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61. Geological magazine : Vol. 6 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1889

Source: I.—Homosteus, Asmuss, compared with Coccosteus, AgassizSource: II.—Note on the Lower Cambrian of Bethesda, North WalesSource: III.—Notes on the Physics of MetamorphismSource: IV.—On the Ballantrae Rocks of South Scotland and their Place in the Upland SequenceSource: V.—On a New Species of the Genus Protaster (P. brisingoides), from the Upper Silurian of Victoria, AustraliaSource: VI.—Note on the Genera Tristychius and Ptychacanthus, AgassizSource: I.—The History of Volcanic Action during the Tertiary Period in the British IslesSource: II.—A Bibliography of the Foraminifera, Recent and FossilSource: III.—Tabular Index to the Upper Cretaceous Fossils of England and Ireland,Source: The Genus AscocerasSource: The Monian SystemSource: Uniformity in Scientific BibliographySource: I.—On some Physical Changes in the Earth's CrustSource: II.—Notes on Altered Igneous Rocks of Tintagel, North CornwallSource: III.—On the Ballantrae Rocks of South Scotland and their Place in the Upland SequenceSource: IV.—On Local Thickening of Dykes and Beds by FoldingSource: V.—On the Occurrence of Soda-Felsites (Keratophyres) in Co. Wicklow, IrelandSource: VI.—An Analysis of the Kentish RagSource: VII.—On a Remarkable Sodalite Trachyte lately discovered in Naples, ItalySource: VIII.—Note on Pleurotoma Turbida, Solander, and P. colon, SowSource: I.—Fossils of the British Islands, stratigraphically and zoologically arranged.Source: II.—Report of the Geological Survey of OhioSource: III.—Geological Survey of England and Wales Source: The Geology of the Country around East DerehamSource: Uniformity in Scientific BibliographySource: Uniformity in Scientific BibliographySource: Professor Blake's “Monian System.”Source: The Serpentine of the LizardSource: I.—On a New Species of DipterusSource: II.—Restoration of Brontops Robustus, from the Miocene of AmericaSource: III.—Notes on Altered Igneous Rocks of Tintagel, North CornwallSource: IV.—On the Occurrence of a Variety of Picrite (Scyelite) in SarkSource: V.—On the Recent Discovery of the Remains of the Mammoth in the Valley of the DarentSource: VI.—On a Breccia and an Altered Hornblende-Schist at Housel Cove, LizardSource: VII.—On some Physical Changes in the Earth's CrustSource: VIII.—On a Cœluroid Dinosaur from the WealdenSource: IX.—Note on the Deciduous Septa of Ascoceras Murchisoni, BarrandeSource: on PalichthyologySource: II.—Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada. Annual Report (New Series)Source: III.—Richmond Coal Field, Virginia.Source: A Correction.—Mesozoic MonocotyledonSource: I.—Some Additions to the Vertebrate Fauna of the Norfolk “Preglacial Forest Bed” with Description of a New Species of Deer (Cervus Rectus)Source: II.—On the Superimposed Draninage of the English Lake DistrictSource: III.—The Work of Prof. Henry Carvill Lewis in Glacial GeologySource: IV.—On Soda-Microcline from KilimandscharoSource: V.—On some Physical Changes in the Earth's CrustSource: VI.—Mr. E. T. Newton on PterosauriaSource: The Subterranean Treasures of ItalySource: Handbuch der Palæontologie Palæozoologie.Source: Dyke in the Lizard SerpentineSource: Scientific BibliographySource: The Olenellus Zone In N. W. EuropeSource: A Wooden DinosaurSource: I.—On Fossil Isopods, with a Description of a New SpeciesSource: —On the Microscopic Structure of the Jurassic PisoliteSource: On Jurassic AmmonitesSource: Comparison of the Principal Forms of Dinosauria of Europe and AmericaSource: Second Note on StenothecaSource: Glaciation of Eastern CanadaSource: On the Occurrence of Ottrelite in the Phyllites of North CornwallSource: On the Secular Straining of the Earth. I.Source: An Exposure of Middle and Newer Pleistocene Boulder Clay in DerbySource: on PalichthyologySource: Brachiospongidæ: A Memoir on a Group or Silurian SpongesSource: On a New Specimen of Histionotus angularis, EgertonSource: On Statical and Dynamical MetamorphismSource: A Week's Geological Excursion to the Swiss AlpsSource: On the Creeping of the Soilcap through the Action of FrostSource: Notes on the Wicklow GreenstonesSource: Devonian Greenstones and Chlorite Schists of South DevonSource: On some Ostracoda from the Mabou Coal-field, Inverness Co., Cape Breton (Nova Scotia)Source: On the Discovery of Turrilepas in the Utica Formation (Ordovician) of Ottawa, CanadaSource: Remarks on Mr. Davison's Paper on Secular Straining of the EarthSource: The Probable Cause of the Displacement of Beach-lines. An Attempt to Compute Geological EpochsSource: Die Stämme des Thierreiches von M. Neumayr Wirbellose ThiereSource: Occurrence of Soda-Felsites (Keratophyres) in IrelandSource: Subaërial Deposits of the Arid Region of North AmericaSource: The Lias Marlstone of Tilton, LeicestershireSource: Was there an Arctic Ocean in the Mammoth Period?Source: On some Modes of Formation of Coal-SeamsSource: Note on some Pebbles in the Basal Conglomerate of the Cambrian at St. DavidsSource: The Present State of the Archæan Controversy in BritainSource: Note on some Points in the Nomenclature of Fossil Reptiles and Amphibians, with Preliminary Notices of Two New SpeciesSource: Bulletins of the Geological Society of France.Source: The Geological Survey of Bavaria - Geognostische JahreshefteSource: Foliation in the Malvern HillsSource: The Lias Marlstone of Tilton, LeicestershireSource: Subaërial Deposits of the Arid Region of North AmericaSource: Glaciation of High Points in the Southern Interior of British ColumbiaSource: Notes on New and other Dinosaurian RemainsSource: The Occurrence of Granite in a Boring at BletchleySource: Palæontology in the Malton MuseumSource: Publications of the Geological Department of the British Museum (Natural History)Source: Catalogue of the Fossil Fishes in the British Museum (Natural History).Source: A Palæontological RecordSource: On some new Devonian FossilsSource: On an Ichthyosaurian Paddle Showing the Contour of the IntegumentsSource: On the Origin of the Stone-Rivers of the Falkland IslandsSource: Note on Rhinobatus bugesiacus—a Selachian Fish from the Lithographic StoneSource: On “Eyes” of Pyrites and other Minerals in SlateSource: On Phillipsastræa, d'Orb., with Especial Reference to Phillipsastræa radiata, S.-Woodward sp., and Phillipsastræa tuberosa, M‘Coy, spSource: Note on the Mean Rate of Subaërial DenudationSource: Notes on the Lower Palæozoic Rocks of the Fichtelegebirge, Frankenwald, and ThüringerwaldSource: On the Scratched and Facetted Stones of the Salt, Range, IndiaSource: On the Greenstone and Associated Rocks of the Manacle Point, LizardSource: The Middle Lias of NorthamptonshireSource: Palæontological Discoveries in the Isle of Samos - Sur un Gisement d'OssementsSource: IOn the Relations between the Genera Syringolites, Hinde, and Roemeria, Edwards and Haime, and on the Genus Caliapora, SchlüterSource: On the ProboscideaSource: Preliminary Notes on some New and little-known British Jurassic FishesSource: An Analysis of the Fullers Earth of NutfieldSource: Analysis of the Gault and GreensandSource: The Ganoids of the German Muschelkalk. “Die Ganoiden des deutschen Muschelkalks.”Source: On the Amygdaloids of the Tynemouth DykeSource: The Effects of Pressure on Crystalline Limestones.Source: Terrestrial Magnetism as Modified by the Structure of the Earth's Crust, and Proposals Concerning a Magnetic Survey of the GlobeSource: On the Systematic Position of the “Dendrodont” FishesSource: On Zonal Structure in OlivineSource: On the Muscular Impressions of CœlonautilusSource: Foraminifera from the London Clay of SheppeySource: On the Occurrence of the Devonian Ganoid Onychodus in SpitzbergenSource: Marine Deposits in the Indian Ocean Source: Geological and Natural History Survey of CanadaSource: Notes on the Jurassic and Cretaceous Strata of Russia and EnglandSource: On EarthquakesSource: Reynolds's Geological Atlas of Great BritainSource: New Map of the Environs of London geologically coloured. Scale ½ inch to the Mile.Source: Rate of Subaërial DenudationSource: Notes on the Ponza IslandsSource: Terrestrial Magnetism as Modified by the Structure of the Earth's Crust; and Proposals Concerning a Magnetic Survey of the GlobeSource: On the Lower Silurian Felsites of the South-East of IrelandSource: Physiography of the Lower TriasSource: Chemical and Physical Studies in the Metamorphism of RocksSource: The Geology of London and of Part of the Thames ValleySource: Cosmic Evolution, being Speculations on the Origin of our EnvironmentMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Trubner & Co., ; 1889 Availability: No items available Damaged (1).

62. Geological magazine : Vol. 75 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1938

Source: Quaternary Conditions in MaltaSource: The Rate of Sedimentation on Salt Marshes on Scolt Head Island, NorfolkSource: A Dyke Swarm and Crustal Flexure in East GreenlandSource: Cairnsmore of Fleet GraniteSource: A Pleistocene Strand Line in the Vale of YorkSource: On Camerina petri M. G. Rutten and Nummulites striatoreticulatus L. RuttenSource: Transfusion Phenomena in Lamprophyre Dykes and their bearing on PetrogenesisSource: Cummingtonite-bearing Rocks from the LewisianSource: Aluminous Pyroxenes in Metamorphosed LimestonesSource: The Pioneers in South African Geology and Their WorkSource: The Geology of South-Western EcuadorSource: The Atomic Structure of MineralsSource: Die Entwicklung Der Kontinente und Ihrer LebeweltSource: Paläogeographie und Tektonik. Source: Compte Rendu du Deuxième Congrès pour L'Avancement des Études de Stratigraphie CarbonifèreSource: The Geology of EgyptSource: Metamorphic RocksSource: The Later Plutonic and Minor Intrusive Rocks.Source: The Minerals of Economic ValueSource: Perthshire TectonicsSource: Zonal Position of the Elsworth RockSource: A Section of Rhaetic and Associated Strata at Chipping Sodbury, Glos.Source: On the Discovery of Lower Carboniferous Tillites in the Precordillera of San Juan, Western ArgentinaSource: Mineral Orientation in Some Olivine-rich Rocks from Rum and SkyeSource: Notes on the Geology of Sule Stack, OrkneySource: Geological Excursion Guide to the Assynt District of Sutherland. Source: A Sedimentary Petrological Investigation of a Number of Sand Samples from the South Coast of GreenlandSource: Heerlen Carboniferous CongressSource: A Pleistocene Strand Line in the Vale of YorkSource: Chonetes Speciosus nom. nov.Source: The Floor of the Arabian SeaSource: On the Differentiation of the Glen More Ring-dyke, MullSource: Progressive Regional Metamorphism in Southern New ZealandSource: The Diorites and Associated Rocks of the Glen Tilt Complex, Perthshire: The Granites and Intermediate Hybrid Rocks.Source: Evolution and its Modern CriticsSource: Regionale Geologie der ErdeSource: A Dyke Swarm in East GreenlandSource: Fluorspar and Barytes in the Northern PenninesSource: Correlation of the Coal Measures of Scotland and LancashireSource: The Evolution of the Granodioritic Rocks of the South-Eastern End of the Kopaonik Batholith, YugoslaviaSource: The Contact Zone of Sheep Creek, Little Belt Mountains, MontanaSource: Stratigraphical Correlation by Small Foraminifera in Palestine and Adjoining CountriesSource: Problems of Ammonite NomenclatureSource: Landslides and Belated PhenomenaSource: Fortschritte der PalaontologieSource: The Kirmington SectionSource: The Zonal Position of the Elsworth RockSource: The Floor of the Arabian SeaSource: Density Currents in connection with the problem of Submarine CanyonsSource: A Melt-water Hypothesis of Cirque FormationSource: Some British Platycrinidae and Descriptions of New SpeciesSource: Ground WaterSource: The Age of the Rocks and Topography of Middle Northern IcelandSource: Andalusite and Sillimanite in Uncontaminated Igneous RocksSource: Notes on the Geology of the Lizard Peninsula. No. 1. Some Mullion RocksSource: Carboniferous Palaeoniscids from Northumberland and BerwickshireSource: Our Wandering Continents: An Hypothesis of Continental DriftingSource: Geological History of the East IndiesSource: On the Origin of the Pacific Magma Types in the Volcanic Inner-arc of the Soenda Mountain System. Source: The Petrology of the Sedimentary RocksSource: The Scenery of England and WalesSource: Federated Malay StatesSource: Geographische und Geologische Forschungen in Santa Catharina (Brasilien)Source: The Genesis of the Jotnian SedimentsSource: The Purbeck Broken BedsSource: The Age of the Elsworth RockSource: Eruption of NyamlagiraSource: Anemetocrinus N.G. A Five-armed Poteriocrinid from the Lower Carboniferous Limestones of ScotlandSource: On Floral Subdivisions in the Yorkian Stage in South WalesSource: Some Aspects of the Siluro-Devonian Boundary ProblemSource: Problems of Ammonite Nomenclature. 2. Schlotheim's Types of Ammonites CapricornusSource: Petrological Studies in the Harlech Grit Series of Merionethshire. I. Metamorphic Changes in the Mudstones of the Manganese Shale GroupSource: The Geology of the Oilfield Belt of Iran and IraqSource: Elsworth Rock and Other MattersSource: Notes on the Geology of the Lizard Peninsula: No. 2. The Primary Hornblende-schists and Gneisses (The Lizard Hornblende-schists)Source: On the Glacial and Interglacial Marine Beds of Northern LewisSource: Post-glacial Foraminifera from the English FenlandsSource: The Grain-size Factor in Classification of Igneous RocksSource: The Ifume Conglomerate, Tanganyika TerritorySource: The Geology of the Fintry, Gargunnock, and Touch HillsSource: Submarine CanyonsSource: On Brookite Crystals in the DoggerSource: Petrological Studies in the Harlech Grit Series of Merionethshire. II: The Petrography and Petrology of some of the GritsSource: A New Species of Temnocheilus McCoy from Holy Island, NorthumberlandSource: On certain Anthracomyas from the Similis-Pulchra Zone of the Coal MeasuresSource: Contributions to the Petrology of Barnavave, Carlingford, I.F.S. 3: On some Hybrids from the E. and S.E. Slopes of Barnavave MountainSource: A Descriptive Petrography of the Igneous RocksSource: The Peridotites and Perknites.Source: The Evolution of the Criffell-Dalbeattie Quartz-diorite: A Study of GranitizationSource: The Status of Hornblende in Low Grade Metamorphic Zones of Green SchistsSource: An Exploratory Boring in the Lower Carboniferous of the Skipton AnticlineSource: Notes on the Geology of the Lizard Peninsula. No 3. The Epidote Bands, Lenticles, and VeinsSource: An Introduction to GeologySource: Carta Geologica delle Alpi Nord-Occidentali, 1:200,000Source: Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Niederlāndischen Expeditionen in den KarakorumSource: Contribuição para o estudo dos granitos da Serra da CantareiraSource: International Union of Geodesy and GeophysicsSource: Some Petrological Studies in the Harlech Grit Series of Merionethshire. III. The development of Pyrite in the Grits and MudstonesSource: The Proximal End of CryptograptusSource: Problems of Ammonite NomenclatureSource: Igneous Rocks from the Abercorn and Kasama Districts, Northern RhodesiaSource: Shrewsbury District, Including the Hanwood CoalfieldSource: Ashdown Sand—Wadhurst Clay JunctionMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Dulau & Co, Ltd ; 1938 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

63. Geological magazine : Vol. 74 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1937

Source: Arctic and some other species of streptelasmaSource: Further observations on the ballantrae igneous Complex, South AyrshireSource: On Camarotoechia borealis (von Buch 1834, ex. Schlotheim 1832)Source: The early cretaceous and miocene peneplains of Nyasaland, and their relation to the rift valleySource: Old shore lines of PalestineSource: On a freshwater shale with Viviparus from Johore (Malay States)Source: The age of the Norwich BrickearthSource: The compression and stretching of continental layersSource: Postscript notes on the ballard down and ridgeway faultsSource: A preliminary note on the geology of the Bristol Channel Islands, Steep Holme, Flat Holm, and Denny IslandSource: Ore deposits of the Western StatesSource: La Géologie et les Mines des vieilles plateformesSource: Geology of the tampico region, MexicoSource: The carboniferous limestone series (Avonian) of the avon gorgeSource: On some ordovician fossils from Northern Argentina1Source: Contributions to the petrology of Barnavave, Carlingford, I.F.S.-2Source: Storm waves and shore-forms of South-Western ScotlandSource: Engineering geologySource: Type specimens of palaeozoic corals from New South Wales in W. B. Clarke's first collection, and in the strzelecki collectionSource: The melton mowbray anticlineSource: On rhynchotreta cuneata (Dalman) 1828, with a diagnosis of the genus rhynchotreta hall 1879Source: Intrusion of cone-sheetsSource: On the carboniferous fish eucenturus paradoxus, traquairSource: An attempt at the correlation of the ancient schistose formations of peninsular IndiaSource: The girvan-ballantrae serpentineSource: The idea of contrasted differentiationSource: Raised beaches in the outer HebridesSource: Note on anthraconauta calcifera in the upper coal measures of DenbighshireSource: The Katunga volcano, South-West UgandaSource: The petrology of KatungiteSource: The floor of the Arabian seaSource: Der Abbau der GebirgeSource: An attempt at the correlation of the ancient schistose formation of peninsular IndiaSource: Organische Morphologie und PaläontologieSource: The pleistocene fauna of Magdalena bay, Lower CaliforniaSource: Die Entwicklung des amerikanischen Kordillerensystems in Zeit und RaumSource: Ballard down faultSource: On silurian and cambrian rocks encountered in a deep boring at Walsall, South StaffordshireSource: A note on “Buchanan's Laterite”2Source: The rocks of the Kedong scarp, Kenya rift valleySource: The geology of the British Solomon islands protectorateSource: The nomenclature of some lower chalk ammonitesSource: Outgrowths on zircon in the middle jurassic of YorkshireSource: Congrès Internationale des Mines, de la Métallurgie, et de la Géologie AppliquéeSource: The petrology of the igneous rocksSource: The quaternary ice ageSource: Augite-Biotite-DioriteSource: The cairnsmore of fleet granite and its metamorphic aureoleSource: Anthophyllite-Cordierite-Granulites of the lizardSource: The flint gravel deposit of orleigh court, Buckland brewer, North DevonSource: The distribution of deep-focus earthquakesSource: A new record of boudinage-structure from ScotlandSource: Introduction to theoretical seismologySource: Interpretation of schistosity in the rocks of Otago, New ZealandSource: EarthquakesSource: The larger foraminifera of the lower miocene of VictoriaSource: A stratigraphical classification and table of Tanganyika territorySource: The girvan-ballantrae SerpentineSource: The base and top of the coral-rock in BarbadosSource: Note on a pegmatitic hornblende from the carsphairn complexSource: The marginal rocks of the cairnsmore of carsphairn complexSource: The origin of Lulworth cove, DorsetshireSource: The shonkin sag laccolithSource: The palisade sill of New JerseySource: Scottish carboniferous crinoidsSource: The fishes of the “crangopsis bed” at Ardross, FifeshireSource: The principles of distribution of chemical elements in minerals and rocksSource: The mineral resources of the Union of South AfricaSource: Ist die Annahme von Eiszeiten berechtigtSource: Geology of KavirondoSource: The ballard down faultSource: Strength of the earth's crustSource: The relationship of the pilton beds of North Devon to their equivalents on the continentSource: The formation of lateriteSource: The zonal position of the elsworth rock and its alleged equivalent at upwareSource: Intrusions of the glen falloch areaSource: Sandstone “Dykes” in the Dodoma district of Tanganyika territorySource: Augite-Biotite-Diorite of the Newry complexSource: A pleistocene strand line in the vale of YorkSource: A glacial track in the Peak district of Derbyshire versus the Potluck SillSource: Geology of EcuadorSource: Spring pits and sandstone pipesSource: The classification of the ordovician rocksSource: The age of the Jamaica granodiorite and its associated rocksSource: On a specimen of eusthenopteron from the old red sandstone of ScotlandSource: The permanence of oceanic basins and continental massesSource: Field tests for mineralsSource: Gold deposits of the worldSource: Sidestrand chalk bluffSource: Wealden pebbles in the valley of the river darentSource: Founders of seismology, IVSource: The lower bunter sandstones of North Worcestershire and East ShropshireSource: Silicate analysisSource: A descriptive petrography of the igneous rocksSource: Gosforth districtSource: Beitrag zur Systematik und Stammesgeschichte der Europäischen PeltoceratenSource: Les ammonites de la zone à peltoceras athleta du centre-ouest de la FranceSource: The first hundred years of the Geological Survey of Great BritainSource: The zonal position of the elsworth rockSource: The supposed basal complex in JamaicaMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Dulau & Co., Ltd ; 1937 Availability: No items available Damaged (1).

64. Geological magazine : Vol. 4 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1887

Source: On Some Spined Myriapads from the Carboniferous Series of EnglandSource: The Culm Measures of DevonshireSource: Notes on “Cone-In-Cone” StructureSource: On a Diamantiferous Peridotite and the Genesis of the DiamondSource: Note On a Bed of Red Chalk in the Lower Chalk of SuffolkSource: Comparative Studies Upon the Glaciation of North America, Great Britain, and IrelandSource: Note on the Faoetted Pebbles from the Olive Group of the Sale Range, Punjab, IndiaSource: The Lower Paleozoic Rocks Near SettleSource: Observations sur les Groupes sédimentaires les plus anciens du nord-ouest de la FranceSource: On the Occurrence of Phosphatic Nodules in the Lower Greensand, East of SandownSource: The Pea Grit of Leckhampton HillSource: Correction of Miocene InsectivoraSource: On the Osborne BedsSource: The Collingham or Scarle BoringSource: Some New British Carboniferous CockroachesSource: In Brittany with the Geological Society of France Source: Note on Specimens of the Rauenthal SerpentineSource: On the Discovery of the Nummul in a Elegans Zone at Whitecliff Bay, Isle of WightSource: Note on the Gault and Chalk Marl of West NorfolkSource: Note on the Foliation of the Lizard GabbroSource: M. Dollo's Notes on the Dinosaurian Fauna of BernissartSource: The Gabbros and associated Hornblende Rocks occurring in the Neighbourhood of BaltimoreSource: Terrains Paléozoiques Du PortugalSource: The Ffynon Beuno CaveSource: Phosphatic Nodules of the Salt Range, IndiaSource: On a New Ophiurella from the Calciferocs Grit, Near Sandsfoot Castle, Weymouth, DorsetSource: On Two Species of Palæozoic Madreporaria Hitherto Not Recognized as BritishSource: Notes on Some Post-Liassic Species of AcrodusSource: The Faunas of the Ffynnon Beuno Caves, and of the Norfolk Forest BedSource: On the Beds Containing the Gelinden FloraSource: An Outlier of Upper Bagshot Sands on London ClaySource: Supplementary Note on Euphoberia Ferox, SalterSource: Mikroskopische Physiographie der massigen GesteineSource: M. Dollo's Notes on the Dinosaurian Fauna of Bernissart.Source: Géologie De JerseySource: The Lizard SerpentinesSource: Boring at BletchleySource: The Pea Grit of Cleeve HillSource: The Collingham or Scarle BoringSource: Folkestone GaultSource: Note on Some Recent Additions to the Vertebrate Fauna of the Norfolk “Pre-Glacial Forest-Bed”Source: Inter-Glacial Land-Surfaces in England and WalesSource: The Work of Ice-SheetsSource: The Cambrian Books of North AmericaSource: The Appearance and Development of Dicotyledons in TimeSource: Notes on the Erosive Power of Glaciers, as Seen in NorwaySource: On Hemiphyllum Siluriense, TomesSource: Geological and Natural History Survey of CanadaSource: Glaciated and Facetted Boulders in the PunjabSource: The Bagshot SandsSource: British Liassic GasteropodaSource: The Water-Supply of East Kent, in Connection With Natural Springs and Deep WellsSource: The Gneissose-Granite of the HimalayasSource: On the Geological History of the Cornish Serpentinous RocksSource: The Fossils of the Cambrian Strata of the Island of Sardinia, with a Comparative Study of similar forms from Other Countries. Source: The Origin of Mountain RangesSource: Interglacial Land and ManSource: Felspar in the Lizard SerpentineSource: American Jurassic MammalsSource: Notes on Chondrosteus acipenseroides, AgassizSource: British Liassic GasteropodaSource: The Glacial Deposits of Sudbury, SuffolkSource: Notes on Chelonia from the Purbeck, Wealden and London-claySource: On the Development of Branchiosaurus.Source: On Certain Borings in Manitoba and the North-west TerritorySource: American Jurassic MammalsSource: The Rhyolites of Wuenheim, VosgesSource: On Some Remains of Siluroid Fishes from British Eocene FormationsSource: Note on the Hordwell and other CrocodiliansSource: On a Terebratula from the Upper Chalk of SalisburySource: The Geology of England and WalesSource: Geologie du Départment de la Sarthe.Source: The Geological and Natural-History Survey of MinnesotaSource: Physical Geology of West British Garwhal, with Notes on a Route Traverse through Jaunsar Bawar, and TirigarwhalSource: The Essex Field Club.Source: Transactions of the Leeds Geological Association.Source: Norwegian “Rhomben-Porphyr” from the Cromer Boulder-DriftSource: The Glacial Deposits of SudburySource: The Causes of GlaciationSource: On New Species of Pholidophorus from the Purbeck Beds of DorsetshireSource: On the Occurrence of a New Fossiliferous Horizon in the Ordovician Series of the Lake-DistrictSource: On Some Changes of Level during the Glacial Period and their Supposed CauseSource: On a Method of Determining a Lower Limit to the Age of the Stratified RocksSource: On Parallel Structure in Rocks as indicating a Sedimentary OriginSource: On a New Species of Holocenturm from the Miocene of Malta; with a List of Fossil Berycidæ hitherto DescribedSource: On the Tertiary Flora of AustraliaSource: On the Fossil Flora of New ZealandSource: A Popular Guide to the Geology of the Isle of Wight, with a Note on its Relation to that of the Isle of PurbeckSource: Preliminary Report on some Graptolites from the Lower Palæozoic Rocks on the South Side of the St. Lawrence, from Cape Rosier to Tartigo RiverSource: Notes on CheloniaSource: The Lizard SerpentinesSource: The Bagshot SandsSource: Further Notes on the Tertiary Entomostraca of England, with Special Reference to those from the London ClaySource: On some Belgian Fossil ReptilesSource: On Ammonites serpentinus, Reinecke, Am. falcifer, Sowb., Am. elegans, Sowb., Am. Elegans, Young, etcSource: On Explosive SlickensidesSource: Woodwardian Museum Notes: on some Anglesey Dykes. J.Source: The Fossil Fishes of the Chalk of Mount Lebanon, in SyriaSource: Sunlight. By the Author of “ The Interior of the Earth.” Source: Recent Discoveries in the Salt Range of the PunjabSource: The Palæontographical SocietySource: The Glacial Deposits of Sudbury, SuffolkSource: The Cortland RocksSource: On the Discovery of the Larval Stage of a Cockroach, Etoblattina Peachii, H. Woodw., from the Coal-Measures of Kilmaurs, AyrshireSource: On the Organic Origin of the Chert in the Carboniferous Limestone Series of Ireland, and its Similarity to that in the Corresponding Strata in North Wales and YorkshireSource: The Growth of Cephalopod ShellsSource: Further Notes on the Tertiary Entomostraca of England, with Special Reference to those from the London ClaySource: The Gneissose Rocks of the HimalayaSource: The Mammoth and the FloodSource: Parallel Structure in Igneous RocksMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Trubner & Co., ; 1887 Availability: No items available Damaged (1).

65. Geological magazine : Vol. 103 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1966

Source: The Association of Amphibolite and Albitite, Kragerø, South NorwaySource: An Association of Rhyolite and Ignimbrite in the Kilchrist Vent, SkyeSource: Chemical and Mineralogical Changes Associated with the Laxfordian Metamorphism of Dolerite Dykes in the Scourie-Loch Laxford Area, Sutherland, ScotlandSource: Cordierite in the Pre-Cambrian Rocks of the South Savannas, British GuianaSource: Select The Caledonian Dykes associated with the north-eastern end of the Newry complex, County Down, Northern Ireland The Caledonian Dykes associated with the north-eastern end of the Newry complex, County Down, Northern IrelandSource: Blocks of Plutonic Aspect in a Basaltic Lava from Faial, AzoresSource: A Study of Density Variations in New Red Sandstones from the English MidlandsSource: A Revision of the Lower Hecla Hoek Succession in Central North Spitsbergen and Correlation ElsewhereSource: Stratigraphic Classification and TerminologySource: United States Geological SurveySource: The Flora of the Brora CoalSource: Contraction Crack Networks in Basalt FlowsSource: An Analysis of the Deformation in a Fold in North-east TasmaniaSource: A Note on the Dunite (Peridotite) Mylonites of St. Paul's Rocks (Atlantic)Source: Serpentinites in the North-East Ox Mountains, EireSource: Kink-bands in Lower Carboniferous Slates of Rush, Co. DublinSource: Crystal Size Frequency Distribution of Garnets in Some Analysed Metamorphic Rocks from Mallaig, Inverness, ScotlandSource: A Geochronological and Strontium Isotope Study on the Garabal Hill-Glen Fyne Igneous Complex, ScotlandSource: Combined Palaeomagnetic and Petrological Delineation of Faults in Miocene Basalts of OregonSource: Theoretical and Real StratigraphySource: Rock MagnetismSource: Soviet Advances in Nuclear GeophysicsSource: Principles of Structural Glaciology; the Petrography of Fresh-Water Ice as a Method of Glaciological InvestigationSource: The Geology of ScotlandSource: Historical GeologySource: Interpretation Theory in Applied GeophysicsSource: Controls of MetamorphismSource: Environment and ArchaeologySource: Olduvai Gorge, 1951–1961. 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