughby in LincolnshireSource: Subterranean erosionSource: Notes on the Devonian fishes of Campbelltown and Scaumenac bay in Canada.—No. 21Source: Restorations of Anchisaurus, Ceratosaurus, and ClaosaurusSource: On the occurrence of concretionary masses of flint and chert in the maltese limestonesSource: Analysis of the fullers earth of vrongochSource: The true horizon of the mammothSource: Restoration of Mastodon Americanus, CuvierSource: On some new reptiles from the elgin sandstone Source: Fauna der Gaskohle und der Kalksteine der Perm-formation BöhmensSource: Merveilles de la Nature : La Terre, les mers et les continents, Geographie Physique, Géologie et MinéralogieSource: On the discovery of a secondary reptile in Madagascar : Steneosaurus Baroni (n. sp.); with a reference to some post-tertiary vertebrate remains from the same country recently acquired by the British museum (Natural History)Source: On some Palæozoic phyllopodous and other fossilsSource: On some quartz-schists from the AlpsSource: On post-eocene surface-changes in the London basin1Source: Note on a coast-section at the LizardSource: Note on the lakes of Zurich and WallenSource: The supposed quaternary and since submerged volcano of Mergellina, at NaplesSource: Eminent living geologists. No. 8Source: On fossils applied as charms or ornamentsSource: Woodwardian museum notesSource: On a new species or discites (Discites Hibernicus) from the lower carboniferous limestone of IrelandSource: On the thickness, expansion, and resulting elevation of marine depositsSource: Notes on the devonian fishes of Campbelltown and Scaumenac bay in Canada,—No. 3Source: The shell-beds of Moel TryfaenSource: Forminiferal limestones from the Grenadine islands, West IndiesSource: Note on the tuscan archipelagoSource: Was the deposit of flint and chalk contemporaneous?Source: Another view of the submergence of the British Isles during the glacial periodSource: The geology and palæontology of Queensland and New GuineaSource: The volcanoes of Barren island and Narcondam in the bay of BengalSource: The condition of the Arctic lands in the so-called glacial ageSource: The condition of the Arctic lands in the so-called glacial ageSource: The growth of the Indian peninsulaSource: The relative age of flintsSource: New classifications of the brachiopodaSource: The cause of crateriform sand dunes and cwmsSource: A history of crustacea - Recent malacostracaSource: Sur le Cybium (Enchodus) Bleekeri du Terrain BruxellienSource: Cavern Researches Source: The lair of roc-traucat (Ariège), and notes on megaloceros, beavers, hyenas, saigas, and various quaternary rodents of southwestern France; with observations on the climate of this region at the end of the quaternarySource: Preliminary notices of the fossil bones of UllomaSource: “The true horizon of the mammoth.”Source: The rocks of the volcano of Rhobell FawrSource: On the ostracoda of the gault at FolkestoneSource: Glacier observation, more especially colonialSource: The true horizon of the mammoth, Etc. : Being a reply to Mr. Mark Stirrup, F.G.S.Source: Note on the Quetta earthquake of december 20th, 1892Source: Text-book of comparative geologySource: The glacial nightmare and the flood, a second appeal to common-sense from the extravagance of some recent geologySource: Beiträge zur Geologie und Palæontologie von SudamerikaSource: Description de la Faune Jurassique du PortugalSource: Sveriges Kambrisk-Siluriska Hyolithidæ och ConulariidæSource: The iron-ores of Great Britain and Ireland, their mode of occurrence, age, and origin, and the methods of searching for and working themSource: On some fossil ostracoda from S.-W. Wyoming, and from Utah, U.S.A.Source: The evolution of the American TapirSource: The pre-cambrian rocks of Wales1Source: The geological development, descent and distribution of the mammalia1Source: Memoirs of the Geological Survey of the United KingdomSource: The lower silurian brachiopoda of MinnesotaSource: Revision of the fauna of the marine oligocene of the environs of ÉtampesSource: Glacial action in Iceland Source: Some cretaceous pycnodont fishesSource: Contributions to the geology of AfricaSource: The upper devonian fishes of OhioSource: On the origin of the Engadine lakesSource: Note on the growth of lake GenevaSource: The geological development, descent and distribution of the mammaliaSource: A further description of Palæospondylus GunniSource: Contributions to the tertiary fauna of FloridaSource: The pebble-ridge at Westward HoSource: The relative age of flintsSource: Restoration of CoryphodonSource: Some cretaceous pycnodont fishesSource: On a bed of oolitic Iron-ore in the Lias of Raasay1Source: The recent geological history of the Arctic landsSource: The geological development, descent and distribution of the mammaliaSource: Note on myalina crassa (Fleming)Source: Transactions of the Seismological Society of JapanSource: Palæontology of New YorkSource: The geology of the Southern TransvaalSource: Monographs and bulletins of the United States Geological SurveySource: PalæospongiologieSource: Restoration of CoryphodonSource: Some cretaceous pycnodont fishesSource: Notes on the eocene tertiary insects of the Isle of WightSource: Description of a slab from the shale above the Kinder Scout Grit, Rabchester, LancashireSource: The amount of disseminated silica in chalk considered in relation to flintsSource: Berthelot's principle applied to magmatic concentration1Source: Note sur les Gîtes de Phosphate de Chaux des environs de Fresnoy-le-GrandSource: Republication of Conrad's fossil shells of the tertiary formations of North AmericaSource: Report on the Bendigo gold-fieldSource: Lehrbuch der PetrographieSource: Observations and experiments on the fluctuations in the level and rate of movement of ground-water on the Wisconsin agricultural Experiment Station Farm, and at Whitewater, WisconsinSource: Elementary palæontology for geological studentsSource: Ueber ÆpyornisSource: The recent geological history of the Arctic landsSource: The carbon-crust on fossil plantsMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Kegan Paul, Trench Trubner & Co, Ltd ; 1893 Availability: No items available Damaged (1).

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