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Geological magazine : Vol. 122 Iss. 1-6 Year. 1985

Material type: Continuing resourceContinuing resourcePublisher: London : Cambridge University Press ; 1985 Description: [V.P.] ; ill ; 29.5cm x 21cm.ISSN: 00167568.Subject(s): Earth scienceDDC classification: 550 In: Hoffman, Antoni Randomness in the pattern of ‘mass extinctions’ and ‘waves of origination’ In: Storey, B.C. Crustal growth of the antarctic peninsula by accretion, magmatism and extension In: Dean, W.T. A new interpretation of ordovician stratigraphy in the Bahçe area, northern Amanos mountains, south central Turkey In: Reymer, Arthur P. S. The origin and microstructures of metamorphic felsic dykes emplaced during brittle-ductile extension (southeast Sinai) In: Amajor, L.C. The cenomanian hiatus in the southern Benue trough, Nigeria In: Anderson, Helen J. Gravity modelling of the lherzolite body at lers (French Pyrenees); some regional implications In: Rothery, D.A. Interactive processing of satellite images for geological interpretation – A case study In: Goldring, R. The formation of the trace fossil Cruziana In: Green, P.F. In defence of the external detector method of fission track dating In: Morris, S. Conway The ediacaran biota and early metazoan evolution In: Nisbet, E.G. The conceptual framework of precambrian stratigraphy : A personal opinion In: A.H. The phanerozoic geology of the world, II. The mesozoic, B In: A.M.E. Phosphate minerals In: H.E. Equilibria, nonequilibria and natural waters. Volumes I & II In: J.D.C. Ancient Australia In: D.A.R. Photogeologie. Eine Einführung in die Grundlagen Und Methoden der geologischen Auswertung von Luftbildern In: K.P. Atlas of sedimentary rocks under the microscope In: D.C.I. The science and technology of coal and coal utilization In: J.M.H. Legal aspects of geology In: C.P.B. Micromorphology of soils In: A.M.G. Introduction to the petroleum geology of the North Sea In: R.W.H.B. Strain patterns in rocks In: A.S.G. Two microweight loss techniques for use in hillslope solute studies In: A.S.G. An economical data logging system for field experiments In: M.M.S. Groundwater as a geomorphic agent In: H.E. Marine geology of Korean seas In: D.A.R. Indirect Imaging : Measurement and processing for indirect imaging In: R.R. Precambrian and paleozoic algal carbonates, West Texas – Southern New Mexico In: L.B.H. The evolution of mammalian characters In: Wilson, J. Richard Two-dimensional study of a layered intrusion - The hyllingen series, Norway In: Rickards, R.B. Graptolite ultrastructure : Evolution of descriptive and conceptual terminology In: Leat, P.T. Facies variations in peralkaline ash-flow tuffs from the Kenya rift valley In: Strachan, I. The significance of the proximal end of cryptograptus tricornis (Carruthers) (Graptolithina) In: Rivier, N. A geometrical approach to percolation through random fractured rocks In: Imeokparia, E.G. Geochemical evolution of the Jarawa younger granite complex and its related mineralization, northern Nigeria In: Howells, M.F. Isolated pods of subaqueous welded ash-flow tuff : A distal facies of the capel curig volcanic formation (Ordovician), North Wales In: Keen, D.H. Late pleistocene deposits and mollusca from Portland, Dorset In: Norris, G. Palynology and British purbeck facies In: Gale, N.H. Comments on the letter ‘In defence of the external detector method of fission track dating’ by P. F. Green In: Storzer, D. Bias in the application of the external detector technique In: Rushton, A.W.A. The type material of didymograptus hirundo salter In: White, Robert S. Seismic reflection profiling comes of age In: Cheeney, R.F. Pattern recognition and pattern analysis In: J.A.J Earthquake forecasting and warning In: H.E. The morphostructure of the Atlantic ocean floor. Its development in the meso-cenozoic In: J.D.C. The trias and its ammonoids : The evolution of a time scale In: A.S.G. Geomorphological hazards in Los Angeles : A study of slope and sediment problems in a metropolitan county In: N.H.W. Principes de tectonique In: J.K.L. Accretion tectonics in the circum-pacific regions In: C.P.B. Pédogenèse et Classification In: D.V.A. Geological History of the territory of the Czech Socialist Republic In: K.S.R. Fluvial hydrology In: C.A.W. Quaternary science reviews, Volume 1 In: R.L.F.K. Geochemical aspects of radioactive waste disposal In: Tidal friction and the earth's rotation II In: A.S.G. Shorter technical methods In: R.G.M. Gold '82 : The Geology, geochemistry and genesis of gold deposits In: D.G.F. The physicochemical properties of molten slags and glasses In: D.V.A. Contributions to the history of geological mapping In: D.G. Reversals of the earth's magnetic field In: R.S.J.S. Pyroclastic rocks In: T.R.A. Principles of sedimentary basin analysis In: M.J.S.R. A facsimile reproduction in one volume of two classics of dales history : A memorial by the trustees of cowgill chapel (1868) and supplement to the memorial (1870) In: E.W.S. Ocean tides : Mathematical models and numerical experiments In: R.L.F.K. Isotope hydrology 1983 In: N.H.W. Geological structures In: T.J.B.H. An introduction to numerical methods with pascal In: Butler, Robert W. H. Thrust tectonics : A personal view In: Walley, C.D. Depositional history of southern Tunisia and northwestern Libya in mid and late jurassic time In: Lisle, Richard J. The facing of faults In: Wadge, G. Morne patates volcano, southern Dominica, Lesser Antilles In: Wright, A.D. The ordovician - Silurian boundary at Keisley, northern England In: Kemp, A.E.S. Silurian trench sedimentation in the southern uplands, Scotland : Implications of new age data In: Pye, K. Electron microscope analysis of zoned dolomite rhombs in the jet rock formation (Lower Toarcian) of the Whitby area, U.K In: Zalasiewicz, J.A. Lithostratigraphy of the red and norwich crags of the aldeburgh-orford area, south-east Suffolk In: Jenkins, D.G. The origin of granite erratics in the pleistocene patella beach, Gower, South Wales In: R.S.J.S. Geology today In: R.J.N. Landforms of New Zealand In: N.B.W.H. Precambrian of South India In: A.S.M. The geology and hydrocarbon resources of negara brunei darussalam In: A.P. Process mineralogy of ceramic materials In: B.S. Antarctic circumpolar ocean In: M.J.H. Quaternary geology of lake Zürich : An interdisciplinary investigation by deep-lake drilling In: L.A.F. Palaeoclimate research and models In: R.W.H. Shorelines and isostasy In: A.S.G. Soils and geomorphology In: D.C.I. Energy facts and figures In: D.G. The earth's magnetic field : Its history, origin and planetary perspective In: M.J.S.R. A bibliography of george poulett scrope : Geologist, economist and Local historian In: R.G.M. The evolving continents In: M.J.B. The geochronology and evolution of Africa In: T.J.B.H. Multivariate analysis : Methods and applications In: M.J.H. The glaciers of equatorial East Africa In: A.S.M. Petroleum geology for geophysicists and engineers In: A.P. Sulphide deposits in mafic and ultramafic rocks In: B.S. The Island of South Georgia In: M.J.H. Quaternary stratigraphy of Canada - A Canadian contribution to IGCP project 24 In: Guest, John E. The aristarchus impact event and the effects of target material In: Rushton, A.W.A. A lancefieldian graptolite from the Lake district In: Martin, D.J. Microstructure, geochemistry and differentiation of a primary layered teschenite sill In: Smith, Andrew B. Protremaster, a new lower jurassic genus of asteroid from Antarctica In: R. Kanaris-Sotiriou Hybridization and the petrogenesis of composite intrusions : The dyke at an cumhann, Isle of Arran, Scotland In: Richards, G.W. Fossil mediterranean molluscs as sea-level indicators In: Watts, D.R. Palaeomagnetism of the lower carboniferous billefjorden group, Spitsbergen In: Thorpe, R.S. Geochemical evidence for the emplacement of the Whin sill complex of northern England In: Chroston, P.N. A seismic refraction line across norfolk In: G.D.S. Shallow refraction seismics In: E.N.K.C. Aspects of the ordovician system In: H.E. The chemical evolution of the atmosphere and oceans In: J.R.L.A. Memoirs of an unrepentant field geologist In: C.J.C. Neuvième Congrès International de Stratigraphie et de Géologie du Carbonifère. Compte Rendu. Volume 2 : Biostratigraphy In: J.A.L. The polarization method of seismic exploration In: M.C.S. Polarization method of seismic exploration In: I.P.J. Can regulation work? In: M.A.A. Basin and range In: D.T.D. London : Illustrated geological walks, Vol 1 In: Brown, G. Malcolm Introduction In: Emeleus, C.H. The tertiary lavas and sediments of northwest Rhum, Inner Hebrides In: Smith, N.J. The age and structural setting of limestones and basalts on the main ring fault in southeast Rhum In: Williams, P.J. Pyroclastic rocks in the cnapan breaca felsite, Rhum In: Emeleus, C.H. The early igneous and tectonic history of the Rhum Tertiary Volcanic Centre In: Faithfull, John W. The lower eastern layered series of Rhum In: Tait, Stephen R. Fluid dynamic and geochemical evolution of cyclic unit 10, Rhum, eastern layered series In: Palacz, Z.A. Isotopic and geochemical investigation of unit 10 from the eastern layered series of the Rhum intrusion, northwest Scotland In: Butcher, Alan R. Finger structures in the Rhum complex In: Butcher, Alan R. Channelled metasomatism in Rhum layered cumulates – Evidence from late-stage veins In: Young, I.M. Formation of granular-textured layers and laminae within the Rhum crystal pile In: Kitchen, D.E. The parental magma on Rhum : Evidence from alkaline segregations and veins in the peridotites from Salisbury's dam In: Dunham, A.C. Sulphide droplets-and the unit 11/12 chromite band, Rhum : A mineralogical study In: Wadsworth, W.J. Terminology of postcumulus processes and products in the Rhum layered intrusion In: Sparks, R.S.J. Postcumulus processes in layered intrusions In: H.G.R. Variscan tectonics of the north atlantic region In: J.A.C. A manual of chemical and biological methods for seawater analysis In: A.H.C. Physics of planetary interiors In: L.R.M.C. Brachiopoda and biostratigraphy of the silurian-devonian delorme formation in the district of Mackenzie, The Yukon In: R.W.H.B. Fault and fold tectonics In: R.R. Acritarchs in British stratigraphy In: D.V.A. Phanerozoic earth history of Australia In: A.D.W. Atlas of invertebrate macrofossils In: N.H.W. The geological evolution of the eastern Mediterranean In: A.S.G. Geomorphology In: B.A.R. Mathematics for seismic data processing and interpretation In: R.G.M. An introduction to the world's oceans In: N.H.W. Geology of the taurus belt In: R.W.H.B. Introduction to geomechanics In: R.S.J.S. Petrology, mineralogy and evolution of the jan mayen magma system In: B.W.D.Y. Equilibrium activity diagrams for coexisting minerals and aqueous solutions at pressures and temperatures to 5 kb and 600 °C In: A.S.G. Wind as a geological process on Earth, Mars, Venus and Titan In: C.H.H. Geology of the country around Rhyl and Denbigh : Memoir for 1:50000 geological sheets 95 and 107 and parts of sheets 94 and 106 In: G.D.P. Creep of crystals In: B.F. Statistical techniques in geographical analysis In: J.L.K. Thesaurus of rock and soil mechanics terms In: Spray, John G. Landsat MSS imagery applied to geological investigation of the Norseman area granitoid–greenstone terrain, southeast Yilgarn block, Western Australia In: Coward, M.P. The thrust structures of southern Assynt, Moine thrust zone In: Fitch, F.J. Reconnaissance potassium - Argon geochronology of the Suregei - Asille district, northern Kenya In: Wolff, John A. Zonation, mixing and eruption of silica-undersaturated alkaline magma : A case study from Tenerife, Canary Islands In: Lynas, B.D.T. A note on the age and pyroxene chemistry of the igneous rocks of the Shelve Inlier, Welsh Borderland In: Moore, James G. Structure and eruptive mechanisms at surtsey volcano, Iceland In: Umeji, A.C. On the beerbachites from Freetown, Sierra Leone In: L.B.H. General Features of the palaeobiological Evolution of cetacea In: M.J.B. Late pleistocene vertebrate palaeoecology of the West In: D.C.I. Coal geology and coal technology In: N.W. The techniques of modern structural Geology Volume 1 : Strain analysis In: N.F.H. Elements of micropalaeontology In: H.J.B.B. Biogeography and ecology of the Pityusic islands In: P.B. The field description of igneous rocks In: A.D.S. Applied environmental geochemistry In: T.G.S. Recent advances in planetary meterology In: R.G.M. The continental crust : Its composition and evolution
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