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Geological magazine : Vol. 129 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1992

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1992 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Chevallier, L. Geology and geochronology of Inaccessible Island, South Atlantic In: Małgorzata Moczydłowska Phytoplankton from the lower cambrian Læså formation on Bornholm, Denmark : Biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental constraints In: Reinhardt, J. Low-pressure, high-temperature metamorphism in a compressional tectonic setting : Mary kathleen fold belt, northeastern Australia In: Gibbard, P.L. The margin of a middle pleistocene ice advance at Tottenhill, Norfolk, England In: Millward, David Field and biostratigraphic evidence for an unconformity at the base of the Eycott volcanic group in the English Lake district In: Dypvik, Henning Sedimentary rhythms in the jurassic and cretaceous of Svalbard In: Jowsey, N.L. The geology and geomorphology of the Beacon Cottage Farm Outlier, St Agnes, Cornwall In: Holland, C.H. Orthoconic nautiloid cephalopod genera In: Vaughan, David Mineral reference manual In: Cheeney, R.F. An introduction to applied geostatistics In: Thorne, Colin R. World geomorphology In: Hsü, K.J. Is Gaia endothermic? In: Marshall, James D. Climatic and oceanographic isotopic signals from the carbonate rock record and their preservation In: Brasier, M.D. Global ocean—atmosphere change across the Precambrian—Cambrian transition In: Spicer, Robert A. A review of terrestrial and marine climates in the Cretaceous with implications for modelling the ‘Greenhouse Earth’ In: Farmer, J. Ediacaran fossils from the innerelv member (late Proterozoic) of the Tanafjorden area, northeastern Finnmark In: Zagorčev, I.S. Neotectonic development of the Struma (Kraištid) Lineament, southwest Bulgaria and northern Greece In: Schieber, Jürgen A combined petrographical—geochemical provenance study of the newland formation, mid-proterozoic of Montana In: Seyіtoǧlu, Gürol The age of the Büyük Menderes graben (west Turkey) and its tectonic implications In: Greenwood, R.C. Oxygen isotope evidence for major fluid flow along the contact zone of the Rum ultrabasic intrusion In: Suarez, M. The oldest South American ichthyosaur from the late triassic of northern Chile In: Harris, N.B.W. Geology and tectonics of the Karakoram mountains In: Cohen, A.S. Nuclear methods of dating In: Woodcock, Nigel Basin analysis In: Woodcock, Nigel Principles of sedimentary basin analysis In: Holland, T.J.B. Introduction to optical mineralogy In: Pyle, D.M. Volcanoes of the Central Andes In: Brimblecombe, Peter Air pollution modeling and its application VII In: Choudhary, A.K. Pan-African charnockite formation in Kerala, South India In: Brasier, M.D. Oxygen and carbon isotope stratigraphy of early cambrian carbonates in southeastern Newfoundland and England In: Claoué-Long, J.C. The numerical age of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary In: Räsänen, Matti Recent and ancient fluvial deposition systems in the amazonian foreland basin, Peru In: Webb, J.A. Denudation chronology from cave and river terrace levels : The case of the Buchan Karst, southeastern Australia In: Upton, B.G.J. Primitive olivine melanephelinite dykes from the Orkney Islands, Scotland In: Frey, R.W. Marine event beds and recolonization surfaces as revealed by trace fossil analysis In: Alvi, Shabber H. Geochemical evidence for the volcanic arc tectonic setting of the Dhanjori volcanics, Singhbhum craton, eastern India In: Taylor, Kevin G. Non-marine oolitic ironstones in the lower cretaceous wealden sediments of southeast England In: Schmitz, B. An iridium anomaly in the ludlow bone bed from the upper silurian, England In: Field, Michael H. Azolla tegeliensis florschütz from the early pleistocene of the British Isles In: Pickering, K.T. Discussion on silurian collision and sediment dispersal patterns in southern Britain In: Sarjcant, William A. S. Controversies in modern geology In: Lloyd, J.W. Introduction to modeling of transport phenomena in porous media In: Gibbard, P.L. Glacimarine environments : Processes and sediments In: Kelly, Simon R. A. Fossils of the oxford clay In: Smith, David G. Principles of stratigraphic analysis In: Zalasiewicz, J.A. Pleistocene palaeoecology of Central Norfolk In: Hindmarsh, Richard C. A. The growth and decay of ice In: Hindmarsh, Richard C. A. Living ice In: Tjeerd H. van Andel To interpret the earth In: Friend, Clark R. L. Field geology of high-grade gneiss terrains In: Thorne, Cohn R. Global geomorphology In: Smith, B.W. Archaeomagnetic dating In: Wood, Rachel Fossil and recent sponges In: Jones, Gregory Significance of radiolarian age data to the Mesozoic tectoni and sedimentary evolution of the northern Pindos mountains, Greece In: Jenkins, Richard J. F. The record and stratigraphie implications of organic-walled microfossils from the Ediacaran (terminal Proterozoic) of South Australia In: Dentith, M.C. Geophysical constraints on the nature of the Highland boundary fault zone in Western Scotland In: Palacios, Teodoro Lower Cambrian acritarchs from northern Spain: the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary and biostratigraphic implications In: Bernstein, Stefan An ocean-ridge type magma chamber at a passive volcanic, continental margin : The Kap Edvard Holm layered gabbro complex, East Greenland In: Mccaffrey, W.D. Recycled acritarchs as provenance indicators : Implications for caledonian terrane reconstruction In: Bjørnerud, M. Evidence for extensive post-Caledonian karst development in southwestern Spitsbergen In: Orlowski, Stanislaw Cambrian stratigraphy and stage subdivision in the Holy cross mountains, Poland In: Roper, H. Superposed structures in the Mona complex at Rhoscolyi Ynys Gybi, North Wales In: Wood, Rachel A. A new post-early cambrian archaeocyath from Antarctica In: Kennedy, W.J. Ammonite correlation of the uppermost Campanian of Western Europe, the U.S.Gulf Coast, Atlantic Seaboard and Western Interior, and the numerical age of the base of the Maastrichtian In: Muir, R.J. Discussion of isotopic evidence for the extent of early proterozoic basement in Scotland and northwest Ireland In: Purvis, K. Discussion on a ‘reg’ palaeosol from the lower triassic of south Devon : Stratigraphic and palaeoclimatic implications In: Johnson, A.L.A. Evolutionary trends In: Pyle, David Oceanic basalts In: Rothery, D.A. Introduction to remote sensing In: Woodcock, N.H. Neotectonics and resources In: Woodcock, N.H. Introduction to the welsh basin thematic issue In: Carruthers, R.M. Some constraints on the form of the Welsh basin from regional gravity and aeromagnetic data, with particular reference to Central Wales In: McDonald, A.J.W. Interpretation of the regional gravity and magnetic surveys of Wales, using shaded relief and Euler deconvolution techniques In: Channell, J.E.T. Palaeozoic palaeomagnetic studies, in the Welsh basin-recent advances In: Cope, J.C.W. Cambrian and early tremadoc rocks of the Llangynog Inlier, Dyfed, South Wales In: Fortey, R.A. The habberley formation : Youngest tremadoc in the Welsh borderlands In: Ball, T.K. Geochemical discrimination of Silurian mudstones according to depositional process and provenance within the Southern Welsh basin In: Morton, A.C. Heavy minerals as a guide to turbidite provenance in the lower palaeozoic Southern Welsh Basin : A pilot study In: Evans, J.A. Geochemical and isotope composition of pebbles from the Caban conglomerate formation and their bearing on the source of Welsh palaeozoic sedimentary rocks In: Temple, J.T. Preliminary report on the geochemistry and mineralogy of the nod glas and related sediments (Ordovician) of Wales In: Wilson, D. A fault-controlled depositional model for the aberystwyth grits turbidite system In: Smith, R.D.A. Welsh basin ‘contourites’ reinterpreted as fine-grained turbidites : The grogal sandstones In: Bevins, R.E. Petrogenesis of ordovician igneous rocks in the southern part of the Welsh basin In: Pratt, W.T. The use of kink bands to constrain fault displacements : An example from the Bala lineament, Wales In: Goulty, N.R. Seismic reflection test on the granite of the Skye tertiary igneous centre In: Uličný, D. Discussion on the fluctuating oceanographic conditions and glacial control across the cenomanian-turonian boundary In: Christy, Andrew G. Handbook of crystallography for electron microscopists and others In: Whitge, Nicky The geometry of normal faults In: Fairchild, Ian Mixed carbonate-siliciclastic sequences In: Fairchild, Ian Carbonate-siliciclastic mixtures In: Woodcock, N.H. Advances in ordovician geology In: Pearson, Paul Fossils In: Thorne, Colin R. Theoretical geomorphology In: Manabe, Makoto Dinosaur systematics In: Drury, A. Remote sensing in hydrology In: Angel, R.J. Phase diagrams of the elements In: Clarkson, E.N.K. Heterochrony In: Clarkson, E.N.K. Heterochrony in evolution In: Lister, Adrian Vertebrate palaeontology In: White, Nicky Divergent/Passive margin basins In: Pearce, J.A. Geochemistry and mineralogy of rare earth elements In: Nisbet, E.G. Precambrian geology In: Chinner, G.A. The geology of scotland In: Woodcock, N.H. Leaving eden In: Andrews, Peter Koobi Fora Research Project In: Tjeerd H. van Andel Quaternary landscapes In: Price, David Introduction to the physics of the earth's interior In: Price, David Transmission electron microscopy of minerals and rocks In: Conway, S. Origin, evolution, and modern aspects of biomineralization in plants and animals In: Naranjo, J.A. Morphological, structural and textural variations in the 1988–1990 andesite lava of Lonquimay volcano, Chile In: Harland, W.B. The Ny friesland orogen, Spitsbergen In: Fordham, Barry G. Chronometric calibration of mid-ordovician to tournaisian conodont zones : A compilation from recent graphic-correlation and isotope studies In: Naranjo, José A. Chemistry and petrological evolution of the Lastarria volcanic complex in the north Chilean Andes In: Gray, Jane A new record of early Silurian land plant spores from the paraná basin, Paraguay (Malvinokaffric Realm) In: Kent, R.W. Coal-magma interaction : An integrated model for the emplacement of cylindrical intrusions In: Renz, Otto Cretaceous ammonites from fuerteventura, Canary Islands In: Kelly, S.R.A. Marine molluscan constraints on the age of cretaceous fossil forests of Alexander Island, Antarctica In: Zalasiewicz, J.A. Two new graptolites from the early Silurian (Llandovery : Aeronian) of central Wales : An origin for monoclimacid thecal morphology In: Hancock, Jake M. The relative stratigraphic position of the foraminiferal and belemnite standards for the Campanian–Maastrichtian boundary In: Farrimond, P. Biomarkers for geologists : A practical guide to the application of steranes and triterpanes in petroleum geology In: Nichols, Gary Source and sediment In: Drury, S.A. Remote sensing geology In: Peirce, Christine Applied geophysics In: Tjeerd H. van Andel Sea levels, land levels, and tide gauges In: Gibbard, P.L. Temperate palaeohydrology In: C.V.J. Diagenetic bedding In: Nichols, Gary Lacustrine facies analysis
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