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Geological magazine : Vol. 136 Iss. 1-6 Year 1999

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1999 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Riley, Teal R. Large volume silicic volcanism along the proto-Pacific margin of Gondwana: lithological and stratigraphical investigations from the Antarctic Peninsula In: Grant, Simon F Sequence stratigraphy of the Coniacian succession of the Anglo-Paris Basin In: K.sdzuy The Leonian Stage (early Middle Cambrian): a unit for Cambrian correlation in the Mediterranean subprovince In: Leho, Ainsaar Evidence for a widespread carbon isotopic event associated with late Middle Ordovician sedimentological and faunal changes in Estonia In: Samuelsson, Joakim Stable carbon and oxygen isotope geochemistry of the upper Visingsö Group (early Neoproterozoic), southern Sweden In: Connor, P.D.O Tectonic control on sedimentation during transgression: a case study from Silurian successions in Ireland and Scotland In: Morris, Conway The Crucible of Creation. The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals In: Gayer, R.A European Coal Geology and Technology In: Hoefs, J Stable Isotope Geochemistry In: Giles, M.R Diagenesis: A Quantitative Perspective. Implications for Basin Modelling and Rock Property Prediction In: Gardner, J.V Geology of the United States' Seafloor In: Sumida, S.S. Amniote Origins. Completing the Transition to Land In: Herz, N Geological Methods for Archaeology In: Montanez, I.P Basin-wide Diagenetic Patterns. Integrated Petrologic, Geochemical, and Hydrologic Considerations In: Stoker, M.S Geological Processes on Continental Margins: Sedimentation, Mass-Wasting and Stability In: Frater, H. Landforms of the Earth. Cause, Course, Effect, Animation In: British geological survey Geology of the United Kingdom In: Oakman, C.D Cores from the Northwest European Hydrocarbon Province In: Jell, P.A Himalayan Cambrian Trilobites In: Diamond, J Guns, Germs and Steel In: Conway, E.D An Introduction to Satellite Image Interpretation In: Smith, I.F Colour shaded relief gravity anomaly map of Britain, Ireland and adjacent areas In: Royles, C.P Colour shaded relief magnetic anomaly map of Britain, Ireland and adjacent areas In: Hillier, J.A United Kingdom Minerals Yearbook 1996 In: Callaway, J.M Ancient Marine Reptiles In: Currie, P.J Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs In: Maltman, A Geological Maps. An Introduction, 2nd ed In: Dickins, J.M Late Palaeozoic and Early Mesozoic Circum-Pacific Events and Their Global Correlation In: Camoin, G.F Reefs and Carbonate Platforms in the Pacific and Indian Oceans In: Robinson, A.G Regional and Petroleum Geology of the Black Sea and Surrounding Region In: Glennie, K.W Petroleum Geology of the North Sea. Basic Concepts and Recent Advances, 4th ed In: Hopson, P.M Geology of the Country around Hitchin In: Siveter, D.J Cambrian Bradoriid and Phosphatocopid Arthropods of North America In: Nicholson, K Manganese Mineralization: Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Terrestrial and Marine Deposits In: Rogers, J.J.W People and the Earth. Basic Issues in the Sustainability of Resources and Environment In: Selwood, E.B Geology of the Country around Trevose Head and Camelford In: Yin, A The Tectonic Evolution of Asia In: Marfunin, A.S Mineral Matter in Space, Mantle, Ocean Floor, Biosphere, Environmental Management and Jewelry In: Mcnamara, K The Evolution Revolution In: Deutsch, C.V Geostatistical Software Library and User's Guide, 2nd ed In: Jepma, C.J Climate Change Policy. Facts, Issues and Analyses In: Aitken, M.J An Introduction to Optical Dating. The Dating of Quaternary Sediments by the Use of Photon-Stimulated Luminescence In: Henriet, J.P Gas Hydrates In: Bartels, C The Fossils of the Hunsrück Slate In: Hurlbut, C.S Dana's Minerals and How to Study Them, 4th ed In: Blackburn, W.H Encyclopedia of Mineral Names In: Treloar, P.J What Drives Metamorphism and Metamorphic Reactions? In: Taylor, L.E World Mineral Statistics 1991–95 In: Broker, Michael U–Pb zircon geochronology of unusual eclogite-facies rocks from Syros and Tinos (Cyclades, Greece) In: Lehnert, Oliver First record of Lower Silurian conodonts from South America: biostratigraphic and palaeobiogeographic implications of Llandovery conodonts in the Precordillera of Argentina In: Bonini, Marco Basement-controlled Neogene polyphase cover thrusting and basin development along the Chianti Mountains ridge (Northern Apennines, Italy In: Jackson, D.E Occurrences of Psigraptus and Chigraptus gen. nov. in the Tremadoc of the Yukon Territory, Canada In: Millward, D Pre-Acadian copper mineralization in the English Lake District In: Falcon-lang, H.J The Early Carboniferous (Courceyan–Arundian) monsoonal climate of the British Isles: evidence from growth rings in fossil woods In: Ratcliffe, K.T Carbonate depositional environments in the late Wenlock of England and Wales In: Casanovas, M.L First lambeosaurine hadrosaurid from Europe: palaeobiogeographical implications In: Giardini, D Historical and Prehistorical Earthquakes in the Caucasus In: Donovan, S.K The Adequacy of the Fossil Record In: Jackson, I The Earth's Mantle. Composition, Structure and Evolution In: Kenrick, P. The Origin and Early Diversification of Land Plants In: Wilkie, D.S Remote Sensing Imagery for Natural Resources Monitoring In: Warren, L The Last Man Who Knew Everything In: Milsom, J Field Geophysics In: Yochelson, E.L Charles Doolittle Walcott, Paleontologist In: Bobrowsky, P.T Aggregate Resources. A Global Perspective In: Macgregor, D.S Petroleum Geology of North Africa In: Clarke, L.B Coal Prospects in India In: Guyton, B Glaciers of California. Modern Glaciers, Ice Age Glaciers, the Origin of Yosemite Valley, and a Glacier Tour in the Sierra Nevada In: Adams, A.E A Colour Atlas of Carbonate Sediments and Rocks Under the Microscope In: Guochun Zhao Thermal evolution of two textural types of mafic granulites in the North China craton: evidence for both mantle plume and collisional tectonics In: Zelilidis, Abraham Plio-Pleistocene alluvial architecture in marginal extensional narrow sub-basins: examples from southwest Greece In: Zalasiewicz, Jan Graptolite biozonation of the Wenlock Series (Silurian) of the Builth Wells district, central Wales In: Moghazi, Abdel-Kader M Magma source and evolution of Late Neoproterozoic granitoids in the Gabal El-Urf area, Eastern Desert, Egypt: geochemical and Sr–Nd isotopic constraints In: Beacom, L.E Using basement-hosted clastic dykes as syn-rifting palaeostress indicators: an example from the basal Stoer Group, northwest Scotland In: Gurbuz, Kemal Regional implications of structural and eustatic controls in the evolution of submarine fans: an example from the Miocene Adana Basin, southern Turkey In: Anderson, L.I Soft-bodied fossils from the roof shales of the Wigan Four Foot coal seam, Westhoughton, Lancashire, UK In: Mannion, A Natural Environmental Change In: Harland, W.B The Geology of Svalbard In: Paquet, H Soils and Sediments. Mineralogy and Geochemistry In: Soud, H.N Southeast Asia – Air Pollution Control and Coal-Fired Power Generation In: Bennett, M.R Issues in Environmental Geology: A British Perspective In: Dahlen, F.A Theoretical Global Seismology In: Tidwell, W.D Common Fossil Plants of Western North America In: Srikantia, S.V Geology of Himachal Pradesh In: Niemi, T.M The Dead Sea In: Sharpe, T The Papers of H. T. De la Beche (1796–1855) in the National Museum of Wales In: Grady, M.M Meteorites: Flux with Time and Impact Effects In: Wagner, G.A Age Determination of Young Rocks and Artifacts In: Blundell, D.J Lyell: the Past is the Key to the Present In: Taquet, P. Dinosaur Impressions In: Yershov, E.D General Geocryology. Studies in Polar Research Series In: Selley, R.C 1998. Elements of Petroleum Geology In: Schluter, T Geology of East Africa In: Lucia, F.J Carbonate Reservoir Characterization In: Agrell, S.O The black skarns of Pine Canyon, Piute County, Utah In: Wray, David S. Identification and long-range correlation of bentonites in Turonian–Coniacian (Upper Cretaceous) chalks of northwest Europe In: Dean, W.T Ordovician and Silurian stratigraphy and trilobites, Taurus Mountains near Kemer, southwestern Turkey In: Bulnes, Mayte Estimating the detachment depth in cross sections involving detachment folds In: Maliva, R.G Self-organization origin of wood-grained chert, Portland Limestone Formation (Upper Jurassic), southern England In: English, L.T.P The use of magnetic susceptibility and trace element geochemistry for the correlation of fine-grained siliciclastic sequences: a Late Llandovery example from northwest England In: Ganssloser, Martin Detrital chromian spinels in Rhenohercynian greywackes and sandstones (Givetian–Visean, Variscides, Germany) as indicators of ultramafic source rocks In: Richards, A.E The sedimentology and palaeoecology of the Westleton Member of the Norwich Crag Formation (Early Pleistocene) at Thorington, Suffolk, England In: Chroston, P.N Geometry of Quaternary sediments along the north Norfolk coast, UK: a shallow seismic study In: Brown, J.H Biogeography In: Beydoun, Z.R Republic of Yemen In: Mascle, A Cenozoic Foreland Basins of Western Europe. Geological Society. Cenozoic Foreland Basins of Western Europe In: Snoke, A.W Fault-Related Rocks In: Usdowski, E Atlas and Data of Solid-Solution Equilibria of Marine Evaporites In: Akhurst, M.C Geology of the west Cumbria district In: Fisher, R.V Out of the Crater. Chronicles of a Volcanologist In: Aberhan, Martin Terrane history of the Canadian Cordillera: estimating amounts of latitudinal displacement and rotation of Wrangellia and Stikinia In: Roser, B.P Geochemical characterization, evolution and source of a Mesozoic accretionary wedge: the Torlesse terrane, New Zealand In: Searle, M.P Age of crustal melting, emplacement and exhumation history of the Shivling leucogranite, Garhwal Himalaya In: Holness, M.B Contact metamorphism and anatexis of Torridonian arkose by minor intrusions of the Rum Igneous Complex, Inner Hebrides, Scotland In: Scourse, J.D North Sea basin Foraminiferal isoleucine epimerization determinations from the Nar Valley Clay, Norfolk, UK: implications for Quaternary correlations in the southern North Sea basin In: Sejrup, H.P Geochronology and palaeoenvironment of marine Quaternary deposits in Denmark: new evidence from northern Jutland In: Ustaomer, P. Ayda The Bolu Massif: remnant of a pre-Early Ordovician active margin in the west Pontides, northern Turkey In: Hetzel, Ralf U–Pb dating of the Verkniy Ufaley intrusion, middle Urals, Russia: a minimum age for subduction and amphibolite facies overprint of the East European continental margin In: Ma Xingyuan Precambrian Crustal Evolution of China In: Crowley, T.J Tectonic Boundary Conditions for Climate Reconstructions In: Law, B.E Abnormal Pressures in Hydrocarbon Environments In: Wilson, L.G Lyell in America: Transatlantic Geology In: Desmond, A Huxley: From Devil's Disciple to Evolution's High Priest` In: Emeleus, C.H Geology of Rum and the Adjacent islands In: Clarkson, E.N.K Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution In: Lunine, J.I Earth: Evolution of a Habitable World In: Murck, B.W Geology Today: Understanding our Planet In: Tarbuck, E.J Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology In: Janis, C.M . Evolution of Tertiary Mammals of North America In: Jones, S Faulting, Fault Sealing and Fluid Flow in Hydrocarbon Reservoir In: Holtstam, D The Mines, Their Minerals, Geology and Explorers In: Prave, A.R The Neoproterozoic Dalradian Supergroup of Scotland: an alternative hypothesis In: Dentith, M.C Yallalie: a buried structure of possible impact origin in the Perth Basin, Western Australia In: Crimes, T.P A biota of Ediacaran aspect from lower Cambrian strata on the Digermul Peninsula, Arctic Norway In: Treagus, Jack E. A structural reinterpretation of the Tummel Belt and a transpressional model for evolution of the Tay Nappe in the Central Highlands of Scotland In: Batchelor, R.A Wenlock metabentonites from Gotland, Sweden: geochemistry, sources and potential as chemostratigraphic markers In: Bustillo, M.A Unusual sedimentary geodes filled by gold-bearing hematite laths In: Underwood, C.J Mid-Cretaceous onlap history of the Market Weighton structural high, northeast England In: Fauque, F.A Santorini and Its Eruptions In: Sigurdsson, H Melting the Earth. The History of Ideas on Volcanic Eruptions In: Gilbert, J.S The Physics of Explosive Volcanic Eruptions In: Freundt, A From Magma to Tephra. Modelling Physical Processes of Explosive Volcanic Eruptions In: Taylor, S.R Destiny or Chance: Our Solar System and its Place in the Cosmos In: McSween, H.Y Meteorites and Their Parent Planets In: Schowengerdt, R.A SCHOWENGERDT, R. A. 1998. Remote Sensing. Models and Methods for Image Processing In: Schott, J.R Remote Sensing. The Image Chain Approach In: Anthony, J.W Handbook of Mineralogy In: Turner, A Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives In: Ashley, P.M Tectonics and Metallogenesis of the New England Orogen In: Bennett, M.R Environmental Geology. Geology and the Human Environment In: Sinha, A.K Geodynamic Domains in the Alpine–Himalayan Tethys In: Bennison, G.M An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps In: Bowler, P.J Life's Splendid Drama In: Yang, Y Atlas for Coal Petrography of China In: Potter, J A Petrographic Atlas of Canadian Coal Macerals and Dispersed Organic Matter In: Ingebritsen, S.E Groundwater in Geologic Processes In: Edgecombe,G.D Arthropod Fossils and Phylogeny In: Nichols, G Sedimentology & Stratigraphy In: Alexander, D.E Encyclopedia of Environmental Science In: Mcsween, H.Y Meteorites and Their Parent Planets In: Mavko, G The Rock Physics Handbook. Tools for Seismic Analysis in Porous Media In: Janson-Smith, D Earth's Restless Surface In: Rothery, D.A Teach Yourself Geology In: Selwood, E.B The Geology of Cornwall In: Rees,G The Remote Sensing Data Book In: Taylor, G.H Destiny or Chance: Our Solar System and its Place in the Cosmos
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