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21. Geological magazine : Vol. 122 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1985

Source: Randomness in the pattern of ‘mass extinctions’ and ‘waves of origination’Source: Crustal growth of the antarctic peninsula by accretion, magmatism and extensionSource: A new interpretation of ordovician stratigraphy in the Bahçe area, northern Amanos mountains, south central TurkeySource: The origin and microstructures of metamorphic felsic dykes emplaced during brittle-ductile extension (southeast Sinai)Source: The cenomanian hiatus in the southern Benue trough, NigeriaSource: Gravity modelling of the lherzolite body at lers (French Pyrenees); some regional implicationsSource: Interactive processing of satellite images for geological interpretation – A case studySource: The formation of the trace fossil CruzianaSource: In defence of the external detector method of fission track datingSource: The ediacaran biota and early metazoan evolutionSource: The conceptual framework of precambrian stratigraphy : A personal opinionSource: The phanerozoic geology of the world, II. The mesozoic, BSource: Phosphate mineralsSource: Equilibria, nonequilibria and natural waters. Volumes I & IISource: Ancient Australia Source: Photogeologie. Eine Einführung in die Grundlagen Und Methoden der geologischen Auswertung von LuftbildernSource: Atlas of sedimentary rocks under the microscopeSource: The science and technology of coal and coal utilizationSource: Legal aspects of geologySource: Micromorphology of soilsSource: Introduction to the petroleum geology of the North SeaSource: Strain patterns in rocksSource: Two microweight loss techniques for use in hillslope solute studiesSource: An economical data logging system for field experimentsSource: Groundwater as a geomorphic agentSource: Marine geology of Korean seasSource: Indirect Imaging : Measurement and processing for indirect imagingSource: Precambrian and paleozoic algal carbonates, West Texas – Southern New MexicoSource: The evolution of mammalian charactersSource: Two-dimensional study of a layered intrusion - The hyllingen series, NorwaySource: Graptolite ultrastructure : Evolution of descriptive and conceptual terminologySource: Facies variations in peralkaline ash-flow tuffs from the Kenya rift valleySource: The significance of the proximal end of cryptograptus tricornis (Carruthers) (Graptolithina)Source: A geometrical approach to percolation through random fractured rocksSource: Geochemical evolution of the Jarawa younger granite complex and its related mineralization, northern NigeriaSource: Isolated pods of subaqueous welded ash-flow tuff : A distal facies of the capel curig volcanic formation (Ordovician), North WalesSource: Late pleistocene deposits and mollusca from Portland, DorsetSource: Palynology and British purbeck faciesSource: Comments on the letter ‘In defence of the external detector method of fission track dating’ by P. F. GreenSource: Bias in the application of the external detector techniqueSource: The type material of didymograptus hirundo salterSource: Seismic reflection profiling comes of ageSource: Pattern recognition and pattern analysisSource: Earthquake forecasting and warningSource: The morphostructure of the Atlantic ocean floor. Its development in the meso-cenozoicSource: The trias and its ammonoids : The evolution of a time scaleSource: Geomorphological hazards in Los Angeles : A study of slope and sediment problems in a metropolitan countySource: Principes de tectoniqueSource: Accretion tectonics in the circum-pacific regionsSource: Pédogenèse et ClassificationSource: Geological History of the territory of the Czech Socialist RepublicSource: Fluvial hydrologySource: Quaternary science reviews, Volume 1Source: Geochemical aspects of radioactive waste disposalSource: Tidal friction and the earth's rotation IISource: Shorter technical methodsSource: Gold '82 : The Geology, geochemistry and genesis of gold depositsSource: The physicochemical properties of molten slags and glassesSource: Contributions to the history of geological mappingSource: Reversals of the earth's magnetic fieldSource: Pyroclastic rocksSource: Principles of sedimentary basin analysisSource: A facsimile reproduction in one volume of two classics of dales history : A memorial by the trustees of cowgill chapel (1868) and supplement to the memorial (1870)Source: Ocean tides : Mathematical models and numerical experimentsSource: Isotope hydrology 1983Source: Geological structuresSource: An introduction to numerical methods with pascalSource: Thrust tectonics : A personal viewSource: Depositional history of southern Tunisia and northwestern Libya in mid and late jurassic timeSource: The facing of faultsSource: Morne patates volcano, southern Dominica, Lesser AntillesSource: The ordovician - Silurian boundary at Keisley, northern EnglandSource: Silurian trench sedimentation in the southern uplands, Scotland : Implications of new age dataSource: Electron microscope analysis of zoned dolomite rhombs in the jet rock formation (Lower Toarcian) of the Whitby area, U.K.Source: Lithostratigraphy of the red and norwich crags of the aldeburgh-orford area, south-east SuffolkSource: The origin of granite erratics in the pleistocene patella beach, Gower, South WalesSource: Geology todaySource: Landforms of New ZealandSource: Precambrian of South IndiaSource: The geology and hydrocarbon resources of negara brunei darussalamSource: Process mineralogy of ceramic materialsSource: Antarctic circumpolar oceanSource: Quaternary geology of lake Zürich : An interdisciplinary investigation by deep-lake drillingSource: Palaeoclimate research and modelsSource: Shorelines and isostasySource: Soils and geomorphologySource: Energy facts and figuresSource: The earth's magnetic field : Its history, origin and planetary perspectiveSource: A bibliography of george poulett scrope : Geologist, economist and Local historianSource: The evolving continentsSource: The geochronology and evolution of AfricaSource: Multivariate analysis : Methods and applicationsSource: The glaciers of equatorial East AfricaSource: Petroleum geology for geophysicists and engineersSource: Sulphide deposits in mafic and ultramafic rocksSource: The Island of South GeorgiaSource: Quaternary stratigraphy of Canada - A Canadian contribution to IGCP project 24Source: The aristarchus impact event and the effects of target materialSource: A lancefieldian graptolite from the Lake districtSource: Microstructure, geochemistry and differentiation of a primary layered teschenite sillSource: Protremaster, a new lower jurassic genus of asteroid from AntarcticaSource: Hybridization and the petrogenesis of composite intrusions : The dyke at an cumhann, Isle of Arran, ScotlandSource: Fossil mediterranean molluscs as sea-level indicatorsSource: Palaeomagnetism of the lower carboniferous billefjorden group, SpitsbergenSource: Geochemical evidence for the emplacement of the Whin sill complex of northern EnglandSource: A seismic refraction line across norfolkSource: Shallow refraction seismicsSource: Aspects of the ordovician systemSource: The chemical evolution of the atmosphere and oceansSource: Memoirs of an unrepentant field geologistSource: Neuvième Congrès International de Stratigraphie et de Géologie du Carbonifère. Compte Rendu. Volume 2 : BiostratigraphySource: The polarization method of seismic explorationSource: Polarization method of seismic explorationSource: Can regulation work? Source: Basin and rangeSource: London : Illustrated geological walks, Vol 1Source: IntroductionSource: The tertiary lavas and sediments of northwest Rhum, Inner HebridesSource: The age and structural setting of limestones and basalts on the main ring fault in southeast RhumSource: Pyroclastic rocks in the cnapan breaca felsite, RhumSource: The early igneous and tectonic history of the Rhum Tertiary Volcanic CentreSource: The lower eastern layered series of RhumSource: Fluid dynamic and geochemical evolution of cyclic unit 10, Rhum, eastern layered seriesSource: Isotopic and geochemical investigation of unit 10 from the eastern layered series of the Rhum intrusion, northwest ScotlandSource: Finger structures in the Rhum complexSource: Channelled metasomatism in Rhum layered cumulates – Evidence from late-stage veinsSource: Formation of granular-textured layers and laminae within the Rhum crystal pileSource: The parental magma on Rhum : Evidence from alkaline segregations and veins in the peridotites from Salisbury's damSource: Sulphide droplets-and the unit 11/12 chromite band, Rhum : A mineralogical studySource: Terminology of postcumulus processes and products in the Rhum layered intrusionSource: Postcumulus processes in layered intrusionsSource: Variscan tectonics of the north atlantic regionSource: A manual of chemical and biological methods for seawater analysisSource: Physics of planetary interiorsSource: Brachiopoda and biostratigraphy of the silurian-devonian delorme formation in the district of Mackenzie, The YukonSource: Fault and fold tectonicsSource: Acritarchs in British stratigraphySource: Phanerozoic earth history of AustraliaSource: Atlas of invertebrate macrofossilsSource: The geological evolution of the eastern MediterraneanSource: GeomorphologySource: Mathematics for seismic data processing and interpretationSource: An introduction to the world's oceansSource: Geology of the taurus beltSource: Introduction to geomechanicsSource: Petrology, mineralogy and evolution of the jan mayen magma systemSource: Equilibrium activity diagrams for coexisting minerals and aqueous solutions at pressures and temperatures to 5 kb and 600 °CSource: Wind as a geological process on Earth, Mars, Venus and TitanSource: Geology of the country around Rhyl and Denbigh : Memoir for 1:50000 geological sheets 95 and 107 and parts of sheets 94 and 106Source: Creep of crystalsSource: Statistical techniques in geographical analysisSource: Thesaurus of rock and soil mechanics termsSource: Landsat MSS imagery applied to geological investigation of the Norseman area granitoid–greenstone terrain, southeast Yilgarn block, Western AustraliaSource: The thrust structures of southern Assynt, Moine thrust zoneSource: Reconnaissance potassium - Argon geochronology of the Suregei - Asille district, northern KenyaSource: Zonation, mixing and eruption of silica-undersaturated alkaline magma : A case study from Tenerife, Canary IslandsSource: A note on the age and pyroxene chemistry of the igneous rocks of the Shelve Inlier, Welsh BorderlandSource: Structure and eruptive mechanisms at surtsey volcano, IcelandSource: On the beerbachites from Freetown, Sierra LeoneSource: General Features of the palaeobiological Evolution of cetaceaSource: Late pleistocene vertebrate palaeoecology of the WestSource: Coal geology and coal technologySource: The techniques of modern structural Geology Volume 1 : Strain analysisSource: Elements of micropalaeontologySource: Biogeography and ecology of the Pityusic islandsSource: The field description of igneous rocksSource: Applied environmental geochemistrySource: Recent advances in planetary meterologySource: The continental crust : Its composition and evolutionMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1985 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

22. Geological magazine : Vol. 81 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1944

Source: Hinge structure in carbonicola pseudorobusta trueman and related speciesSource: The age and tectonic relationships of East African volcanic rocksSource: The lower limit of the pleistocene in Europe and AsiaSource: Rainfall, rivers, and erosionSource: On the carboniferous corals : Zaphrentites shunnerensis sp. novSource: A preliminary note on melilite nephelith calciphyres and other variants formed from the Gabbro - Limestone reactions near Nanjangud, MysoreSource: Geology of AlbertaSource: The geographical distribution of ancestral manSource: Five new ordovician trilobitesSource: Unrecorded inliers of silurian rocks, near Wickwar, Gloucestershire, with notes on the occurrence of a stromatoliteSource: The roots of mountainsSource: The arenig rocks of arran, and their relationship to the dalradian seriesSource: Contributions to the petrology of barnavave, carlingford, I.F.S.- 4. Some limestone xenoliths enclosed in the junction hybridsSource: Geomorphology : Systematic and regionalSource: Recent tectonic progress in IndiaSource: On the jurassic lamellibranch genera Hartwellia and PronoellaSource: On the fringe of tretaspisSource: Geology in CroatiaSource: Notes on the upper devonian trilobites in the whidborne collection in the sedgwick museumSource: On two rounded boulders from an Anthracite Seam, South WalesSource: A note on the gneisses of rumSource: New coal basin of the U.S.S.R.Source: Teach yourself geologySource: Fuchsite - Bearing schists from Western OtagoSource: Minerals in industrySource: Peat deposits of ScotlandSource: Geology for everymanSource: Eruptive rocksSource: A geology for engineersSource: Geology in the service of manSource: Tropical weathering and landforms : A correctionSource: Restoration of distorted specimensSource: Pre - Karroo stratigraphy of TanganyikaSource: The identification of graptolitesSource: Palaeozoic, mesozoic and kainozoic : A geological disasterSource: Stratigraphical classification and nomenclatureSource: The cambrian rocks of ArvonSource: The Vesuvian lava of the march, 1944, eruptionSource: Observations on upper silurian graptolitesSource: Discovery in Eastern Washigton of a New Lobe of the Pleistocene continental glacierSource: Perennially frozen ground in Alaska : Its origin and historySource: The tin, tungsten, and molybdenum deposits of AustraliaSource: The age and tectonic relationships of East African volcanic rocksSource: A deep bore in the Cleveland hills1Source: On the occurrence of hessle boulder clay at Happisburgh, Norfolk, containing a flint coreSource: Deformation of graptolites and sandstones in slates from Victoria, AustraliaSource: The age of the ore deposits of the Lake district and of the Alston block1Source: Problems of ammonite nomenclatureSource: Scottish slatesSource: Prehistoric BritainSource: Geomorphology : The evolution of landscapeSource: The cambrian rocks of ArvonSource: Glaciation of CorndonSource: Stream trough experiments and terrace formationSource: A deep bore in the Cleveland hillsSource: Rhabdocrinus n.g. from the Scottish carboniferous limestoneSource: The ice age in West ChinaSource: Upper silurian grapiolite zonesSource: The tredington ichthyosaurMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: Hertz : Stephen Austin & Sons ; 1944 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

23. Geological magazine : Vol. 84 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1947

Source: A deep boring at north Creake, NorfolkSource: The granitic cotectic curveSource: The significance of variation in granitesSource: Hercynian Fe-Mg metasomatism in Cornwall : A reinterpretationSource: Recent views on ice sheets and glaciersSource: Étude pétrographique des minerais de fer oolithiques du Dogger des Alpes SuissesSource: On major tectonic forms of ChinaSource: Scheelite in North - Western MexicoSource: An estimate of the age of the earthSource: Lineation in the North-West Highlands of ScotlandSource: Crystallization of plutonic and hypabyssal rocksSource: Chilled and baked edges as criteria of relative ageSource: The genesis of some micro-veinlets in cornish granite - Porphyry1Source: Revival of major faulting in New ZealandSource: Some superficial structures in the cornbrash of NorthamptonshireSource: Synthetic quartz crystalsSource: Steganocrinus westheadi n.sp. and Note on a rare crinoid and a blastoid from the carboniferous limestone of coplow knoll, ClitheroeSource: On the relationship between Fronts of regional metamorphism and Fronts of granitizationSource: The east Indian Volcanological Survey (A review)Source: A census of the determinable genera of the stegocephaliaSource: Publications of the mijnbouw in nederlandsch - IndiëSource: About this EarthSource: Advances in soil science, Volume 1Source: Hercynian Fe-Mg metasomatism in CornwallSource: Crystallization of plutonic and hypabyssal rocksSource: An estimate of the age of the earthSource: Chilled and baked edges as criteria of relative ageSource: Age relations of certain granites in skyeSource: An outline of the geomorphological evolution of British MalayaSource: The mode of emplacement of the post - Karagwe - Ankolean granite of South-West UgandaSource: An olivine-basalt from Bibundi, British Cameroons, West AfricaSource: The stratigraphy of the Albian beds at Leighton BuzzardSource: The history of the German Geological SurveySource: The broadlaw GraniteSource: A tooth of elephas primigenius from Headswood, Larbert, StirlingshireSource: Daniel Sharpe's monograph of the Chalk CephalopodsSource: The pulse of the earthSource: Microtectonique et Tectonique ProfondeSource: The coastline of England and WalesSource: An outline of late cretaceous and tertiary diastrophism in New ZealandSource: Gala - Tarannon beds in the Pentland hills, near EdinburghSource: The granite controversySource: A seismic investigation on the outflow of WindermereSource: Major clues in the tectonic history of the MalvernsSource: The origin of the amphibole - Schist series of Pahang, MalayaSource: Geological expedition of the University of Amsterdam to the Lesser Sunda Islands in the South-Eastern part of the Netherlands East Indies, 1937Source: Géologie du GraniteSource: The composite intrusion of Sròn Bheag, ArdnamurchanSource: A remarkable example of superficial folding due to glacial drag, near AberystwythSource: The granites of South-West JerseySource: Facies change and lithological variation in the permocarboniferous formation of North-West Pahang and South-West Kelantan, MalayaSource: Gala - Tarannon beds in the Pentland hills, near EdinburghSource: On dayia navicula (J. de C. Sowerby) and Whitfieldella canalis (J. de C. Sowerby) from the english silurianSource: Les Forages Profonds du Bassin de ParisSource: Water supply from underground sources of the Cambridge Ipswich district, quarter-inch geological sheet 16Source: An introduction to CrystallographySource: Gala - Tarannon beds in the Pentland hills, near EdinburghSource: The malvern faultSource: The mynachdy gneissSource: The relation of volcanicity and orogeny to climatic changeSource: Notes on some permian rugose corals from timorSource: Tetradella complicata (Salter) and some caradoc species of the genusSource: A method of making thin sections from friable materials and its use in the examination of shales from the coal measuresSource: A seismic investigation of the history of the river rheidol in cardiganshireSource: Geological structures and mapsSource: An introduction to palaeontologySource: A handbook of rocksSource: Petrographic micro-techniqueSource: Mother earthSource: Gravity stratification in the cuillin gabbro of skyeMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: Hertz : Stephen Austin & Sons Ltd ; 1947 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

24. Geological magazine : Vol. 83 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1946

Source: The Hinge of certain Non-Marine Lamellibranchs from the Lenisulcata Zone of the Coal MeasuresSource: Some Grits and Associated Rocks in the Etruria Marls of North StaffordshireSource: Caldenocrinus gen. nov. and related Scottish CrinoidsSource: Fossils from Middle Bunter Pebbles Collected in BirminghamSource: Edinburgh Geological Society Clough Memorial Research FundSource: The Gravity Field of the Western and Central MediterraneanSource: Chronology of the Pleistocene Epoch.Source: The Geology and Petrology of the Cockburn Law Intrusion, BerwickshireSource: A Suite of Hypersthene-bearing Plutonic Rocks in the Meru District, KenyaSource: Jamoytius kerwoodi, a new Chordate from the Silurian of LanarkshireSource: The Snellius Expedition, Geological ResultsSource: Relative Abundance of Nickel in the Earth’s Crust.Source: The Pleistocene Period.Source: Earth Beneath. An Introduction to Geology for Readers in New ZealandSource: A Survey of Weathering Processes and ProductsSource: Sea-levels in MalayaSource: The Granitization ProblemSource: The Middle Grits of DerbyshireSource: New Species of Taxocrinus and Synbathocrinus and other Rare Crinoids from the Carboniferous Limestone of Coplow Knoll, ClitheroeSource: A Revision of the Upper Oxfordian Ammonites of Trept (Isère), Figured by de RiazSource: Ring Structures with Carbonate Cores in Southern RhodesiaSource: The Physiographical History of Western Szechuans— A Review and DiscussionSource: Geological Research in Holland During the War YearsSource: Rock WoolSource: The Charnockite Rocks of Mysore, Southern IndiaSource: Bedding-faults and Related Minor Structures in the Upper Valentian Rocks near AberystwythSource: Two Contrasted Types of Alluvial Deposit: with an Illustration from the Rheidol Valley, CardiganshireSource: The Lamprophyre ProblemSource: On a Section of the Balclatchie Beds at Craighead Quarry, near Girvan, AyrshireSource: A Replacement “Pegmatite” Vein in the Cam Brea GraniteSource: The Genotype of Cummingella ReedSource: Cravenechinus, a New Type of Echinoid from the Carboniferous LimestoneSource: Petrological Studies on Some Basaltic Rocks from East GreenlandSource: Ilemenite, Monazite, and Zircon and Gems and Semi-Precious Stones of CeylonSource: Notes on Some Lamellibranchs from Quarrel Hill, GirvanSource: The Order of Crystallization of the Minerals in some Caledonian Plutonic and Hypabyssal RocksSource: The Stratigraphy and Structure of the Arenaceous Formation of the Main Range Foothills, F.M.SSource: The Geological Structure of WirralSource: The Monio-Cambrian IntervalSource: Select An Augitite from S. Vicente, Cape Verde Islands An Augitite from S. Vicente, Cape Verde IslandsSource: Elements of Geology, for Western Australian StudentsSource: Elementary Practical Geology, for Western Australian StudentsSource: Dating the Past. An Introduction to GeochronologySource: The geological history of QueenslandSource: Barium minerals in England and WalesSource: The geology of the foyers “Granite” and the surrounding countrySource: The faunal sequence in the kent coalfieldSource: Les differentiations chez les gasteropodes capuliformes : Organisation des platyceratidaeSource: Persia : A review of some recent geological literatureSource: Age relations of certain granites and marscoite in skyeSource: Types of alluvial depositsMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: Hertz : Stephen Austin & Sons Ltd ; 1946 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

25. Geological magazine : Vol. 85 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1948

Source: On the Occurrence of Agmatite in the Rogart Migmatite Area, Sutherland: A Study in GranitizationSource: Rhynchonellids of the Boueti Bed of the Great Oolite Series of Langton Herring, Dorset: A Study in VariationSource: An Excavation revealing the junction between Ingletonian and Coniston Limestone at IngletonSource: Outgrowths on Zircon from Southern RhodesiaSource: The Plio-Pleistocene Boundary and Mammalian CorrelationSource: Scytalocrinus seafieldensis sp. nov. and a rare Ureocrinus from the Carboniferous Limestones of Fife; with Notes on a Blastoid and Two Crinoids from the Carboniferous Limestones of the Clitheroe areaSource: The Age of the Highland SchistsSource: Query as to the Tempo of Australian DenudationSource: Tectonic History of the MalvernsSource: The Mineral Resources of Tanganyika TerritorySource: The Geology of the Country around WitneySource: Oxford StoneSource: Medieval Castles in North WalesSource: The Formation of the Continents Source: Glacial Geology and the Pleistocene EpochSource: Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Little Bay AreaSource: The Lower Ordovician Cryptolithids of the Llandeilo DistrictSource: Stratigraphical Nomenclature of Scottish Metamorphic RocksSource: Notes on Some Rugose Corals in the Gray Collection, from Girvan, ScotlandSource: New Evidence Concerning the Original Order of Deposition of the Longmyndian RocksSource: The Cambrian – Ordovician Junction, Whitesand Bay, PembrokeshireSource: Peremistocrinus from the Dewey Limestone Formation, OklahomaSource: Organic EvolutionSource: Malayan UnionSource: Geology of the Ancient Rocks of Charnwood ForestSource: Geology of Highwood-Elbow Area, AlbertaSource: The Birth of ParícutinSource: The Mineral KeySource: The Distribution and Sequence of Carboniferous Coral FaunasSource: Late Sillimanite in the Migmatites of Kildonan, SutherlandSource: Twelve Years' Measurement of Accretion on Norfolk Salt MarshesSource: On Some Bathonian Mollusca from SkyeSource: Present-day Volcanicity and Climatic ChangeSource: Causes of Ice AgeSource: Longmyndian StratigraphySource: Bathonian Ostracods from the Boueti Bed of Langton Herring, DorsetSource: On the Lower Part of the Ashgillian Series in the North of EnglandSource: Dolomite Contact Skarns of the Broadford Area, Skye: A Preliminary NoteSource: Notes on the Geology of Killary HarbourSource: Some Shropshire Ordovician GraptolitesSource: On the Significance of Thermal Structure in the Scottish HighlandsSource: Petrology of a Wealden Sandstone at Clock House, Capel, SurreySource: The Charnian SystemSource: Use of the National GridSource: Younger Tectonics and Erosion in Western AustraliaSource: The geology of the northern part of the south Staffordshire coalfield (Cannock chase region)Source: A New Geological DepartmentSource: Two Problems of Marine GeologySource: British Regional GeologySource: An Outline of the Geological History of Southern RhodesiaSource: Ore Genesis of Queensland.Source: A Deep Borehole at Formby, LancashireSource: Resemblances between Moine and “Sub-Moine” Metamorphic Sediments in the Western Highlands of ScotlandSource: The Age of the Neptunian Dyke at Hazler HillSource: The Chalky Boulder Clays of Norfolk and SuffolkSource: Some Puzzling Features of Alpine and West Indian Metamorphic RocksSource: The Direction of Origin of the Kalahari Sand of Southern RhodesiaSource: Bathonella and ViviparusSource: The Variation of Rhynchonella bouetiSource: The Range of Thysanophyllum pseudovermiculare (M'Coy)Source: The New Red Sandstone of South DevonshireSource: On the so-called Metamorphism of the Trias in the AlpsSource: Sowerby's and Sharpe's Belemnites lanceolatus and their relation to Belemnites lanceolatus Schlotheim, 1813Source: On Magma-Types and their NomenclatureSource: Overturned Rhythmic Banding in the Huntly Gabbro of AberdeenshireSource: The Eighteenth Session of the International Geological Congress, Great Britain, 1948Source: A Geological 2½-inch MapSource: Glacial Sections in the Welsh BorderlandSource: Bathonella and ViviparusSource: Bathonian AmmonitesSource: East Anglian DriftsSource: Igneous Rocks and MineralsSource: Report on the Geology of BasutolandSource: The Permo-Triassic Formations, a World-ReviewSource: Rocks and Rock MineralsMaterial type: Continuing resource Continuing resource; Format: print Publisher: Hertz : Stephen Austin & Sons ; 1948 Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 550 GEO] (1).

26. Geological magazine : Vol. 86 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1949

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27. Geological magazine : Vol. 79 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1942

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