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Geological magazine : Vol. 132 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1995

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1995 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Putnis, Andrew Fluid supersaturation and crystallization in porous media In: Fortey, R. A. A revision of ordovician series and stages from the historical type area In: Bell, C.M. Pterosaur fossils from the cretaceous of Chile : evidence for a pterosaur colony on an inland desert plain In: Bridges, J.C. Podiform chromitite-bearing ultrabasic rocks from the Bragança Massif, northern Portugal : Fragments of island arc mantle? In: Fielding, C.R. Sedimentology of the permian radok conglomerate in the Beaver Lake area of MacRobertson land, East Antarctica In: Piper, J.D.A. Palaeomagnetism of Late ordovician igneous intrusions from the northern Welsh Borderlands : Implications to motion of Eastern Avalonia and regional rotations In: Gibbons, Wes Mylonitic mafic granulite in fault megabreccia at Clarke Head, Nova Scotia : A sample of Avalonian lower crust? In: Johnston, J.D. Major northwest-directed caledonian thrusting and folding in Precambrian rocks, northwest Mayo, Ireland In: Hughes, Richard A. The durations of silurian graptolite zones In: Wilby, Philip R. Phosphatized soft tissues in bivalves from the Portland Roach of Dorset (Upper Jurassic) In: Jones, Adrian P. Comment on physical properties of carbonatite magmas inferred from molten salt data, and application to extraction patterns from carbonatite-silicate magma chambers In: Nichols, Gary Practical sedimentology In: Nichols, Gary Analytical sedimentology In: Cattermole, Peter Telescope power In: Wood, Rachel Global biodiversity In: Bowell, R.J. Geochemistry, groundwater and pollution In: Oppenheimer, Clive Geothermal fluids In: Norman, David Dinosaur eggs and babies In: Morris, Simon Conway The palaeobiology of trace fossils In: Rickards, R.B. Yorkshire rocks and landscape In: Farrimond, Paul Coal and coal-bearing strata as oil-prone source rocks? In: Pring, Allan The GIA diamond dictionary In: Lindberg, D.R. Galapagos marine invertebrates In: Jackson, James Continental deformation In: Norman, David Seismosaurus In: Wood, Rachel Environmental evolution In: Farrimond, Paul Bitumens in ore deposits In: Harper, Liz Silurian Nuculoid and Modiomorphid Bivalves from Sweden In: Jackson, James The tancheng–lujiang wrench fault system In: Pyle, David Introduction to linear algebra in geology In: Oliver, G.J.H. Age of metamorphism in the Lesser Himalaya and the main central thrust zone, Garhwal India : Results of illite crystallinity, 40Ar–39Ar fusion and K–Ar studies In: Carson*, C.J. Compressional and extensional tectonics in low-medium pressure granulites from the Larsemann hills, East Antarctica In: Ryan, P.D. The Antrim–Galway line : A resolution of the Highland border fault enigma of the caledonides of Britain and Ireland In: Cooper, A.H. The stratigraphy, correlation, provenance and palaeogeography of the Skiddaw group (Ordovician) in the English Lake district In: Barrett, Paul M. Regnosaurus northamptoni, a stegosaurian dinosaur from the lower cretaceous of Southern England In: Wheeler, A.J. The Holocene lithostratigraphy of Fenland, eastern England : A review and suggestions for redefinition In: Rees, P.M. The enigma of angiosperm origins In: Wright, J.B. Geology and environment in Britain and Ireland In: Morris, Simon Conway Recovery and analysis of genetic material from paleontological, archaeological, museum, medical and forensic specimens In: Woodcock, Nigel The hidden landscape In: Nichols, Gary The key to earth history In: Alsop, Ian Structural geology of fold and thrust belts In: Woodcock, Nigel Global environmental issues : A climatological approach In: Woodcock, Nigel An introduction to global environment issues In: Rothery, David A. The earth In: Ablay, G.J. Tenerife, Canary islands In: Chapman, Amanda In marble halls In: Pyle, David Volcanoes : An introduction In: Drury, Stephen A. A history of the earth In: Redfern, Simon A. T. Infrared transmission spectra of carbonate minerals In: Scott, Andrew C. Sulphur and coal In: Scott, Andrew C. Organic sulphur in coal In: Scott, Andrew C. Organic compounds from coal utilisation In: Scott, Andrew C. European coal prospects to 2010 In: Scott, Andrew C. Coal supply prospects in North America In: Scott, Andrew C. Fuel peat – World resources and utilisation In: Woodcock, Nigel A mineralogy of Wales In: Davies, J. Huw Geophysical field theory and method, Part A In: Pring, Allan Composition, structure, and properties of mineral matter In: Petford, Nick The nature and origin of granite In: Petford, Nick Anorthosites In: Holland, T.J.B. Geochemical thermodynamics In: Rothery, David A. Observation of the earth and its environment In: Morris, Simon Conway Volcanism and early terrestrial biotas In: Scott, A.C. The coal measures forests In: Hambrey, M.J. Formation and deformation of glacial deposits In: Denniss, Anthony Remote sensing and image interpretation In: Gibbard, P. L. The periglaciation of Great Britain In: Jeans, Christopher V. Clay mineralogy : Spectroscopic and chemical determinative methods In: C. Unnikrishnan-Warrier First report of Pan-African Sm—Nd and Rb—Sr mineral isochron ages from regional charnockites of southern India In: Chalokwu, Christopher I. Open-system magma chamber process in the Freetown complex of Sierra Leone : Evidence from zone 3 In: Patrick J. Orr A deep-marine ichnofaunal assemblage from Llandovery strata of the Welsh basin, west Wales, UK In: Bozkurt, E. Geochemistry and tectonic significance of augen gneisses from the southern Menderes Massif (West Turkey) In: Johansson, Å. Isotope studies of granitoids from the Bangenhuk formation, Ny Friesland Caledonides, Svalbard In: Briand, Bernard Geochemistry of bimodal amphibolitic-felsic gneiss complexes from eastern Massif Central, France In: Bevins, R.E. Geochemical character of neoproterozoic volcanic rocks in southwest Wales In: Manby, G.M. Discussion on the Ny Friesland orogen, Spitsbergen In: Barrett, Paul M. Prehistoric life In: Palmer, Douglas New views on an old planet In: Fairchild, Ian Sedimentation as a three-component system In: Pyle, David Volcanism associated with extension at consuming plate margins In: Selley, R. C. North sea oil & gas reservoirs III In: Peat, C.J. Paleobiology of the neoproterozoic svanbergfjellet formation, Spitsbergen In: Selly, R.C. Structural traps VIII In: Palmer, Douglas Minerals & gemstones of the world In: Elderfield, H. Carbon cycling in the glacial ocean : Constraints on the ocean’s role in global change In: Palmer, David C. Crystallography In: Palmer, Douglas Lakeland rocky rambles In: Hamdi, B. Latest middle cambrian metazoan reef from northern Iran In: Segev, A. Post-depositional processes on a buried cambrian sequence in southern Israel, north Arabian Massif : Evidence from new K–Ar dating of Mn-nodules In: Haggerty, R. Constraints on the age and genesis of the Llanrwst and Llanfair–Talhaiarn orefields, North Wales from K–Ar and Rb–Sr studies In: Leat, P. T. On the antarctic peninsula batholith In: Thorpe, Richard S. Radioelement distribution in the tertiary lundy granite (Bristol Channel, UK) In: Rigby, Susan Graptolite ontogeny and the size of the graptolite zooid In: Ramos, Amparo Transition from alluvial to coastal deposits (Permian–Triassic) on the Island of Mallorca, western Mediterranean In: Morel, E. The first record of Cooksonia from South Americain Silurian rocks of Bolivia In: Pyle, David Mathematics : A simple tool for geologists In: Holness, Marian B. Fluids in the crust In: Oppenheimer, Clive Remote sensing digital image analysis In: Ben A. van der Pluijm The magnetic anisotropy of rocks In: Morris, S. Conway Marine palaeoenvironmental analysis from fossils In: Milson, John Gravity field and dynamics of the earth In: Woodcock, Nigel A revised correlation of precambrian rocks in the British Isles In: Taylor, John C. M. Marine permian of England In: Morris, S. Conway Fantasy of flow In: Pyle, David The mid-oceanic ridges In: Morris, Simon Conway Cambrian–Ordovician lingulate brachiopods from Scandinavia, Kazakhstan, and South Ural mountains In: Holness, Marian B. Geofluids : Origin, migration and evolution of fluids in sedimentary basins In: Stone, P. Caledonian terrane relationships in Britain : An introduction In: McBride, J.H. Problems interpreting deep crustal reflectors beneath the Moine thrust between Shetland and the Scottish Highlands In: Tanner, P.W.G. New evidence that the lower cambrian leny limestone at Callander, Perthshire, belongs to the Dalradian supergroup, and a reassessment of the ‘exotic’ status of the Highland border complex In: Johnston, J.D. Terrane amalgamation in the Clew Bay region, west of Ireland In: Smith, R. A. The Siluro-Devonian evolution of the southern Midland valley of Scotland In: Floyd, J. D. Magnetic and tectonostratigraphic correlation at a terrane boundary : The tappins group of the Southern Uplands In: Barnes, R.P. The Orlock bridge fault in the Southern Uplands of southwestern Scotland : A terrane boundary? In: Beamish, David Deep resistivity imaging across the Northern and Central belts of the Southern Uplands In: Styles, M.T. Pyroxenous greywackes in the Southern Uplands of Scotland and their petrotectonic implications In: Phillips, E.R. The tectonic significance of ordovician basic igneous rocks in the Southern Uplands, southwest Scotland In: Duller, P.R. Turbidite geochemistry and provenance studies in the Southern Uplands of Scotland In: Stone, P. Nd-isotope study provenance patterns across the British sector of the Iapetus suture In: Ryan, P.D. Terrane geochemistry contrasts across the Iapetus Suture in Ireland In: Kimbell, G.S. Crustal magnetization variations across the Iapetus Suture zone In: Zalasiewicz, J.A. Late caradoc graptolitic faunal gradients across the Iapetus ocean In: Pratt, W.T. Discussion on cambrian stratigraphy of St Tudwal’s Peninsula, Gwynedd, northwest Wales In: Chinner, G.A. Crystal Identification with the polarizing microscope In: R. Van der Voo Reversals of the earth’s magnetic field In: Petford, Nick Ore elements in arc lavas In: Baker, P.E. Caribbean geology In: Haynes, John R. Benthic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the South Caribbean region In: Morris, Simon Conway Invasions of the land In: Morris, Simon Conway Die Fossilien von Solnhofen In: Rothery, D.A. Remote sensing for geologists In: Iliffe, J.C. Permanent satellite tracking networks for geodesy and geodynamics In: Pyle, David Melting and melt movement in the earth In: Harper, Liz Biology and palaeobiology of bryozoans In: Görür, N. Rift formation in the Gökova region, southwest Anatolia : Implications for the opening of the Aegean sea In: Verniers, J. A global chitinozoa biozonation for the Silurian In: Reginiussen, H. Mafic dykes from Øksfjord, Seiland Igneous province, northern Norway : Geochemistry and palaeotectonic significance In: Buffetaut, Eric An ankylosaurid dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous of Shandong (China) In: Löfgren*, A. The middle Lanna/Volkhov stage (middle Arenig) of Sweden and its conodont fauna In: Owens, R.M. An atheloptic trilobite assemblage from the carboniferous of North Devon In: Andréasson, Per-Gunnar Derivation of 500 Ma eclogites from the passive margin of Baltica and a note on the tectonometamorphic heterogeneity of eclogite-bearing crust In: Buffetaut, Eric The oldest known dinosaur from southeast Asia : A prosauropod from the Nam Phong formation (late Triassic) of northeastern Thailand In: McCave, I. N. Sedimentary facies analysis In: Fairchild, Ian Material fluxes on the surface of the earth In: Morris, S. Conway Microbial mats In: Pyle, David Monitoring active volcanoes In: Holland, Jane Environment and people In: Holland, Jane Axis, for GCSE and Standard Grade Geography In: Price, Simon A naturalist’s guide to the Arctic In: Jackson, James Faulting, friction and earthquake mechanics, Parts I and II In: Morris, Simon Conway Tracing the history of eukaryotic cells In: Jackson, James Shallow subduction zones : Seismicity, mechanics and seismic potential In: Davies, J. Huw Subduction In: Palmer, David C. Structure of crystals In: Dowdeswell, J. A. Glacial environments In: Johnson, Howard D. Hydrocarbons of Eastern Central Europe In: Lankreijer, A. Crustal structure of the Bohemian massif and the West Carpathians In: Green, A.S.P. Geothermal energy in Europe In: Selley, R.C. Principles of petroleum reservoir engineering, Volumes 1 and 2 In: Johnson, Howard D. Geology of Bangladesh In: Jackson, James The seismicity of Egypt, Arabia and the Red sea In: Harper, Liz Evolution and extinction In: Barrett, Paul M. Fossil reptiles of Great Britain
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