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Geological magazine : Vol. 126 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1989

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1989 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: McKerrow, W.S. The Iapetus suture in the British Isles In: Fortey, R.A. The palaeogeographic position of the Lake district in the early ordovician In: Wilde, P. Palaeo-oceanography and biogeography in the tremadoc (Ordovician) Iapetus ocean and the origin of the chemostratigraphy of dictyonema flabelliforme black shales In: Foley, S.F. Emplacement features of lamprophyre and carbonatitic lamprophyre dykes at Aillik bay, Labrador In: Passchier, C.W. Proterozoic extensional deformation in the Mount Isa inlier, Queensland, Australia In: W. von Gosen Fabric developments and the evolution of the periadriatic lineament in southeast Austria In: Watkinson, A.J. A note on the regional context of the Loch Monar synform In: Kidder, D. L. Basal cambrian reworked phosphates from Spitsbergen (Norway) and their implications In: Woodcock, N. H. Sedimentation in a synorogenic basin complex : The upper carboniferous of Northwest Europe In: Jackson, J. Mediterranean coasts of Israel and Sinai In: Browning, P. Origins of Igneous Layering In: Benton, M. J. Reptile egg-shells In: Wilson, C. J. N. Abrupt climatic change In: Holland, T. J. B. Chemical transport in metasomatic processes In: Pye, K. Applied sedimentology In: Druitt, T. H. Explosive volcanism on Santorini, Greece In: Gibb, F. G. F. Discontinuities between picritic and crinanitic units in the Shiant Isles sill : Evidence of multiple intrusion In: Hofmann, H. J. Trace fossils from the type ‘Etcheminian Series’ (Lower Cambrian Ratcliffe Brook Formation), Saint John area, New Brunswick, Canada In: de Silva, S. L. The origin and significance of crystal rich inclusions in pumices from two Chilean ignimbrites In: McNamara, K. J. A new genus of brissid echinoid from the miocene of Australia In: Arthur, M. J. The cenozoic evolution of the Lundy pull-apart basin into the Lundy Rhomb Horst In: Woodcock, N. H. The caledonian - Appalachian orogen In: Tj. H. Van Andel The behavior of the Earth : Continental and seafloor mobility In: Hambrey, M. J. Antarctic mineral exploitation In: Putnis, A. High-resolution solidstate NMR of silicates and zeolites In: McCave, I.N. The morphodynamics of the Wadden sea In: Goudie, A. S. Late quaternary palaeoenvironments of Southern Africa In: Hambrey, M. J. Advances in periglacial geomorphology In: Turner, Peter Iron in soils and clay minerals In: Waltham, A. C. Geomorphology and hydrology of karst terrains In: Fortey, Richard A. Cambrian–Ordovician boundary issue In: Scrutton, C. T. Devonian - Carboniferous boundary in Nanbiancun, Guilin, China – Aspects and records In: Hughes, N. F. Paleopalynology In: Smith, A. H. V. Coal and coal-bearing strata : Recent advances In: Woodward, Ian Potentials and limitations of ecosystem analysis In: Savage, R. J. G. The phytogeny and classification of the tetrapods. Volume 1 : Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds In: Savage, R. J. G. The phytogeny and classification of the tetrapods Volume 2 : Mammals In: Stow, Dorrik A. V. Resources and world development In: Harley, S.L. The origins of granulites : A metamorphic perspective In: Thomson, B. Petrology and stratigraphy of some texturally well preserved thin komatiites from Kambalda, Western Australia In: Thomson, B. B1 subdivisions in thin komatiites at Kambalda, Western Australia In: Schieber, J. The origin of the neihart quartzite, a basal deposit of the mid-proterozoic belt supergroup, Montana, U.S.A In: Hamdi, B. Earliest skeletal fossils from precambrian–cambrian boundary strata, Elburz Mountains, Iran In: Orszag-Sperber, F. The sedimentary expression of regional tectonic events during the miocene-pliocene transition in the southern Cyprus basins In: Morad, S. Proterozoic Mn-oxide precipitation by planktonic plant protists (acritarchs) In: Pye, K. Techniques in sedimentology In: Stow, Dorrik A. V. Giant oil and gas fields, Volumes 1 and 2 In: Sparks, R.S.J. Volcanism in Hawaii, Volumes 1 and 2 In: Carruthers, D.J. An introduction to boundary layer meteorology In: Crockett, R.N. The antarctic treaty regime. Law, Environment and Resources In: Roberts, Lewis Natural and man-made hazards In: Rutter, E.H. Friction and faulting In: Piper, J.D.A. Building databases for global science In: Carruthers, D.J. Environmental meteorology In: Woodcock, N.H. Surveying and mapping for field scientists In: England, P.C. Very slow flows of solids In: Pye, K. Diagenesis of sedimentary sequences In: Hughes, C. P. Geology of the country around Ely In: Allen, J. R. L. River channels In: Woodcock, N. H. Principes de tectonique In: Hughes, N. F. Stratigraphic and systematic palynology of the tournaisian rocks of Ireland In: Chinner, G. A. An excursion Guide to the moine geology of the Scottish Highlands In: Maxwell, W. D. Dinosaurs from China In: Westaway, R. Strong ground motion seismology In: Holland, J. M. The cambridge guide to the earth In: Tj. H. van Andel Theory of earth science In: Pitman, J. I. Chemistry of soil solutions In: Tj. H. van Andel Theory of earth science In: Jackson, N. The geology of southern Sinai : Its implications for the evolution of the Arabo-Nubian Massif In: Benton, Michael J. Cenozoic mammals of North America In: Worthington, M. H. Borehole geophysics for mining and geotechnical applications In: Coxon, P. Quaternary geology for scientists and engineers In: Bursnall, J. T. The grenville province In: Prichard, H. M. Mineral economics of Africa In: Ixer, R. A. Prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits In: Smith, M. P. Extinction In: Jeans, C. V. Clay minerals for petroleum geologists and engineers In: Owen, Ellis Brachiopods from the Maastrichtian-Danian boundary sequence at Nye Klov, Jylland, Denmark In: Jackson, N. The pan-african belt of Northeast Africa and Adjacent areas In: Rickards, R. B. Wenlock edge In: Dixon, J. E. The ophiolite of Northern Oman In: Yardley, B.W.D. An application of cathodoluminescence microscopy to the study of textures and reactions in high-grade marbles from Connemara, Ireland In: Nichols, G.J. Sedimentation in an intracratonic extensional basin : The Karoo of the Central Morondava basin, Madagascar In: Qin Huang Fracture spacing and its relation to bed thickness In: Gibbons, Wes Basement–cover relationships around Aberdaron, Wales, U.K.: the fault-reactivated northwestern margin of the Welsh Basin In: Haughton, P.D.W. Compositional variation in lower old red sandstone detrital garnets from the Midland Valley of Scotland and the Anglo-Welsh Basin In: Kitchen, D.E. The disequilibrium partial melting and assimilation of caledonian granite by tertiary basalt at Barnesmore, Co. Donegal In: Kirk, M. Westphalian alluvial plain sedimentation, Isle of Arran, Scotland In: Fernandez-Mendiola, P. A. Sedimentation of a lower cretaceous (Aptian) coral mound complex, Zaraya mountains, northern Spain In: Bennett, M.A. Quartz-spessartine metasediments (coticules) and their protoliths in North Wales In: Ager, D.V. Geology of the Carpathian region In: Sinha, M.C. The ocean basins and the margins In: Clark, Lewis Estimation of natural groundwater recharge In: Browning, P. Igneous petrogenesis In: Rothery, D.A. Directory of the mapping sciences In: Wilson, L. Proceedings of the eighteenth lunar and planetary science conference In: Price, G.D. An introduction to zeolite molecular sieves In: Robertson, A.H.F. Gondwana and tethys In: Fallick, A.E. Meteorites and their parent planets In: Putnis, A. Occurrence, properties and utilization of natural zeolites In: Woodcock, N.H. Sedimentary structures In: Hambrey, Michael J. Later proterozoic stratigraphy of the Northern Atlantic regions In: Koyaguchi, T. Modeling of volcanic processes In: Rothery, David A. Remote sensing yearbook 1988/89 In: Jackson, James Tectonic evolution of the Himalayas and Tibet In: Newall, G.C. Minerals of Cornwall and Devon In: Woodcock, N.H. Foundations of structural geology In: Browning, Paul Chemical fundamentals of geology In: Fielding, D.H. Geological science In: Kirkby, Mike An Introduction to theoretical geomorphology In: Hambrey, Michael J. Rock glaciers In: Haynes, P.H. Studies of the middle atmosphere In: Arber, M.A. The environmental crisis : A handbook for all friends of the earth In: Rudwick, Martin A chronology of geological thinking from antiquity to 1899 In: Wood, Robert Muir Earthquake prognostics In: Macquaker, J.H.S. Lacustrine petroleum source rocks In: Fairchild, I.J. Late proterozoic glacial carbonates in northeast Spitsbergen : New insights into the carbonate–tillite association In: Friend, P.F. Time-level plots and accumulation patterns of sediment sequences In: Gayer, Rodney A. Caledonian nappe geometry in north-central Sweden and basin evolution on the Baltoscandian margin In: Francis, P.W. Petrology and geochemistry of volcanic rocks of the Cerro Galan caldera, northwest Argentina In: Mann, A. The post-devonian tectonic evolution of southern Spitsbergen illustrated by structural cross-sections through Bellsund and Hornsund In: Green, J.W. Microfossils from silicified stromatolitic carbonates of the upper proterozoic limestone-dolomite 'series', Central East Greenland In: Dallmeyer, R.D. Partial thermal resetting of 40Ar/39Ar mineral ages in western Spitsbergen, Svalbard : Possible evidence for tertiary metamorphism In: Reedman, A.J. Geological maps In: Reedman, A.J. Interpretation of geological maps In: Reedman, A.J. Geological structures and maps In: Menzies, Martin Neodymium isotope geochemistry In: Tucker, Maurice Evaporites and hydrocarbons In: White, R.S. The art of geology In: Buckley, A. Computer presentation of data in science In: Croot, D.G. Tills and glaciotectonics In: Thompson, R.N. Early tertiary volcanism and the opening of the NE Atlantic In: Elderfield, H. Chemical oceanography In: Cross, P.A. Geophysical geodesy In: Percival, M.J.L. Spectroscopic methods in mineralogy and geology In: Lloyd, J.W. Origin and migration of subsurface sedimentary brines In: Hudson, J.A. Encyclopaedia of mathematics Volume 1, A-B In: Gibbard, Philip Lake, mire and river environments during the last 15000 years In: Clements, R.G. The use and conservation of palaeontological sites In: Chinner, G.A. Introduction to practical ore microscopy In: Urai, J. L. Salt tectonics In: Briggs, Derek E. G. External morphology and larval development of the upper cambrian maxillopod bredocaris admirabilis In: Hallam, A. Drifting continents and shifting theories In: Holland, Charles Hepworth Echinoderm phylogeny and evolutionary biology In: Benton, Michael J. Encyclopedia of human evolution and prehistory In: Woodcock, N. H. The macmillan field guide to geological structures In: Morris, S. Conway Lower cambrian anabaritids from south China In: Rutter, Michael J. Experimental study of interaction between hydrous granite melt and amphibolite In: “Beraki, W. H. The Adola fold and thrust belt, southern Ethiopia : A re-examination with implications for Pan-African evolution In: Gautneb, Håvard Structure, petrochemistry and evolution of a sheet swarm in an Icelandic central volcano In: Evans, J. A. Resetting of the Rb–Sr whole-rock isotope system of an ordovician microgranite during Devonian low-grade metamorphism In: Cattell, A. C. The Skye main lava series : Liquid density and the absence of basaltic hawaiites In: Musson, R. M. W. Accuracy of historical earthquake locations in Britain In: Niedermeyer, R.-O. Probable microbial origin of ordovician (Arenig) phosphatic pebble coats (‘ Bolopora ’) from North Wales, U.K In: Milsom, J. The peak trough – A major control on the geology of the North Yorkshire coast In: Molyneux, S. G. Acritarch dating of latest Tremadoc – Earliest Arenig (early Ordovician) sediments in the Carmarthen district, south Wales In: Cave, R. The mathry dyke, a quartz-dolerite intrusion of probable carboniferous age in Southwest Wales In: Harper, D. A. T. The Iapetus suture in the British Isles – Comment on its position in eastern Ireland In: O'Connor, P. J. Isotopic U–Pb ages of zircon and monazite from the Leinster Granite, Southeast Ireland In: Pye, K. Petrology of the sedimentary rocks In: Guest, J. E. Impact cratering : A geologic process In: Mason, R. Thunderstones In: Tooley, M. J. Sea surface studies In: Woodcock, Nigel International tectonic lexicon In: Young, Jeremy R. Stratigraphic correlation by microfacies of the cenomanian–coniacian of the Sergipe basin, Brazil In: Kelly, Simon R. A. Lower turonian inoceramids from Sergipe, Brazil In: Hudson, J.A. Mathematical geophysics In: Erwin, Douglas H. Extinction and survival in the fossil record In: Mackenzie, Andrew S. Flow and transport through unsaturated fractured rock In: Murray, John W. Modern planktonic foraminifera In: Pye, K. Arid zone geomorphology In: Buckley, A. Computers in the laboratory
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