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Geological magazine : Vol. 88 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1951

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: Herts : Stephen Austin & Sons ; 1951 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 21.5cm x 14cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Erik N. Kjellesvig-Waering Downtonian (Silurian) eurypterida from Perton, near Stoke edith, Herefordshire In: Sutton, John Varying trends in the metamorphism of dolerites In: Boulton, W.S. Permian rocks of the Midlands In: Edwards, A.B. Wave action in shore platform formation In: McIntyre, Donald B. Note on the tectonic style of the ord ban quartzites, mid-strathspey In: Gindy, Amin A xenolithic sill at tallabrista, Co. Donegal, Ireland In: Leedal, G.P. Faulted permian dykes in the Highlands In: Part, Gerald M. Tertiary and pleistocene sediments from the Cape Verde Archipelago In: Turner, J. Selwyn The dent line in Lancashire In: Arkell, W.J. Red sea rifting In: Phillips, F. Coles Lineation in schists S.E. of the Great Glen In: W.B.R.K. An outline of the geology of Kenya In: W.B.R.K. A practical handbook of water supply In: Holmes, Arthur Evidence of lava formation in situ, Southwest Uganda In: Sylvester-Bradley, P.C. The subspecies in palaeontology In: Gindy, Amin The production of amphibolic and other skarn rocks from limestone at Cor, Co. Donegal In: Cotton, C.A. Atlantic gulfs, Estuaries, and Cliffs In: Ghosh, A.K. Evidence bearing on the age of the saline series in the salt range of the Punjab In: Anderson, J.G.C. Geology of the glen tromie hydro-electric tunnels, inverness-shire In: Hartley, J. A monchiquite vent, stob a' ghrianain, Inverness-shire In: Conybeare, C.E.B. An occurrence of orbicular structure, of metasomatic origin, in the gold coast In: Johnstone, G.S. The camptonite-monchiquite suite of loch eil1 In: Wilson, Allan F. Pre-Cambrian algal limestones In: Knights, A.J. Micropalaeontological technique In: McIntyre, Donald B. Lineation in Highland schists In: J.S.W. Economic mineral deposits In: Scourie dykes and laxfordian metamorphism In: Wager, L.R. A note on rhythmic layering in the ultrabasic rocks of rhum In: Douglas, J.A. A new structure in the forest marble of Oxford In: Tilley, C.E. A note on the progressive metamorphism of siliceous limestones and dolomites In: Midgley, H.G. Chalcedony and flint In: Charlu, T.G.K. A note on the development of large garnets in sutherland migmatites In: T. J. van der Zee Importance of the “tectonical” model theory In: Jeletzky, J.A. The place of the Trimingham and Norwich chalk in the campanian-maestrichtian succession1 In: Sylvester-Bradley, P.C. The rhombinidae, a new family of carboniferous ostracoda In: Stubblefield, C.J. New names for the trilobite genera Menevia lake and Psilocephalus salter In: Fermor, Lewis Leigh On a discovery of copper-ore in the torridonian rocks of Sutherland In: Anderson, E.M. Lineation in Highland schists In: Arber, Muriel A. Atlantic cliffs In: W.J.A. République Syrien : Carte Géologique au 50,000, Feuille de Zebdani In: W.J.A. République Libanaise : Carte Géologique au 50,000, Feuille de Djezzine In: W.J.A. Carte Géologique au 200,000, Feuille de Tripoli In: S.J.S. Las Rocas Eruptivas al Microscopia : Su Sistematica y su Nomenclatura In: W.J.A. Survey of Egypt In: M.B. A revision of fossil sequoia and taxodium in Western North America based on the recent discovery of metasequoia In: M.B. The geology of the Commonwealth of Australia In: M.B. Historical Geology, Vol. I In: M.B. Physiography and economic geology, Vol. II In: M.B. Box containing geological map of the Commonwealth of Australia, Vol. III In: M.B. 1: 2,990,000, and geological sketch-map of Australian New Guinea In: N.L.F. Petroleum geology In: Phillips, F.C. Apparent coincidences in the life-history of the moine schists In: Carter, D.J. Indigenous and exotic foraminifera in the Coralline Crag of Sutton, Suffolk In: Johnson, R.J. Notes on the geology of the Northern part of the Ruwenzori mountains1 In: Kennedy, W.Q. Sedimentary differentiation as a factor in the moine-torridonian correlation In: Conybeare, C.E.B. On the significance of metamorphosed calcareous concretions in lower birrimian schists of the gold goast In: Glaessner, M.F. Three foraminiferal zones in the tertiary of Australia In: Nicholls, G.D. An unusual pyroxene-rich xenolith in the diorite of the glenelg-ratagain igneous complex In: Lamont, Archie Further remarks on platycalymene and the segmental relations of trilobite eyes In: Black, George P. Rhythmic layering in the ultrabasic rocks of rhum In: Myers, J. Wall grange brickyard, staffs In: Tromp, S.W. Red sea rifting In: Sutton, J. Scourie dykes and laxfordian metamorphism In: S.O.A. Structural petrology of deformed rocks In: F.W.S. Coal mining In: W.J.A. Grundlagen und Methoden der Paläontologischen Chronologie In: J.S.W. Nonmetallic minerals In: Arkell, W.J. A search for the alleged sinemurian in the Wadi Araba, Eastern desert of Egypt In: Arkell, W.J. Note on the alleged purbeckian at Murzuch, Fezzan, Libya In: Bulman, O.M.B. Notes on thecal variation in monograptus In: Davis, A.G. The london clay of Coastal suffolk and Essex In: Dury, G.H. Quantitative measurement of available relief and of depth of dissection In: Baden-Powell, D.F.W. The age of interglacial deposits at Swanscombe In: Armstrong, G. The tyne tunnel In: Cox, L.R. The lamellibranch genus schizodus and other palaeozoic myophoriidae In: Bradley, P.C. Sylvester Type species of the ostracod rhombina In: Bishopp, D.W. The moine schists In: O.M,B.B. Paléontologie : Colloques Internationaux du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique In: W.J.A Die Eisen - Und Manganerze der Schweiz In: Introduction to theoretical igneous petrology In: O.M.B.B. Principles of geology In: O.M.B.B. Kayser's Abriss der Geologie In: M.B. A manual of the geology of India and Burma In: S.R.N. Silicate analysis In: N.L.F. Petroleum geology In: Davies, K.A. The Uganda section of the Western rift In: Mykura, W. The age of the malvern folding In: Harry, W.T. The glen dessarry marble and its associated calc-silicate rocks In: Thomas, Trevor M. Some unusual structures in rhaetic sandstones, near Cowbridge, Glamorgan In: Størmer, Leif A new eurypterid from the ordovician of Montgomeryshire, Wales In: Shand, S.J. Mylonite, slickensides, and the great glen fault1 In: Scott, Beryl A note on the occurrence of intergrowth between diopsidic augite and albite and of hydrogrossular from King Island, Tasmania In: Martin-Kaye, P. Sorting of lamellibranch valves on beaches in Trinidad, B.W.I In: Steers, J.A. Notes on erosion along the coast of Suffolk In: Stubblefield, C.J. Further renaming of the tremadoc trilobite genus psilocephalus salter In: Cox, L.R. A signpost memorial to William Smith In: Groves, A.W. Silicate analysis In: Andrew, Gerald Old red sandstone of Portsalon In: Arkell, W.J. Doubt and certainty in science In: J.S.W. Proceedings of the fourth Empire Mining and Metallurgical Congress, 1949 In: G.M.F. Optical crystallography In: W.R.J. The geology and mineral resources of the Fraser's hill area, Selangor, Perak and Pahang, Federation of Malaya, with an account of the mineral resources In: C.A.F. Practical oil geology
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