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Geological magazine : Vol. 8 Iss. 1-12 Year. 1891

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, Ltd ; 1891 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 21.5cm x 14cm.ISSN: 00167568; 13594656.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Woodward, Samuel I.—A geologist of a century ago In: Oldham, R.D. II.—Essays in theoretical geology In: Goodchild, J.G. III.—The motion of land-ice In: Hinde, George Jennings IV.—Notes on a new fossil sponge from the utica shale formation (Ordovician) at Ottawa, Canada In: Foord , Arthur H. V.—Note on the identity of Nautilus Neocomiensis, sharpe (non D'Orbigny) with Nautilus Deslongchampsianus, D'Orb In: Woodward, Arthur Smith VI.—A catalogue of British fossil vertebrata. supplement for 1890 In: [Cambridge University Press] I.—Dr. Ristori on fossil Italian Apes In: [Cambridge University Press] II.—Dr. K. A. von Zittel's handbook of palæontology In: [Cambridge University Press] Dr. Otto Jaekel on the systematic position and fossil remains of pristiophorus In: [Cambridge University Press] Proceedings of the Geologists' Association In: [Cambridge University Press] V.—Records of the Geological Survey of New South Wales In: Somervail, Alexr Prof. Bonney and General McMahon on the geology of the Lizard district In: Fisher, O. On dynamo-Metamorphism In: Jones, T. Rupert I.—On some more fossil estheriæ In: Jones, T. Rupert I.—On some more fossil estheriæ In: Davison, Charles II.—On the British earthquakes of 1889.1 In: Evans, J.W. III.—An inexpensive apparatus for the isolation of minerals by means of heavy liquids.3 In: Oldham, R.D. IV.—Essays in theoretical geology In: [Cambridge University Press] I.—North American crinoidology In: [Cambridge University Press] On the fossil fish of the cretaceous formations of Scandinavia In: [Cambridge University Press] Machærodus In: [Cambridge University Press] Sur la nature Végétale de l'Aachenosaurus multidens In: [Cambridge University Press] La Faune Tertiaire Marine de Carry, de Sausset et de Couronne (Prés Marseille) In: [Cambridge University Press] Catalogue of minerals for sale In: Holm, Gerhard “Stem-Ossicles” of Crinoidea, in the Leptæna-Kalk (Upper Ordovician) Dalecarlia Sweden In: Monckton, Horace W. The denudation and elevation of the Weald In: Bonney, T.G. Reply to Mr. A. Somervail In: McMahon, C.A. Dynamo-Metamorphism In: Day, Alfred Ely Funnel-holes on lebanon In: Upham, Warren Elevation and subsidence during the glacial period In: Middlemiss, C.S. Physical geology of the sub-Himalaya In: Howorth, Henry H. On the very recent and rapid elevation of the Highlands of Eastern Asia In: Woodward, Arthur Smith Notes on some fish-remains from the lower tertiary and upper cretaceous of Belgium, collected by monsieur A. Houzeau de Lehaie In: Woodward, A. Smith Note on tooth of an extinct alligator (Bottosaurus Belgicus, sp. nov.) from the lower danian of Ciply, Belgium In: Hinde, George Jennings Note on specimens of cherty siliceous rock from South Australia In: Roberts, T. Woodwardian museum notes In: Woodward, Horce B. Note on a Greywether at Bayswater In: Hart, Thomas Notes on volcanic paroxysmal explosions, and the causes of volcanic action.1 In: Traquair, R.H. Catalogue of the fossil fishes in the British museum (Natural History) In: [Cambridge University Press] Notes on the geology of Ayrshire In: [Cambridge University Press] Contributions to the tertiary fauna of Florida, with especial reference to the miocene SILEX-beds of Tampa, and the pliocene beds of the caloosahatchie river In: [Cambridge University Press] The autobiography of the earth In: [Cambridge University Press] A bibliography of palœozoic crustacea, from 1698 to 1889, including a list of North American species and a systematic arrangement of genera In: Seward, A.C. On an erect tree-stump with roots, from the coal of Piesberg, near Osnabrück In: [Cambridge University Press] The Maltese Islands, with special reference to their geological structure In: Fisher, O. Mr. Oldham on the Himalayas In: Reade, T. Mellard Mr. Mellard Reade and the Herschel-Babbage theory of mountain building In: Bather, F.A. Crinoidal stems in ordovician of Sweden In: Irving, A. Motion of land-ice In: Jukes-Browne, A.J. Elevation and subsidence in Central America In: Dawson, J. William On new specimens of Dendrepeton Acadianum, with remarks on other carboniferous amphibians In: Howorth, Henry H. On the very recent and rapid elevation of the Highlands of Eastern Asia In: Hutchings, W. Maynard Further notes on fireclays, etc In: Harker, Alfred On various crystalline rocks In: Lucas, R.N. Notes on the older rocks of Finland In: [Cambridge University Press] L'Archéen et le Cambrien dans le Nord du Massif Breton et Leurs Équivalents dans le Pays de Galles In: Marsh, O.C. The gigantic ceratopsidæ, or horned dinosaurs, of North America1 In: Seeley, H.G. On Bubalus Bainii (Seeley) In: Newton, R. Bullen On the Genus Lévellia (Porcellia, Lévellé), with a notice of a new species from the carboniferous limestone of Ireland In: Blanford, W.T. Note on the age and ancient glaciers of the Himalayas In: Davison, Charles Note on the expansion theory of mountain-evolution In: Woodward, Arthur Smith On a microsaurian (Hylonomus Wildi, sp. nov.) from the Lancashire coal-field In: Stock, T. Observations on a Keuper conglomerate and on a Breccia, both recently exposed in the neighbourhood of Bristol In: [Cambridge University Press] The naturalist of Cumbrae In: [Cambridge University Press] The perisomic plates of the crinoids In: [Cambridge University Press] Contributions à la Géologie des Pays-Bas In: [Cambridge University Press] The geology of the country around Liverpool, including the North of Flintshire In: [Cambridge University Press] The triassic rooks of West Somerset, and the devonian rocks on their borders In: [Cambridge University Press] Report of exploration of the glacial lake Agassiz in Manitoba In: [Cambridge University Press] Aids in practical geology In: [Cambridge University Press] The geology of Barbados In: [Cambridge University Press] North American Cretaceous Echinoidea - Note sur Quelques Échinides du Terrain crétacé du Mexique In: Dynamic metromorphism of rocks In: Marsh, O.C. The gigantic ceratopsidæ, or horned dinosaurs, of North America1 In: Marsh, O.C. Appendix.—Restoration of triceratops In: Harker, Alfred Notes on a collection of rocks from the Tonga Islands In: Dawson, J. William Note on Hylonomus Lyelli, with photographic reproduction of skeleton In: MacMahon, C.A. Note on the alleged genesis of rutile in fireclays In: Spencer, J.W. Post-Pliocene continental subsidence (In America) verses glacial dams In: Reade, T. Mellard The effect of sedimentation on the temperature of the earth's crust In: Edwards, W.B.D. On the preparation of a cheap heavy liquid, for the separation of minerals In: [Cambridge University Press] An introduction to the study of petrology : The igneous rocks In: [Cambridge University Press] Dr. H. Filhol on the fossil mammals of sansan In: [Cambridge University Press] Guide du Géologue dans le Tertiaire Parisien In: [Cambridge University Press] The tertiary insets of North America In: Wm. H. Dall Elevation of America in the tertiary periods In: Medlicott, H.B. The geology of the salt range of the Panjab In: Lydekker, R. Note on a nearly perfect skeleton of Ichthyosaurus Tenuirostris from the lower lias of street, Somerset In: Reade, T. Mellard The perched blocks of norber brow and their levels relative to their place of origin In: Jukes-Browne, A.J. The lower cretaceous series of the Vale of Wardour In: Howorth, Henry H. The recent and rapid elevation of the Himalayas In: Irving, A. On dynamic metaporphism In: W. Maynard Hutchings Esq Rutile in Fireclays—Reply to Major-General MacMahon In: Davison, Charles On the British earthquakes of 18891 In: Lydekker, R. Professor Osborn on the Molars of the Perissodactyla In: [Cambridge University Press] Geological Survey of Illinois In: [Cambridge University Press] Catalogue of the fossil Cephalopoda in the British museum (Natural History), Part II In: Upham, Warren Correlation of quaternary changes of levels in North America and the Caribbean region In: Bulman, G.W. On the sands and gravels intercalated in the boulder-clay In: Cooke, J.H. Notes on the “Pleistocene Beds” of Gozo In: Foord, Arthur H. On orthoceratites vaginatus, Schlotheim In: Irving, A. Physical studies of an ancient estuary2 In: Davison, Charles On the British earthquakes of 18891 In: Blanford, W.T. The age of the Himalayas In: [Cambridge University Press] Dr. Anton Fritsch on Palæozoic Elasmobranch fishes In: [Cambridge University Press] Catalogue of the fossil birds in the British museum In: [Cambridge University Press] Mr. G. A. Boulenger on extinct reptilia In: Marsh, O.C. Restoration of stegosaurus In: Jamieson, T.F. The Scandinavian glacier, and some inferences derived from it In: Sjögren, Hjalmar Transverse valleys in the Eastern Caucasus In: Bulman, G.W. On the sands and gravels Intercalated in the boulder-clay In: Wynne, A.B. Recent geological investigations in the salt range In: Bonney, T.G. Report on some rock-specimens from the Kimberley diamond-mines In: Bell, Dugald On a glacial mound in Glen Fruin, Dumbartonshire In: [Cambridge University Press] An introduction to the study of mammals living and extinct In: [Cambridge University Press] Armoured Palæozoic Sharks In: [Cambridge University Press] Memorials of John Gunn : Being some account of the Cromer forest bed and its fossil mammalia, and of the associated strata in the Cliffs of Norfolk and Suffolk, from the MS. Notes of the late John Gunn In: [Cambridge University Press] Notes on the geological section exposed in the railway cutting from Levenshulme to Fallowfield In: [Cambridge University Press] British fossil birds In: [Cambridge University Press] Pantobiblion: An International Bibliographical Review of the World's Scientific Literature In: [Cambridge University Press] Monograph of the Fossil Species of Pristis In: Roper, G. The supposed dicynodont from the Elgin Trias In: Fisher, O. On dynamo-metamorphism In: Harker, Alfred Dynamo-metamorphism again In: Garwood, E.J. On the origin and mode of formation of the concretions in the magnesian limestones of Durham In: Howorth, Henry H. The recent and rapid elevation of the American Cordillera In: Davison, Charles On the British earthquakes of 1890, with the exception of those felt in the Neighbourhood of inverness In: Brodie, P.B. Lower greensand and purbecks in the Vale of Wardour, Wilts In: Jukes-Browne, A.J. Note on an undescribed area of lower greensand or vectian in Dorset In: Wilson, Edward On a specimen of Waldheimia perforata (Piette), showing original colour-markings In: Hutchings, W. Maynard Notes on the altered coniston flags at shap In: [Cambridge University Press] The lake-dwellings of Europe, being the rhind lectures in archæology for 1888 In: [Cambridge University Press] Descriptions of some new or previously unrecorded species of fossils from the devonian rocks of Manitoba In: [Cambridge University Press] Landscape geology : A plea for the study of geology by landscape painters In: [Cambridge University Press] Tertiary fishes In: [Cambridge University Press] The lower permian fishes of France In: [Cambridge University Press] The geology of the North-East of Caithness, and a discussion as to the age of the old red sandstone of the North of Scotland In: Irving, A. Dynamic metamorphism “Again.” In: Foord, Arthur H. On Pleuronautilus [Nautilus] nodoso-carinatus, Römer, sp In: Blake, J.F. On some recent contributions to precambrian geology In: Reade, T. Mellard A miniature illustration of normal faulting In: Davison, Charles On the amount of sand brought up by lobworms to the surface In: Newton, E.T. Note on the occurrence of Ammonites Jurensis in the ironstone of the northampton Sands in the neighbourhood of Northampton In: Glass, Norman On Athyris læviuscula, Sow., sp., with the full disclosure of its loop, etc In: [Cambridge University Press] Pineal fontanelle of placoderm and catfish In: [Cambridge University Press] Cretaceous fishes from Mexico In: [Cambridge University Press] Winchester college natural history society In: [Cambridge University Press] L'Evolution des Formes Animales Avant l'Apparition de l'Homme In: [Cambridge University Press] Transactions of the Leeds Geological Association In: [Cambridge University Press] The ancestral horse In: Hutchings, W. Maynard Notes on coniston flags In: Browne, A. J. Jukes Concretions in magnesian limestone In: Lapworth, Charles On Olenellus Callavei and its geological relationships In: Hutchings, W. Maynard Petrological notes on some Lake district rocks In: Woodward, A. Smith Pholidophorus germanicus : An addition to the fish fauna of the upper lias of whitby In: Woodward, A. Smith Pseudotrionyx from the bracklesham beds In: Cooke, John H. Notes on stereodon melitensis, Owen In: [Cambridge University Press] Systematic list of the Frederick E. Edwards collection of British oligocene and eocene mollusca in the British museum In: [Cambridge University Press] The eocene and oligocene beds of the Paris basin In: [Cambridge University Press] The physical geology and geography of Ireland In: [Cambridge University Press] Some recent memoirs on Palæozoic Ostracoda In: Jones, T. Rupert Concerning Nomenclature
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