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41. Geological magazine : Vol. 9 Iss. 1-7, 9-12 Year. 1892

Material type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, Ltd ; 1892 Availability: No items available Damaged (1).

42. Geological magazine : Vol. 7 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1890

Source: The skull of the gigantic Ceratopsidæ1Source: Did the great rivers of Siberia flow southwards and not northwards in the mammoth age?1Source: New Blattoid insects from the South Wales coalfieldSource: Coal in the South East of EnglandSource: Note on the devonian fishes of Soaumenao bay and Campbelltown in Canada1Source: Notes on the geology of the Gironde, with especial refebence to the miocene bedsSource: Note on an occurrence of willemite in a slagSource: Report on the Geology of the Rainy lake regionSource: Einige Bemerkungen Ueber die Jura-Ablagerungen des Himalaya und MittelasiensSource: Fossil Fishes from the Devonian of Belgium - “Recherches sur les Poissons des Terrains Paléozoiques de Belgique.”Source: Upper Cretaceous Fish-Remains from Manitoba - “Contributions to Canadian Palæontology,”Source: Eminent living geologistsSource: Mr. Mellard Reade's interpretation of the lower trias physiographySource: On Phlyctænius, a new genus of Coccosteidæ1Source: On a new locality for the Arctic fauna of the “Basement” boulder clay in Youkshire1Source: On the climate of the loess period in Central Europe and the cause which produced itSource: The paste of limestones2Source: On a method of producing perlitic and pumiceous structures in Canada balsamSource: A manual or palæontology for the use of students, with a general introduction on the principles of palæontologySource: Proceedings of the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club for 1888–1889Source: Structures et Classification des Roches ÉruptivesSource: Notes on the palæontology of Western AustraliaSource: Description of fossils from the Kimberley district, 1 Western AustraliaSource: Notes on the culm-measures at Bude, North CornwallSource: Notes on the geology of South BedfordshireSource: A manual of palæontology for the use of students, with a general introducton on the principles of palæontologySource: Contributions to the micro-palæontology of the cambro-silurian rocks of CanadaSource: Descriptions of eight new species of fossils from the cambro-silurian rocks of ManitobaSource: Hampstead hill : Its structure, materials, and sculpturingSource: Mount vesuvius : A descriptive historical and geological account of the volcano and its surroundingsSource: Age of the volcanic series in ShropshireSource: Ground morainesSource: Coral like structures from the Culdaff limestone, Co. DonegalSource: Note on Phlyctænius, a new genus of CoccosteidæSource: Radiolarian chert in the ballantrae series (=Llandeilo-caradoc) of the south of ScotlandSource: Notes on the Palæontology of Western AustraliaSource: Physiography of the lower triasSource: On a new species of pycnodont fish (Mesodon Damoni) from the Portland OoliteSource: On a new species of pycnodont fish (Mesodon Damoni) from the Portland OoliteSource: On Cœlacanthus Phillipsii, AgassizSource: On the schists of the Lizard districtSource: Über die Gattung Prisciturben, KunthSource: The development of some silurian BrachiopodaSource: The vertebrate animals of Leicestershire and RutlandSource: Kopfstacheln von Hybodus und Acrodus, sog. Ceratodus heteromorphus, AgSource: An elementary text-book of geology : Intended as an introduction to the study of the rocks and their contentsSource: The crystalline schists of the lepontine AlpsSource: The culm-measures at Bude, North CornwallSource: Contortion and metamorphismSource: Coccosteus decipiensSource: Tidal actionSource: Notes on the palæontology of Western AustraliaSource: On some epi-diorites of N.W. IrelandSource: The high continental elevation preceding the pleistocene period (in America)Source: Woodwardian laboratory notesSource: The physiography of the lower triasSource: The culm-measures at Bude, North CornwallSource: The geology of the Isle of WightSource: The Bala volcanic series of caernarvonshire and associated rocksSource: Memoirs by Robert KidstonSource: A catalogue of British fossil vertebrataSource: On the supposed pectoral limb in Coccosteus DecipiensSource: Mr. Mellard Reade on the physiography of the lower triasSource: Further notes on some mollusca from South AustraliaSource: The extension of the Mellard Reade and C. Davison theory of secular straining of the earth to the explanation of the deep phenomena of volcanic actionSource: Notice of new and little known fish remains from the blackband ironstone of Borough Lee, near EdinburghSource: Note on the airolo-schists controversySource: Physiography of the lower triasSource: Note on the occurrence of the tunny (Thynnus Thynnus) in the cromer “Forest Bed”Source: Notes on the probable origin of some slatesSource: The school manual of geologySource: North American geology and palæontology for the use of amateurs, students, and scientistsSource: A guide to the exhibition galleries of the Department of Geology and Palæontology of the British MuseumSource: Proceedings of the cotteswold naturalists' field clubSource: Note on the gill-rakers of Leedsia problamatica—A gigentic fish from the oxford claySource: On a head of eurycormus from the kimmeridge clay of ely1Source: Notes on the geology of FinlandSource: On Rhynchopygus Woodi, Forbes sp., from the English PlioceneSource: On dynamo-metamouphismSource: Note on a pliocene mammalian fauna at olivola in the upper Val di Magra (Prov. Massa-Carrara), ItalySource: On the base of the sedimentary series in England and WalesSource: Notes on the probable origin of some SlatesSource: Le rocce eruttive dell' Eocene superiore nell' ApenninoSource: The Genesis of the ArietidæSource: On the occurrence of the genus turrilepas, H. Woodw., and Annelid Jaws in the upper silurian (? Wenlock) rocks of New South WalesSource: Note on the occurrence of trigonograptus ensiformis, hall, sp., and of a variety of didymograptus v-fractus, salter, in the skiddaw slatesSource: Secular straining of the earth in relation to the deep phenomena of volcanic actionSource: Vulcano and stromboli1Source: On the base of the sedimentary series in England and WalesSource: Fossil types in the Bristol museumSource: Professor Gaudry On DryopithecusSource: The geology of the country near Yarmouth and LowestoftSource: The ascoceratiæ and the lituitiæ of the upper silurian formation of GotlandSource: “Étude sur les Roches cristallins et Éruptives des environs du Mont Blanc.”Source: On some fossil EstheriæSource: Note on the denudation and elevation of the wealdSource: Vertebrate palæontology in some American and Canadian museumsSource: Tertiary and post-tertiary stratigraphySource: The rocks of St. DavidsSource: Note on certain teeth referred to Hyænodon IndicusSource: Note on the elevation of the WealdSource: On some small bivalve shells from the karoo formation, South AfricaSource: Fossil types in the Bristol museumSource: Les Enchainements du Monde Animal dans les Temps Geologiques—Fossiles SecondairesSource: The life and letters of the reverend Adam SedgwickSource: The geological features of the North Staffordshire coal-fields, their organic remains, their range and distribution; with a catalogue of the fossils of the carboniferous system of North StaffordshireSource: Wisnioski, Thaddeus. Mikrofauna Ilów Ornatowych Okolicy KrakowaSource: On some Australian species of the family ArchæocyathinæSource: Wind waves and tidal currentsSource: On variations of the climateSource: The recent and rapid elevation of the Ural mountainsSource: Invertebrate palæontology in some continental museumsSource: On the structure and stratigraphical relation of Rhobell FawrSource: On the occurrence of lemmings and other rodents in the brick-earth of the Thames valleySource: Vertebrate palænotology in some Amercian and Canadian museumsSource: On a new form of spiral in Spirifera glabraSource: Notes on some observed rates of weathering of limestonesSource: Geological Survey of Western AustraliaSource: Geological Survey of IndiaSource: Priority of nomenclatureSource: The elevation of the wealdSource: Standards of measurementSource: Some additions to the Australian tertiary echinoideaSource: Quaternary changes of levelsSource: Notes on the Bunter and Keuper formations in the country around Liverpool6Source: On the nature and origin of the banded structure in the schists and other rocks of the Lizard districtSource: Suggestions on sites for coal-search in the South East of England1Source: On pre-cambrian rocks occurring as fragments in the cambrian conglomerates in BritainSource: Les Enchainements du Monde Animal dans les Temps Geologiques, Fossiles SecondairesSource: Researches on ripple-marks and on wave-actionSource: Memoirs of the Geological Survey of New South WalesSource: Annuaire Géologique UniverselSource: The cambrian conglomerate of St. DavidsSource: Wind waves and tidal currentsSource: On a new British isopod (Cyclosphæoma Trilobatum) from the great oolite of NorthamptonSource: Note on the effect of pressure upon serpentine in the Pennine AlpsSource: A revision of the group of nautilus elegans, J. SowerbySource: On some fossils from Central AfricaSource: The effects produced by earth-movements on pre-cambrian and lower palæozoic rocks in some sections in Wales and ShropshireSource: The date of the High Continental Elevation of AmericaSource: Note on dynamic-metamorphismSource: On the structure and distribution of coral reefs; also geological observations on the volcanic islands and parts of South AmericaSource: Prof. W. B. Scott on the oreodonts - Beiträge zur Kenntniss der OreodontidæSource: Professor H. Credner on permian labyrinthodonts and reptiles - Die Stegocephalen und Saurier as dem Rothliegenden des Plauen'schen Grundes bei DresdenSource: Holm, Gerhard. Om Förekomsten af en Caryocrinus I SverigeSource: Revision of a genus of fossil fishes - DapedinusSource: A zoological pocket-bookSource: Proceedings of the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club for 1889–90Source: Mr. Somervail's contributions to the petrology of the LizardSource: Banded rocks of the LizardSource: Prof. Prestwich, F.R.S., on the elevation of the WealdSource: The elevation of the WealdMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Kegan Paul, Trench Trubner & Co. Limited ; 1890 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

43. Geological magazine : Vol. 76 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1939

Source: The Cefn Bryn shales of GowerSource: Movement of sand by windSource: New Blattoid insects from the South Wales coalfieldSource: The cambridge collection of rock-slicesSource: Notes on the geology of the lizard peninsula. No. 4. “The Devil's Frying Pan,” CadgwithSource: The classification of igneous rocks : An historical approachSource: Some aspects of the distribution and migration of trilobites in the British lower palaeozoic faunas1Source: A quartz-diorite from Glenduckie hill, FifeSource: Problems of ammonite nomenclatureSource: The nature and significance of the pedicleforamen of leptaena dalmanSource: Quartz family mineralsSource: Field determination of rocksSource: Die fossilen reptilienSource: On certain anthracomyas from the similis-pulchra zone of the coal measuresSource: Notes on the geology of the lizard peninsula. No. 5. Porthallow and Neighbourhood : Folding : Tourmaline-bearing rocksSource: On rutile in the DoggerSource: Upper gault near Aylesbury, BucksSource: On rhythms in the history of the earthSource: The structure of lycophoria lahusen. (Brachiopoda)Source: Lexicon de StratigraphieSource: The earth's interior : its nature and compositionSource: The creation of MalayaSource: Geologische Jahresberichte. Band I : Allgemeine und historische Geologie, 1936–7Source: The cambridge regionSource: Die Tafoni-VerwitterungserscheinungenSource: Aus den Einsamkeiten IransSource: The mica-pegmatites of Kodarma, IndiaSource: New Lamprophyres at Grève de Lecq, JerseySource: The consolidation of muddy sedimentsSource: Note on an examination of the poxwell anticline, DorsetSource: Factors controlling graptolite successions and assemblages1Source: The water supply of the county of London from underground sourcesSource: On some tithonian ammonites from the Northern range of Trinidad, B.W.I.Source: Geological Survey, Federated Malay StatesSource: On a collection of reptilian bones from the Oolite of stow-on-the-wold, GloucestershireSource: Filtering appendices on the branchial arches of Coelacanthus lepturns AgassizSource: Brookite in the Millstone grit of YorkshireSource: The micro-fabric of some members of the “Tarskavaig-Moine” series1Source: On granitization and associated processesSource: Notes on the geology of the North-Eastern extremity of the Northern Frontier province, Kenya colonySource: On certain aspects of the physiography of the coast ranges of Kenya colony, near MombasaSource: Black Oolites in the Dogger of North-East YorkshireSource: On the pleistocene rocks of Iceland and the age of the submarine shelfSource: Problems of ammonite nomenclatureSource: Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, No. 1.Source: Garnets and their role in natureSource: Continental driftSource: Problems of ammonite nomenclatureSource: Statistical methods in sedimentary petrology1Source: A miocene limestone from CyprusSource: A new method for the discovery of flat-dipping structures (1° and less) in irregular lenticular sedimentsSource: An interpretation of certain reversed faults at chipping sodbury, GloucestershireSource: Possible late-glacial sea-levels at 190 and 140 feet O.D. in the British IslesSource: Sedimentary formations of abnormal thicknessSource: Kyanite-gedrite paragenesesSource: Geology of IndiaSource: Gypsum and anhydrite and celestine and strontianiteSource: An introduction to crystal chemistrySource: The age of the upper basalts in middle Northern IcelandSource: On further collections of quaternary fossils from SpitsbergenSource: Statistical methods in sedimentary petrology. Part II. Grain-size measurements and their graphical studySource: Note on the occurrence of Dayia navicula (J. de C. Sowerby) in the lower ludlow rocks of ShropshireSource: The blea wyke beds and the Dogger at Peak, YorkshireSource: Some new species of proetidae and otarionidae from the Ashgillian of GirvanSource: Geology and allied sciences : A thesaurus and a co-ordination of English and German specific and general termsSource: The start-Dodman-lizard boundary-zone in relation to the alpine structure of CornwallSource: The landscape cycle under semi-arid conditionsSource: Reddened carboniferous beds in the Carlisle basin and EdensideSource: Statistical methods in sedimentary petrology : Part III. Cartograpic methodsSource: A simple device for the construction of the trace of the axial “Plane” of a competent fold when the centres of curvature of the components of the curve are not knownSource: Muscle systems of some inarticulate brachiopodsSource: The relation between magmatic cycles and orogenic epochsSource: Problems of ammonite nomenclatureSource: U-shaped burrows in the corallian beds of DorsetSource: On the palatoquadrate and hyomandibula of pleuracanthus sessilis JordanSource: Handbuch der PaläozoologieSource: Primary Banding in Norite and GabbroSource: On coal veins in MalayaSource: Varved sediments in MalayaSource: The microflora of the upper and lower estuarine series of the East MidlandsSource: Quaternary sea-levels in the Northern HemisphereSource: A source book in geologySource: The nature and origin of coal seamsSource: Geology and engineeringSource: Publications du bureau d'études géologiques et Minières colonialesSource: The chalk echinoid galeola in EnglandSource: A petrological study of the limestones in the Moine series of Ardgour, ArgyllshireSource: The geology of South AfricaMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Dulau & Co, Ltd ; 1939 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

44. Geological magazine : Vol. 99 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1962

Source: Hydrothermal Alteration in the Carrock Fell Area, Cumberland, EnglandSource: Ocellar Hybrids from the Tyrone Igneous Series, IrelandSource: Diopside-Orthoclase-Hornblende Rocks from the Lewisian Paragneisses of South Harris, Outer HebridesSource: A Conglomeratic Grit at Knowle Wood, near Woolley, South DevonSource: Vermiform Burrows and Rate of Sedimentation in the Lower GreensandSource: Sclerotinite in Coal—its Petrology and ClassificationSource: Washout Structures in the Dalradian near Kentallen, ArgyllSource: Turbidity Current at Kadavu Passage, FijiSource: Authigenic Minerals in Carboniferous Sediments from Central VestspitsbergenSource: A Study of Quartz Orientation and its Relation to Movement in Shear FoldsSource: The Structure of the Scotia ArcSource: Precambrian Perthosites in NyasalandSource: Origin of Albite PorphyroblastsSource: Origin of Albite PorphyroblastsSource: New Record of Anthraconauta TenuisSource: CrystallometrySource: Some Glacial Deposits and their Relation to the Hippopotamus-bearing Beds at Barrington, cambridgeshireSource: Kentallenite-Lamprophyre-Granite Age Relations at Kentallen, ArgyllSource: Fossil Coccospheres from a Tertiary Outcrop on the Continental SlopeSource: Clay Mineralogy of Selected Clays from the English WealdenSource: Sedimentary Structures in the Keuper Marl (Upper Triassic)Source: Skipsey's Marine Band and Red Coal Measures in FifeSource: The Geology of the Katmaian Volcanics of the Upper Oramutia Valley, KenyaSource: The Gneisses of the Bartica Assemblage, British GuianaSource: Biotite- and Sphene-rich rocks in the Moine Series of Ardnamurchan, ArgyllshireSource: The Type-Species of Aganides, Clymenia, and CyrthoceratitesSource: The Occurrence of Pedunculate Brachiopods in Soft SedimentsSource: The Earth TodaySource: Methods and Techniques in GeophysicsSource: Descriptive PalaeoclimatologySource: Geology of the ArcticSource: Grundlagen der Angewandten Geophysik für GeologenSource: A Hole in the Bottom of the SeaSource: A Structural Study of the Southern End of the French JuraSource: Tectonic Structures in the Devonian Rocks near Plymouth, DevonSource: Early Tertiary Fold Movements in MullSource: A Magnetic Fabric in TillSource: The Provenance and Emplacement of Upper Arenigian Turbidites in Co. Mayo, Eire.Source: A Note on the Composition of some Natural Acid GlassesSource: A Suspected Spilitic Rock from the Lower Cambrian Manganese Shale Group of the Harlech Dome, North WalesSource: Sponges and the Chalk RockSource: Islands Pattern of IslandsSource: Tie-Lines of Co-Existing PyroxenesSource: Structures of Devon and CornwallSource: Festoon BeddingSource: International Symposium on Mining ResearchSource: Minerals, Rocks, and GemstonesSource: The Madai-Baturong Limestone Member of the Chert-Spilite Formation, North BorneoSource: Some Theoretical Factors in Geomorphological AnalysisSource: On Hemitrypa hibernica M'CoySource: Some Holothurian Spicules from the Ampthill Clay of Melton, near Hull (Yorkshire)Source: The Evolution of GryphaeaSource: A Note on the Morphology of HolectypusSource: A Graphical Method for Analysing Fossil Distortion caused by Tectonic DeformationSource: Evidence from Recent Plankton Regarding the Biological Affinities of Tasmanites Newton 1875 and Leiosphaeridia Eisenack 1958Source: The Composition of Marls and Limestones in the Great Oolite Series of OxfordshireSource: The Buried Channel of the Bristol AvonSource: Malvern StructuresSource: Torridonian MicrofossilsSource: Fundamentals of Mid-Tertiary Stratigraphical CorrelationSource: Manual of Field GeologySource: Some Aspects of the Variscan Fold BeltSource: The Revised Ludlovian Stratigraphy of the Type Area—A DiscussionSource: Ludlovian Classification—A ReplySource: Greywacke Sedimentation in the Torridonian of Colonsay and OronsaySource: A Note on Some Acid Breccias in the Kilchrist Vent, SkyeSource: Metamorphic Grade and Iron-Magnesium Distribution between Co-Existing Garnet-Biotite and Garnet-HornblendeSource: Microplankton from the Speeton Clay of YorkshireSource: On the Genus Amplexograptus Lapworth, Elles & WoodSource: A Drift-filled Valley at Thistleton on the Rutland–Lincolnshire BorderSource: Volcanic Rocks of the Oramutia Section, Central KenyaSource: The Structure of Mid-Devon and North CornwallSource: ? Early Tertiary Fold Movements in MullSource: Validation of the Name Nothodiscus for a Genus of Cretaceous AmmonitesSource: On the External Characters of MineralsSource: Stratigraphy and Origin of the Cork Red MarbleSource: Pseudo-pleochroic Calcite in Recrystallized Shell-LimestonesSource: The Petrology of the Mt. Alford Ring-Complex, S.E. Queensland N. C. StevensSource: The Geometry of Conjugate Fold SystemsSource: An Interpretation of Moine-Lewisian Relations in Central Ross-shireSource: The Tectonics of the Aberystwyth GritsSource: The Petrogenetic Model, an Extension of Bowen's Petrogenetic GridSource: Origin of Fracture and Slaty CleavageSource: The Evolution of GryphaeaSource: Pre-Cambrian Perthosites in NyasalandSource: Geologie von ParaguaySource: Applied Geophysics U.S.S.R. Source: Study of the EarthMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: Herts : Stephen Austin & Sons ; 1962 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

45. Geological magazine : Vol. 8 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1891

Source: I.—A geologist of a century agoSource: II.—Essays in theoretical geologySource: III.—The motion of land-iceSource: IV.—Notes on a new fossil sponge from the utica shale formation (Ordovician) at Ottawa, CanadaSource: V.—Note on the identity of Nautilus Neocomiensis, sharpe (non D'Orbigny) with Nautilus Deslongchampsianus, D'OrbSource: VI.—A catalogue of British fossil vertebrata. supplement for 1890Source: I.—Dr. Ristori on fossil Italian ApesSource: II.—Dr. K. A. von Zittel's handbook of palæontologySource: Dr. Otto Jaekel on the systematic position and fossil remains of pristiophorusSource: Proceedings of the Geologists' AssociationSource: V.—Records of the Geological Survey of New South WalesSource: Prof. Bonney and General McMahon on the geology of the Lizard districtSource: On dynamo-MetamorphismSource: I.—On some more fossil estheriæSource: I.—On some more fossil estheriæSource: II.—On the British earthquakes of 1889.1Source: III.—An inexpensive apparatus for the isolation of minerals by means of heavy liquids.3Source: IV.—Essays in theoretical geologySource: I.—North American crinoidologySource: On the fossil fish of the cretaceous formations of ScandinaviaSource: MachærodusSource: Sur la nature Végétale de l'Aachenosaurus multidensSource: La Faune Tertiaire Marine de Carry, de Sausset et de Couronne (Prés Marseille)Source: Catalogue of minerals for saleSource: “Stem-Ossicles” of Crinoidea, in the Leptæna-Kalk (Upper Ordovician) Dalecarlia SwedenSource: The denudation and elevation of the WealdSource: Reply to Mr. A. SomervailSource: Dynamo-MetamorphismSource: Funnel-holes on lebanonSource: Elevation and subsidence during the glacial periodSource: Physical geology of the sub-HimalayaSource: On the very recent and rapid elevation of the Highlands of Eastern AsiaSource: Notes on some fish-remains from the lower tertiary and upper cretaceous of Belgium, collected by monsieur A. Houzeau de LehaieSource: Note on tooth of an extinct alligator (Bottosaurus Belgicus, sp. nov.) from the lower danian of Ciply, BelgiumSource: Note on specimens of cherty siliceous rock from South AustraliaSource: Woodwardian museum notesSource: Note on a Greywether at BayswaterSource: Notes on volcanic paroxysmal explosions, and the causes of volcanic action.1Source: Catalogue of the fossil fishes in the British museum (Natural History)Source: Notes on the geology of AyrshireSource: Contributions to the tertiary fauna of Florida, with especial reference to the miocene SILEX-beds of Tampa, and the pliocene beds of the caloosahatchie riverSource: The autobiography of the earthSource: A bibliography of palœozoic crustacea, from 1698 to 1889, including a list of North American species and a systematic arrangement of generaSource: On an erect tree-stump with roots, from the coal of Piesberg, near OsnabrückSource: The Maltese Islands, with special reference to their geological structureSource: Mr. Oldham on the HimalayasSource: Mr. Mellard Reade and the Herschel-Babbage theory of mountain buildingSource: Crinoidal stems in ordovician of SwedenSource: Motion of land-iceSource: Elevation and subsidence in Central AmericaSource: On new specimens of Dendrepeton Acadianum, with remarks on other carboniferous amphibiansSource: On the very recent and rapid elevation of the Highlands of Eastern AsiaSource: Further notes on fireclays, etc.Source: On various crystalline rocksSource: Notes on the older rocks of FinlandSource: L'Archéen et le Cambrien dans le Nord du Massif Breton et Leurs Équivalents dans le Pays de GallesSource: The gigantic ceratopsidæ, or horned dinosaurs, of North America1Source: On Bubalus Bainii (Seeley)Source: On the Genus Lévellia (Porcellia, Lévellé), with a notice of a new species from the carboniferous limestone of IrelandSource: Note on the age and ancient glaciers of the HimalayasSource: Note on the expansion theory of mountain-evolutionSource: On a microsaurian (Hylonomus Wildi, sp. nov.) from the Lancashire coal-fieldSource: Observations on a Keuper conglomerate and on a Breccia, both recently exposed in the neighbourhood of BristolSource: The naturalist of CumbraeSource: The perisomic plates of the crinoidsSource: Contributions à la Géologie des Pays-BasSource: The geology of the country around Liverpool, including the North of FlintshireSource: The triassic rooks of West Somerset, and the devonian rocks on their bordersSource: Report of exploration of the glacial lake Agassiz in ManitobaSource: Aids in practical geologySource: The geology of BarbadosSource: North American Cretaceous Echinoidea - Note sur Quelques Échinides du Terrain crétacé du MexiqueSource: Dynamic metromorphism of rocksSource: The gigantic ceratopsidæ, or horned dinosaurs, of North America1Source: Appendix.—Restoration of triceratopsSource: Notes on a collection of rocks from the Tonga IslandsSource: Note on Hylonomus Lyelli, with photographic reproduction of skeletonSource: Note on the alleged genesis of rutile in fireclaysSource: Post-Pliocene continental subsidence (In America) verses glacial damsSource: The effect of sedimentation on the temperature of the earth's crustSource: On the preparation of a cheap heavy liquid, for the separation of mineralsSource: An introduction to the study of petrology : The igneous rocksSource: Dr. H. Filhol on the fossil mammals of sansanSource: Guide du Géologue dans le Tertiaire ParisienSource: The tertiary insets of North AmericaSource: Elevation of America in the tertiary periodsSource: The geology of the salt range of the PanjabSource: Note on a nearly perfect skeleton of Ichthyosaurus Tenuirostris from the lower lias of street, SomersetSource: The perched blocks of norber brow and their levels relative to their place of originSource: The lower cretaceous series of the Vale of WardourSource: The recent and rapid elevation of the HimalayasSource: On dynamic metaporphismSource: Rutile in Fireclays—Reply to Major-General MacMahonSource: On the British earthquakes of 18891Source: Professor Osborn on the Molars of the PerissodactylaSource: Geological Survey of IllinoisSource: Catalogue of the fossil Cephalopoda in the British museum (Natural History), Part IISource: Correlation of quaternary changes of levels in North America and the Caribbean regionSource: On the sands and gravels intercalated in the boulder-claySource: Notes on the “Pleistocene Beds” of GozoSource: On orthoceratites vaginatus, SchlotheimSource: Physical studies of an ancient estuary2Source: On the British earthquakes of 18891Source: The age of the HimalayasSource: Dr. Anton Fritsch on Palæozoic Elasmobranch fishesSource: Catalogue of the fossil birds in the British museumSource: Mr. G. A. Boulenger on extinct reptiliaSource: Restoration of stegosaurusSource: The Scandinavian glacier, and some inferences derived from itSource: Transverse valleys in the Eastern CaucasusSource: On the sands and gravels Intercalated in the boulder-claySource: Recent geological investigations in the salt rangeSource: Report on some rock-specimens from the Kimberley diamond-minesSource: On a glacial mound in Glen Fruin, DumbartonshireSource: An introduction to the study of mammals living and extinctSource: Armoured Palæozoic SharksSource: Memorials of John Gunn : Being some account of the Cromer forest bed and its fossil mammalia, and of the associated strata in the Cliffs of Norfolk and Suffolk, from the MS. Notes of the late John GunnSource: Notes on the geological section exposed in the railway cutting from Levenshulme to FallowfieldSource: British fossil birdsSource: Pantobiblion: An International Bibliographical Review of the World's Scientific LiteratureSource: Monograph of the Fossil Species of PristisSource: The supposed dicynodont from the Elgin TriasSource: On dynamo-metamorphismSource: Dynamo-metamorphism againSource: On the origin and mode of formation of the concretions in the magnesian limestones of DurhamSource: The recent and rapid elevation of the American CordilleraSource: On the British earthquakes of 1890, with the exception of those felt in the Neighbourhood of invernessSource: Lower greensand and purbecks in the Vale of Wardour, WiltsSource: Note on an undescribed area of lower greensand or vectian in DorsetSource: On a specimen of Waldheimia perforata (Piette), showing original colour-markingsSource: Notes on the altered coniston flags at shapSource: The lake-dwellings of Europe, being the rhind lectures in archæology for 1888Source: Descriptions of some new or previously unrecorded species of fossils from the devonian rocks of ManitobaSource: Landscape geology : A plea for the study of geology by landscape paintersSource: Tertiary fishesSource: The lower permian fishes of FranceSource: The geology of the North-East of Caithness, and a discussion as to the age of the old red sandstone of the North of ScotlandSource: Dynamic metamorphism “Again.”Source: On Pleuronautilus [Nautilus] nodoso-carinatus, Römer, spSource: On some recent contributions to precambrian geologySource: A miniature illustration of normal faultingSource: On the amount of sand brought up by lobworms to the surfaceSource: Note on the occurrence of Ammonites Jurensis in the ironstone of the northampton Sands in the neighbourhood of NorthamptonSource: On Athyris læviuscula, Sow., sp., with the full disclosure of its loop, etcSource: Pineal fontanelle of placoderm and catfishSource: Cretaceous fishes from MexicoSource: Winchester college natural history societySource: L'Evolution des Formes Animales Avant l'Apparition de l'HommeSource: Transactions of the Leeds Geological AssociationSource: The ancestral horseSource: Notes on coniston flagsSource: Concretions in magnesian limestoneSource: On Olenellus Callavei and its geological relationshipsSource: Petrological notes on some Lake district rocksSource: Pholidophorus germanicus : An addition to the fish fauna of the upper lias of whitbySource: Pseudotrionyx from the bracklesham bedsSource: Notes on stereodon melitensis, OwenSource: Systematic list of the Frederick E. Edwards collection of British oligocene and eocene mollusca in the British museum Source: The eocene and oligocene beds of the Paris basinSource: The physical geology and geography of IrelandSource: Some recent memoirs on Palæozoic OstracodaSource: Concerning NomenclatureMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, Ltd ; 1891 Availability: No items available Damaged (1).

46. Geological magazine : Vol. 6 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1889

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Wicklow, IrelandSource: VI.—An Analysis of the Kentish RagSource: VII.—On a Remarkable Sodalite Trachyte lately discovered in Naples, ItalySource: VIII.—Note on Pleurotoma Turbida, Solander, and P. colon, SowSource: I.—Fossils of the British Islands, stratigraphically and zoologically arranged.Source: II.—Report of the Geological Survey of OhioSource: III.—Geological Survey of England and Wales Source: The Geology of the Country around East DerehamSource: Uniformity in Scientific BibliographySource: Uniformity in Scientific BibliographySource: Professor Blake's “Monian System.”Source: The Serpentine of the LizardSource: I.—On a New Species of DipterusSource: II.—Restoration of Brontops Robustus, from the Miocene of AmericaSource: III.—Notes on Altered Igneous Rocks of Tintagel, North CornwallSource: IV.—On the Occurrence of a Variety of Picrite (Scyelite) in SarkSource: V.—On the Recent Discovery of the Remains of the Mammoth in the Valley of the DarentSource: VI.—On a Breccia and an Altered Hornblende-Schist at Housel Cove, LizardSource: VII.—On some Physical Changes in the Earth's CrustSource: VIII.—On a Cœluroid Dinosaur from the WealdenSource: IX.—Note on the Deciduous Septa of Ascoceras Murchisoni, BarrandeSource: on PalichthyologySource: II.—Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada. Annual Report (New Series)Source: III.—Richmond Coal Field, Virginia.Source: A Correction.—Mesozoic MonocotyledonSource: I.—Some Additions to the Vertebrate Fauna of the Norfolk “Preglacial Forest Bed” with Description of a New Species of Deer (Cervus Rectus)Source: II.—On the Superimposed Draninage of the English Lake DistrictSource: III.—The Work of Prof. Henry Carvill Lewis in Glacial GeologySource: IV.—On Soda-Microcline from KilimandscharoSource: V.—On some Physical Changes in the Earth's CrustSource: VI.—Mr. E. T. Newton on PterosauriaSource: The Subterranean Treasures of ItalySource: Handbuch der Palæontologie Palæozoologie.Source: Dyke in the Lizard SerpentineSource: Scientific BibliographySource: The Olenellus Zone In N. W. 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47. Geological magazine : Vol. 75 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1938

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48. Geological magazine : Vol. 74 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1937

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B. 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49. Geological magazine : Vol. 4 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1887

Source: On Some Spined Myriapads from the Carboniferous Series of EnglandSource: The Culm Measures of DevonshireSource: Notes on “Cone-In-Cone” StructureSource: On a Diamantiferous Peridotite and the Genesis of the DiamondSource: Note On a Bed of Red Chalk in the Lower Chalk of SuffolkSource: Comparative Studies Upon the Glaciation of North America, Great Britain, and IrelandSource: Note on the Faoetted Pebbles from the Olive Group of the Sale Range, Punjab, IndiaSource: The Lower Paleozoic Rocks Near SettleSource: Observations sur les Groupes sédimentaires les plus anciens du nord-ouest de la FranceSource: On the Occurrence of Phosphatic Nodules in the Lower Greensand, East of SandownSource: The Pea Grit of Leckhampton HillSource: Correction of Miocene InsectivoraSource: On the Osborne BedsSource: The Collingham or Scarle BoringSource: Some New British Carboniferous CockroachesSource: In Brittany with the Geological Society of France Source: Note on Specimens of the Rauenthal SerpentineSource: On the Discovery of the Nummul in a Elegans Zone at Whitecliff Bay, Isle of WightSource: Note on the Gault and Chalk Marl of West NorfolkSource: Note on the Foliation of the Lizard GabbroSource: M. 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50. Geological magazine : Vol. 103 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1966

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Material type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: New Haven : J.D. & E.S. Dana ; 1972 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 AME] (1).

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