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Geological magazine : Vol. 131 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1994

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1994 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Jenkyns, H.C. Carbon - And oxygen - Isotope stratigraphy of the english chalk and Italian scaglia and its palaeoclimatic significance In: Rickards, R.B. A new Arenig (Ordovician) graptolite fauna from the Kerman District, East - Central Iran In: Alavi, Mehdi Stratigraphy and structures of the Nahavand region in Western Iran, and their implications for the zagros tectonics In: Forde, A. Crack – Reaction veins from the hodgkinson formation, North Queensland, Australia In: Haslett, Simon K. Plio - Pleistocene radiolarian biostratigraphy and palaeoceanography of the mid-latitude North Atlantic (DSDP Site 609) In: Wennberg, Ole Petter Structural evolution of a frontal ramp section of the West Spitsbergen, tertiary fold and thrust belt, north of Isfjorden, Spitsbergen In: McLoughlin, S. New records of devonian plants from Southern Victoria land, Antarctica In: Lindström, M. Post - Impact deposits in Tvären, a marine middle ordovician crater South of Stockholm, Sweden In: Alsaker, Einar Geochemistry of the sunnfjord melange : Sediment mixing from different sources during obduction of the solund – Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex, Norwegian Caledonides In: Alsop, G. I. Relationships between distributed and localized shear in the tectonic evolution of a caledonian fold and thrust zone, Northwest Ireland In: Knoll, Andrew H. A historical and critical study of the research of Russian botanists In: Pearson, Paul Eocene - Oligocene climatic and biotic evolution In: Butterfield, Nicholas J. Fossil prokaryotes and protists In: Steed, G.M. Gold metallogeny in the Sino - Korean platform In: Smith, D.G. Cycles and events in stratigraphy In: Chinner, G.A. Equilibrium and kinetics in contact metamorphism In: Scott, A.C. Coal - Bearing depositional systems In: Andel, T.H. Van Principles of geoarchaeology : A north American perspective In: Morris, S. Conway Molds, molecules and metazoa. Growing points in evolutionary biology In: Wolff, J. A. Physical properties of carbonatite magmas inferred from molten salt data, and application to extraction patterns from carbonatite - Silicate magma chambers In: Roca, E. Mesozoic extensional tectonics in the Southeast Iberian chain In: Vidal, Gonzalo Neoproterozoic (Vendian) ichnofossils from lower alcudian strata in Central Spain In: Parnell, John Geology and geochemistry of bitumen vein deposits at Ghost City, Junggar Basin, Northwest China In: Warrington, G. St Audrie's Bay, Somerset, England : A candidate global stratotype section and point for the base of the jurassic system In: Jeppsson, L. Silurian conodont - Based correlations between Gotland (Sweden) and Saaremaa (Estonia) In: Armstrong, H. A. Thermal maturation of the lower palaeozoic strata of northern Greenland from conodont colour alteration index (CAI) data : Implications for burial history and hydrocarbon exploration In: Mitchell, A. H. G. Mineralization, antiforms and crustal extension in andesitic arcs In: Dostal, J. Geology and geochemistry of the volcanic rocks of the pioneer formation, Bridge river area, Southwestern British Columbia (Canada) In: King, Louisa M. Turbidite to storm transition in a migrating foreland basin : The kendal group (Upper silurian), Northwest England In: Berry, Christopher M. First record of the Devonian lycophyte Leclercqia from South America In: Drake, Frances Climate system modeling In: White, Robert S. Challenger at sea. A ship that revolutionized earth science In: Barber, Tony Photographic atlas of an accretionary prism. Geologic structures of the Shimanto belt, Japan In: Johnson, H.D. Advances in reservoir geology In: Barr, D. Generation, Accumulation and production of Europe's hydrocarbons II In: Underhill, J.R. Geology of the brent group In: Andel, T.H. Van El nino : Historical and paleoclimatic of the Southern oscillation In: Cattermole, Peter Solar system evolution : A new perspective : An inquiry into the chemical evolution, origin and evolution of the solar system In: Wadge, G. Global positioning system : Theory and practice In: Petford, Nick Granite pegmatites special issue of the Canadian mineralogist In: Pyle, David Igneous rocks of Southwest England, Geological conservation review series, volume 5 In: Holland, T.J.B. Thermodynamic data on oxides and silicates : An assessed data set based on thermochemistry and high pressure phase equilibrium In: Hindmarsh, Richard Glaciers In: Morris, S. Conway The great paleozoic crisis : Life and death in the permian : Critical moments in paleobiology and earth history series In: Woodcock, Nigel Environmental geology In: Rickards, R.B. Onny valley, shropshire : Geology teaching trail : Geologist's association guide no. 45 In: Rickards, R.B. Palaeogeographic atlas of Australia : Volume 3 : Silurian In: McGuire, W.J. Volcanic seismology : IAVCEI proceedings in volcanology series, volume 3 In: Woodcock, Nigel Stress regimes in the lithosphere In: Jackson, James Himalayan seismicity : Memoir 23 In: Jackson, James Fault mechanics and transport properties of rocks : A festschrift in honor of W.F. Brace : International Geophysics series, volume 51 In: Cruickshank, A.R.I. Fossils of the santana and crato formations : Field guids to fossils series, volume 5 In: Smith, David G. Principles of sedimentary deposits : Stratigraphy and sedimentology In: Soper, N. J. Neoproterozoic sedimentation on the northeast margin of laurentia and the opening of Iapetus In: Smith, Loren H. Chemostratigraphy of predominantly siliciclastic Neoproterozoic successions : A case study of the pocatello formation and lower brigham group, Idaho, USA In: Underwood, Charlie J. Diagenetic controls on multiphase pyritization of graptolites In: Dickin, A. P. Nd isotope chemistry of tertiary igneous rocks from Arran, Scotland : Implications for magma evolution and crustal structure In: Young, T. Cambrian stratigraphy of St Tudwal's Peninsula, Gwynedd, Northwest Wales In: Schmitz, Birger A search for shocked quartz grains and impact ejecta in early Silurian sediments on Gotland, Sweden In: Helsen, S. Conodont thermal alteration patterns in palaeozoic rocks from Belgium, Northern France and Western Germany In: Evans, D. J. Basement - Cover relationships in the shaftesbury area of the Wessex Basin, Southern England In: Johnson, E. W. Non - Marine arthropod traces from the subaerial ordovician borrowdale volcanic group, English Lake District In: Goodman, S. The Portsoy - Duchray hill lineament : A review of the evidence In: Arthurs, J. W. Discussion on major southeast - Directed caledonian thrusting and folding in the dalradian rocks of mid - Ulster : Implications for caledonian tectonics and mid - Crustal shear zones In: Pring, Allan Quantitative data file for ore minerals In: Searle, M.P. Geology of Western Himalaya : Physics and chemistry of the earth series, Volume 19, Parts I–VI In: Wadge, G. Terrain Evaluation manual : State of the art review series volume 7 In: Hughes, Norman F. Paleobotany and the Evolution of Plants In: Pyle, David Volcanoes : A planetary perspective In: Elderfield, Harry Towards a model of ocean biogeochemical processes : NATO ASI Series I : Global environmental change, Volume 10 In: Smith, David G. Stratigraphy In: White, R.S. Ophiolite genesis and evolution of the oceanic lithosphere : Petrology and structural geology series volume 5 : Proceedings of the ophiolite conference held in Muscat, Oman, 7-18 January 1990 In: Piper, J.D.A. Magnetism and basalts : Memoir 26 : Geological Society of India In: Burton, Paul W. Earthquake hazard analysis : Issues and insights In: Rickards, R.B. Geological excursions in powys, Central Wales In: Rickards, R.B. Silurian field excursions : Prague basin (Barrandian), Bohemia : National museum of Wales, Geological series no. 13 In: Rickards, R.B. Scottish borders Geology : An excursion guide In: Searl, Alison Petrology of sedimentary rocks In: Oppenheimer, Clive Active lavas In: Selley, R.C. Petroleum geology of Northwest Europe : Proceedings of the 4th conference, volumes 1 and 2 In: Redfern, Simon A.T. Diffusion, atomic ordering, and mass transport : Selected topics in geochemistry In: Moustafa , A.R. Rejuvenation of the eastern mediterranean passive continental margin in northern and Central Sinai : New data from the themed fault In: Edgecombe, Gregory D. Lower devonian calmoniid trilobites from the argentine precordillera : New taxa of the bouleia group, and remarks on the tempo of calmoniid radiation In: Willan, Robert C.R. Structural setting and timing of hydrothermal veins and breccias on Hurd Peninsula, South Shetland Islands : A possible volcanic - Related epithermal system in deformed turbidites In: Underwood, Charlie J. Faunal transport within event horizons in the British Upper Silurian In: Urquhart, E. Biostratigraphy of the supra-ophiolite sediments of the Troodos Massif, Cyprus : The cretaceous Perapedhi, Kannaviou, Moni and Kathikas formations In: Alsop, G.I. The geometry and structural evolution of a crustal-scale Caledonian fold complex : The Ballybofey Nappe, Northwest Ireland In: Clayton, Chris J. A rock volume accumulation curve for the late Ordovician - Silurian welsh basin In: Fitzgerald, E. The Variscan thermal history of West Clare, Ireland In: Allen, M.R. Halokinetic initiation of mesozoic tectonics in the Southern North Sea : A regional model In: Wellman, Charles H. Palynology of the ‘lower old red sandstone’ at Glen Coe, Scotland In: Jenkyns, H.C. The jurassic of the circumpacific In: Holland, T.J.B. Thermodynamics in geochemistry : The equilibrium model In: Snyder, D.B. Continental lower crust In: Nichols, Gary Sedimentary basins : Evolution, facies, and sediment budget In: Spary, E.C. Scenes from deep time : Early pictorial representations of the prehistoric world In: Williams, Mark Ostracoda in the earth and life sciences In: Morris, Simon Conway Evolution : An evolving theory In: Wood, Rachel Origin and early evolution of the metazoa In: Maliva, R.G. Sedimentary petrography In: Woodcock, Nigel Tectonics and seismic sequence stratigraphy In: Parnell, John Deposition, diagenesis and weathering of organic matter - Rich sediments In: Harper, Liz A natural history of shells In: Palmer, David C. Mineral science : An introductory survey In: Benton, Michael J. Mammal phylogeny : Mesozoic differentiation, multituberculates, monotremes, early therians, and marsupials In: Pyle, David Venus : The geological story In: Pyle, David A colour atlas of rocks and minerals in thin section In: Ashwal, Lewis D. The kunene complex, Angola / Namibia : A composite massif-type anorthosite complex In: Borradaile, Graham J. Magnetic remanence in the Chalk of Eastern England : An unusually resistant VRM? In: Maliva, R.G. Origin and environment of formation of late diagenetic dolomite in cretaceous / tertiary chalk, North Sea Central Graben In: Lopez-Diaz, Fernando Structural data from drill core In: Jean Le Loeuff The last stages of dinosaur faunal history in Europe : A succession of maastrichtian dinosaur assemblages from the Corbières (Southern France) In: Seyítoğlu, Gürol Late Cenozoic basin development in West Turkey : Gördes basin tectonics and sedimentation In: McCaffrey, Kenneth J. W. Magmatic and solid state deformation partitioning in the Ox Mountains granodiorite In: Zelilidis, Abraham Pliocene - Pleistocene fluvial / wave-dominated deltaic sedimentation : The pamisos delta, Southwest Peloponnesus, Greece In: Gallagher, V. Intra - Ordovician deformation in southeast Ireland : Evidence from the geological setting, geochemical affinities and U-Pb zircon age of the croghan kinshelagh granite In: Eva, S.J. Slump - Fold and palaeoslope orientations in upper silurian rocks, North Wales In: Andel, T.H. Van Atlas of mesozoic and cenozoic coastlines In: Holland, T.J.B. Metamorphic phase equilibria and pressure - Temperature - Time paths In: Morris, Simon Conway Biological systematics : The state of the art In: Friend, Peter Excursion guide to the geology of East Sutherland and Caithness In: Butterfield, Nicholas The upper cambrian rehbachiella and the phylogeny of branchiopoda and crustacea In: Houghton, B.F. Sedimentation in volcanic settings In: Nichols, Gary Braided rivers In: Snyder, David B. Basement tectonics 9 In: North, Colin P. The dynamics and environmental context of aeolian sedimentary systems In: Nichols, Gary Fluvial sedimentary geology and chronology of the holocene rhine - Meuse delta, the Netherlands In: Morris, S. Conway Mars and the development of life : Ellis horwood library of space science and space technology In: Pring, Allan Manual of mineralogy In: Jackson, James Himalayan tectonics In: Friend, Peter Himalaya to the sea : Geology, geomorphology and the quaternary In: Stanley, C.J. Regional geochemistry : Lake district and adjacent areas In: Guest, J. Satellites of the outer planets : Worlds in their own right In: White, Nicky The European geotraverse In: Farrimond, Paul An introduction to organic geochemistry In: Farrimond, Paul Organic geochemistry : Principles and applications In: Piper, J.D.A. The inaccessible earth : An integrated view of its structure and composition In: Cattermole, Peter Remote geochemical analysis : Elemental and mineralogical composition In: Friend, Peter Image interpretation in geology In: Friend, Peter Ancient environments and the interpretation of geologic history In: Unwin, David M. Dinosaurian faunas of China In: Morris, S. Conway The fossil record 2 In: Harper, Liz Evolution and escalation : An ecological history of life In: Steed, G.M. Gold and other precious metals : From ore to market In: Redfern, Simon Introduction to lattice dynamics In: Mason, S.L.R. Vegetation cover and environment of the ‘Mammoth Epoch’ in Siberia In: Holland, T.J.B. Metamorphic petrology In: Buckley, A. Use of microcomputers in geology In: Holness, Marian B. Fluid flow in discontinuous rocks In: Martí, J. Stratigraphy, structure and geochronology of the Las Cañadas caldera (Tenerife, Canary Islands) In: Vidal, Gonzalo Neoproterozoic - Early cambrian geology and palaeontology of Iberia In: Brasier, M.D. A carbon isotope reference scale for the lower cambrian succession in Siberia : Report of IGCP project 303 In: Cole, Paul D. The volcanic history of the southwestern part of the city of Naples In: Paul, C.R.C. The cenomanian - Turonian boundary event in Northern Spain In: Gregou, Sophia The carbonate - Flysch transition (late Maastrichtian-late palaeocene) in the arachova sequence of the Parnassus - Ghiona Zone, Central Greece In: Buffetaut, Eric First post - Triassic temnospondyl amphibians from the Shan-Thai block : Intercentra from the Jurassic of peninsular Thailand In: Hodges, Peter The base of the jurassic system : New data on the first appearance of psiloceras planorbis in Southwest Britain In: Bennett, Matthew R. Testing the climatic significance of dropstones : An example from Southeast Spain In: Erickson, G.E. Discussion of a petrographic study of the chilean nitrates In: Woodcock, Nigel Foundations of engineering geology In: Piper, J.D.A. Applications of paleomagnetism to sedimentary geology In: Cattermole, Peter Planetary landscapes In: Pring, Allan Minerals and reactions at the atomic scale : Transmission electron microscopy
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