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Geological magazine : Vol. 6 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1889

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourceSeries: New series. Decade 3. Publisher: London : Trubner & Co., ; 1889 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 21.5cm x 14cm.ISSN: 00167568.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Traquair, R.H I.—Homosteus, Asmuss, compared with Coccosteus, Agassiz In: Hughes, Mckenny. T II.—Note on the Lower Cambrian of Bethesda, North Wales In: Harker, Alfred III.—Notes on the Physics of Metamorphism In: Lapworth, Charles IV.—On the Ballantrae Rocks of South Scotland and their Place in the Upland Sequence In: Gregory, Walter.J V.—On a New Species of the Genus Protaster (P. brisingoides), from the Upper Silurian of Victoria, Australia In: Traquair, R.H VI.—Note on the Genera Tristychius and Ptychacanthus, Agassiz In: Geikei, Archibald I.—The History of Volcanic Action during the Tertiary Period in the British Isles In: Sherborn, C.D II.—A Bibliography of the Foraminifera, Recent and Fossil In: Westlake, E III.—Tabular Index to the Upper Cretaceous Fossils of England and Ireland In: Blake, J.F The Genus Ascoceras In: Blake, J.F The Monian System In: Davison, Charles Uniformity in Scientific Bibliography In: Ricketts, Charles I.—On some Physical Changes in the Earth's Crust In: Hutchings, Maynard .W II.—Notes on Altered Igneous Rocks of Tintagel, North Cornwall In: Lapworth, Charles III.—On the Ballantrae Rocks of South Scotland and their Place in the Upland Sequence In: Harker, Alfred IV.—On Local Thickening of Dykes and Beds by Folding In: Hatch, Frederick H. V.—On the Occurrence of Soda-Felsites (Keratophyres) in Co. Wicklow, Ireland In: Sanford, Gerald .P VI.—An Analysis of the Kentish Rag In: Johnston-Lavis, H-J VII.—On a Remarkable Sodalite Trachyte lately discovered in Naples, Italy In: Marquis Antonio De Gregorio VIII.—Note on Pleurotoma Turbida, Solander, and P. colon, Sow In: Etheridge, Robert I.—Fossils of the British Islands, stratigraphically and zoologically arranged In: II.—Report of the Geological Survey of Ohio In: Clough, C.T III.—Geological Survey of England and Wales In: Blake, J.H The Geology of the Country around East Dereham In: Sherborn, Davies .C Uniformity in Scientific Bibliography In: Buckman, S.S Uniformity in Scientific Bibliography In: Callaway.Ch Professor Blake's “Monian System.” In: Someravail, Alex The Serpentine of the Lizard In: Traquair, R.H I.—On a New Species of Dipterus In: Marsh, O.C II.—Restoration of Brontops Robustus, from the Miocene of America In: Hutchings, Maynard. W III.—Notes on Altered Igneous Rocks of Tintagel, North Cornwall In: Bonney, T.G IV.—On the Occurrence of a Variety of Picrite (Scyelite) in Sark In: Prestwich, J V.—On the Recent Discovery of the Remains of the Mammoth in the Valley of the Darent In: Somervail, Alexander VI.—On a Breccia and an Altered Hornblende-Schist at Housel Cove, Lizard In: Ricketts, Charles VII.—On some Physical Changes in the Earth's Crust In: Lydekker, R VIII.—On a Cœluroid Dinosaur from the Wealden In: Foord, arthur. H IX.—Note on the Deciduous Septa of Ascoceras Murchisoni, Barrande In: Prof,Dr von Zittel on Palichthyology In: II.—Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada. Annual Report (New Series) In: Newell, F.H III.—Richmond Coal Field, Virginia In: Gardner, Starkie. J A Correction.—Mesozoic Monocotyledon In: Newton, E.T I.—Some Additions to the Vertebrate Fauna of the Norfolk “Preglacial Forest Bed” with Description of a New Species of Deer (Cervus Rectus) In: Marr, J.E II.—On the Superimposed Draninage of the English Lake District In: Upham, Warren III.—The Work of Prof. Henry Carvill Lewis in Glacial Geology In: Hyland, J.S IV.—On Soda-Microcline from Kilimandscharo In: Ricketts, Charles V.—On some Physical Changes in the Earth's Crust In: Baur, G VI.—Mr. E. T. Newton on Pterosauria In: The Subterranean Treasures of Italy In: Prof. Dr. von Zittel Handbuch der Palæontologie Palæozoologie In: Bonney, T.G Dyke in the Lizard Serpentine In: Batuer, F.A Scientific Bibliography In: Lapworth, Chas The Olenellus Zone In N. W. Europe In: Boulenger, G.A A Wooden Dinosaur In: Carter, James I.—On Fossil Isopods, with a Description of a New Species In: Wethered, E —On the Microscopic Structure of the Jurassic Pisolite In: Buckman, S.S On Jurassic Ammonites In: Marsh, O.C Comparison of the Principal Forms of Dinosauria of Europe and America In: Matthew, G.F Second Note on Stenotheca In: Chalmers, Robert Glaciation of Eastern Canada In: Hutchings, Maynard. W On the Occurrence of Ottrelite in the Phyllites of North Cornwall In: Davison, Charles On the Secular Straining of the Earth. I In: Deeley, R.M An Exposure of Middle and Newer Pleistocene Boulder Clay in Derby In: Prof.Dr. Von Zittel on Palichthyology In: Brachiospongidæ: A Memoir on a Group or Silurian Sponges In: Mansel-pleydell, J.C On a New Specimen of Histionotus angularis, Egerton In: Judd, John W On Statical and Dynamical Metamorphism In: Hall, Marshall. A Week's Geological Excursion to the Swiss Alps In: Davison, Charles On the Creeping of the Soilcap through the Action of Frost In: Hatch, Frederick. H Notes on the Wicklow Greenstones In: Raisin, C.A Devonian Greenstones and Chlorite Schists of South Devon In: Jones, Rupert. T On some Ostracoda from the Mabou Coal-field, Inverness Co., Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) In: Woodward, Henry On the Discovery of Turrilepas in the Utica Formation (Ordovician) of Ottawa, Canada In: Fisher, O Remarks on Mr. Davison's Paper on Secular Straining of the Earth In: Blytt, A The Probable Cause of the Displacement of Beach-lines. An Attempt to Compute Geological Epochs In: Die Stämme des Thierreiches von M. Neumayr Wirbellose Thiere In: Hatch, Frederick. H Occurrence of Soda-Felsites (Keratophyres) in Ireland In: Russell, Israel. C Subaërial Deposits of the Arid Region of North America In: Wilson, E The Lias Marlstone of Tilton, Leicestershire In: Howorth, H.H Was there an Arctic Ocean in the Mammoth Period? In: Goodchild, J.G On some Modes of Formation of Coal-Seams In: Bonney, T.G Note on some Pebbles in the Basal Conglomerate of the Cambrian at St. Davids In: Callaway, Charles The Present State of the Archæan Controversy in Britain In: Lydekker, R Note on some Points in the Nomenclature of Fossil Reptiles and Amphibians, with Preliminary Notices of Two New Species In: Bulletins of the Geological Society of France In: The Geological Survey of Bavaria - Geognostische Jahreshefte In: Callaway, Ch Foliation in the Malvern Hills In: Wilson, E The Lias Marlstone of Tilton, Leicestershire In: Russell, Israel . C Subaërial Deposits of the Arid Region of North America In: Dawson, George .M Glaciation of High Points in the Southern Interior of British Columbia In: Lydekker, R Notes on New and other Dinosaurian Remains In: Jukes-Browne, A.J The Occurrence of Granite in a Boring at Bletchley In: Woodward, Smith. A Palæontology in the Malton Museum In: Foord, Arthur H Publications of the Geological Department of the British Museum (Natural History) In: Woodward, Smith Arthur Catalogue of the Fossil Fishes in the British Museum (Natural History) In: Horace B. Woodward A Palæontological Record In: Jones, Rupert. T On some new Devonian Fossils In: Lydekker, R On an Ichthyosaurian Paddle Showing the Contour of the Integuments In: Davison, Charles On the Origin of the Stone-Rivers of the Falkland Islands In: Woodward, Smith .A Note on Rhinobatus bugesiacus—a Selachian Fish from the Lithographic Stone In: Harker, Alfred On “Eyes” of Pyrites and other Minerals in Slate In: Schafer, Rudolph On Phillipsastræa, d'Orb., with Especial Reference to Phillipsastræa radiata, S.-Woodward sp., and Phillipsastræa tuberosa, M‘Coy, sp In: Davison, Charles Note on the Mean Rate of Subaërial Denudation In: Marr, J.E Notes on the Lower Palæozoic Rocks of the Fichtelegebirge, Frankenwald, and Thüringerwald In: Stone, Geroge. H On the Scratched and Facetted Stones of the Salt, Range, India In: Somevail, Alexander On the Greenstone and Associated Rocks of the Manacle Point, Lizard In: Thompson, Beeby The Middle Lias of Northamptonshire In: Dr.C Forsyth- Major Palæontological Discoveries in the Isle of Samos - Sur un Gisement d'Ossements In: Nicholson, Alleyne H IOn the Relations between the Genera Syringolites, Hinde, and Roemeria, Edwards and Haime, and on the Genus Caliapora, Schlüter In: Prof. E.D.Cope On the Proboscidea In: Woodward, Smith A Preliminary Notes on some New and little-known British Jurassic Fishes In: Sanford, Gerald P An Analysis of the Fullers Earth of Nutfield In: Sanford, Gerald P Analysis of the Gault and Greensand In: Prof Dr .W Dames The Ganoids of the German Muschelkalk. “Die Ganoiden des deutschen Muschelkalks.” In: Teall, J.J.H On the Amygdaloids of the Tynemouth Dyke In: Bonney, T.G The Effects of Pressure on Crystalline Limestones In: Naumann, Edmund Terrestrial Magnetism as Modified by the Structure of the Earth's Crust, and Proposals Concerning a Magnetic Survey of the Globe In: Traquair, R.H On the Systematic Position of the “Dendrodont” Fishes In: Hyland, Shearson J On Zonal Structure in Olivine In: Foord, Arthur H On the Muscular Impressions of Cœlonautilus In: Chapman, Frederick Foraminifera from the London Clay of Sheppey In: Woodward, Smith A On the Occurrence of the Devonian Ganoid Onychodus in Spitzbergen In: Murray, John Marine Deposits in the Indian Ocean In: Whiteaves, J.F Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada In: Notes on the Jurassic and Cretaceous Strata of Russia and England In: Prof. F Fouque On Earthquakes In: Reynolds's Geological Atlas of Great Britain In: New Map of the Environs of London geologically coloured. Scale ½ inch to the Mile In: Croll, James Rate of Subaërial Denudation In: Johnston - Lavis, H.J Notes on the Ponza Islands In: Naumann, Edmund Terrestrial Magnetism as Modified by the Structure of the Earth's Crust; and Proposals Concerning a Magnetic Survey of the Globe In: Hatch, Frederick H On the Lower Silurian Felsites of the South-East of Ireland In: Reade, Mellard. T Physiography of the Lower Trias In: Chemical and Physical Studies in the Metamorphism of Rocks In: Whitaker, William The Geology of London and of Part of the Thames Valley In: Lewis, H.K Cosmic Evolution, being Speculations on the Origin of our Environment
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